6/10mm Figures and Accessories

This list was last updated on 22 November 2017.

Figures from these lists must be special ordered. They are not normally in stock. The special order process takes

approximately 4-6 weeks. Thanks for your patience.

6mm figures come on bases. In most cases there are 6 infantry or 5 cavalry per base. If you have specific

questions please contact us.

6mm Figures and Accessories

·       Biblicals

·       Macedonian and Punic Wars

·       Imperial Rome and Her Enemies

·       Dark Ages

·       Medievals and Feudals

·       Samurai and Asians

·       Conquest of Mexico

·       Italian Wars

·       Late Renaissance

·       Restoration/League of Augsberg

·       Wars in India

·       18th Century

·       Napoleonics

·       U.S.-Mexican War

·       Crimean War

·       American Civil War

·       Italian War of Liberation

·       Maximillian Wars

·       Franco-Prussian War

·       Plains Wars

·       Colonials

·       World War One

·       Spanish Civil War

·       World War II

·       Moderns

·       Viet Nam

·       Scenic Rural Items

·       Equipment

·       Fortifications and Buildings

·       Civilians

·       Water Line Boats

·       Posh Packs

·       Army and Settlement Packs

·       Fantasy

·       Science Fiction

10mm Figures and Accessories

·       Cathaginians

·       Imperial Rome

·       Dark Ages

·       Medievals

·       Samurai

·       English Civil War

·       18th Century

·       Napoleonics

·       American Civil War

·       Plains Indians

·       Scenery

·       Miscellany

·       Fantasy

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6mm Figures and Accessories

        Infantry are $0.75 and cavalry are $1.50 per stand.
B1      Egyptian chariot ($1.50)
B2      Egyptian archers
B3      Egyptian spearmen
B4      Egyptian LI javelinmen
B5      Sea People LMI
B6      Egyptian/Lybian LI archers
B7      Lybian/Midianite/Nubian LI javelinmen
B8      Midianite camels with two riders ($2.75)
B9      Hittite three-man chariot ($1.50)
B10     Hittite guardsmen
B11     Hittite/Syrian spearmen
B12     Syrian chariot ($1.50)
B13     Assyrian heavy chariot ($2.75)
B14     Assyrian cavalry with spear
B15     Assyrian cavalry with bow
B16     Assyrian line infantry with spear
B17     Assyrian line infantry with bow
B18     Assyrian auxiliary with spear
B19     Assyrian auxiliary with bow
B20     Unarmoured slingers
B21     Mycenaean Greek light chariot ($1.50)
B22     Mycenaean Greek spearmen
B23     Mycenaean Greek archers
B24     Summerian four-ass chariot ($2.75)
B25     Summerian rear rank spearmen
B26     Summerian front rank shielded spearmen
B27     Martu or Guti spearmen
B28     Elamite infantry with bow
B29     Elamite four-ass chariot ($2.75)
B30     Elamite two-ass chariot ($1.50)
B31     Philistine infantry with spear
B32     Hebrew light chariot ($1.50)
B33     Hebrew light cavalry
B34     Hebrew LMI spearmen
B35     Hebrew LMI archers
B36     Later Kushite Egyptian MC/HC
B37     Egyptian axemen

        Macedonian and Punic Wars
        Infantry are $0.75 and cavalry are $1.50 per stand.
MP1     Indian general on elephant ($2.75)
MP2     Indian elephant with warriors astride ($2.75)
MP3     Indian four-horse six-man chariot ($2.75)
MP4     Indian two-horse three-man chariot ($1.50)
MP5     Indian cavalry
MP6     Indian longbowmen
MP7     Indian javelinmen
MP8     Indian skirmishers
MP9     Kushan/Scythian EHC lancer
MP10    Scythian light cavalry
MP11    Greek hoplites
MP12    Greek peltasts/Macedonian hypaspists
MP13    Greek light infantry javelinmen
MP14    Cretan archers
MP15    Greek heavy cavalry
MP16    Macedonian/Successor pikemen
MP17    Hellenistic thureophoroi infantry
MP18    Hellenistic xystophoroi/Companion cavalry
MP19    Selucid cataphract cavalry
MP20    Hellenistic EHC lancer
MP21    Macedonian elephant w/warriors astride ($2.75)
MP22    Successor elephant with howdah ($2.75)
MP23    Thracian infantry
MP24    Thracian light cavalry
MP25    Hellenistic mounted generals
MP26    Four-horse scythed chariot ($2.75)
MP27    Achaemenid Persian cavalry
MP28    Achaemenid Persian Immortals
MP29    Achaemenid Persian or Median infantry
MP30    Achaemenid Persian Kardakes infantry
MP31    Asiatic infantry with bow
MP32    Asiatic infantry with javelin
MP33    Levy infantry with javelin
MP34    Levy infantry with bow
MP35    Levy infantry with sling
MP36    Italian cavalry
MP37    Italian infantry
MP38    Spanish light cavalry
MP39    Spanish medium cavalry
MP40    Spanish infantry
MP41    Roman cavalry
MP42    Roman velites
MP43    Roman hastati or principes
MP44    Roman triarii
MP45    Numidian light cavalry
MP46    Carthaginian cavalry
MP47    Carthaginian citizen spearmen
MP48    Lybian spearmen
MP49    African elephant with warriors astride ($2.75)
MP50    African elephant with howdah ($2.75)
MP51    Roman/Carthaginian/Italian/Spanish generals

        Imperial Rome and Her Enemies
        Infantry are $0.75 and cavalry are $1.50 per stand.
E1      Early Roman legionairies
E1a     As above but in 4-rank block ($2.50)
E2      Early armoured auxilliaries
E3      Armoured auxilliary archers
E4      Roman heavy cavalry
E5      Roman general and aides
E6      Roman/Palmyran cataphracts
E7      Middle Roman legionairies
E7a     As above but in 4-rank block ($2.50)
E8      Late Roman legionairies
E8a     As above but in 4-rank block ($2.50)
E9      Unarmoured Roman auxilliaries
E10     Unarmoured Roman archers
E10a    As above but in 4-rank block ($2.50)
E11     Roman extra heavy cavalry
E12     Moorish light cavalry
E13     Roman/Palmyran archers
E14     Palmyran light cavalry
E15     Palmyran camelry ($2.00)
E16     Barbarian infantry javelinmen
E17     Barbarian infantry archers
E18     Barbarian infantry slingers
E19     Early German infantry
E20     Pictish infantry
E21     Celtic infantry
E22     Celtic chariot ($1.50)
E23     Celtic medium cavalry
E24     Celtic light cavalry
E25     German, Gothic or Frankish cavalry
E26     Gothic heavy cavalry
E27     Sarmation heavy cavalry
E28     Sarmation extra-heavy cavalry
E29     Hun light cavalry
E30     Hun heavy cavalry
E31     Frankish or Saxon infantry
E31a    As above but in 4-rank block ($2.75)
E32     Barbarian generals and aides
E33     Sassanid Clibinarii
E34     Sassanid/Partian/Armenian cataphract
E35     Sassanid levy infantry
E36     Sassanid elephant ($2.75)
E37     Unarmoured horse archer
E38     Scots/Irish infantry
E39     10 Roman standards ($1.50)
E40     10 Barbarian standards ($1.50)
E41     Celtic naked fanatic infantry
E42     Dacian light cavalry
E43     Dacian infantry
E44     Dacian/Bastomae rhomphia men
E45     Early Sassanid Clibinarii

        Dark Ages
        Infantry are $0.75 and cavalry are $1.50 per stand.
DA1     Turkish horse archer
DA2     Turkish heavy cavalry
DA3     Turkish extra heavy cavalry
DA4     Arab heavy/medium cavalry
DA5     Arab infantry spearmen
DA6     Arab infantry archers
DA7     Arab/Turkish ghazis
DA8     Sudanese archers
DA9     Mounted generals and aides
DA10    Arab/Sudanese medium camelry ($2.00)
DA11    Arab/Sudanese light camelry ($2.00)
DA12    Pack camels
DA13    Kneeling camels
DA14    Bedouin light cavalry
DA15    Ghaznavid armoured elephant ($2.75)
DA16    Ghaznavid armoured infantry
DA17    Light infantry javeliman
DA18    Light infantry archer
DA19    Light infantry slinger
DA20    Byzantine extra heavy cavalry lancer
DA21    Byzantine heavy cavalry archer
DA22    Pack mules
DA23    Byzantine super heavy cavalry
DA24    Byzantine skutatoi spearmen
DA25    Byzantine skutatoi archers
DA26    Byzantine mounted generals
DA27    Varangian/Saxon/Russian heavy axemen
DA28    Saxon spearmen
DA29    Russian spearmen
DA30    Russian archers
DA31    Viking heavy axemen
DA32    Viking/Slav spearmen
DA33    Viking/Slav bowmen
DA34    Slav/Russian cavalry
DA35    Barbarian foot generals

        Medievals and Feudals
        Infantry are $0.75 and cavalry are $1.50 per stand.
ME1     Mounted knights
ME2     Hobilars
ME3     Dismounted knights
ME4     Billmen
ME5     Spearmen
ME6     Longbowmen
ME7     Crossbowmen
ME8     Handgunners
ME9     Scottish spearmen
ME10    Highlanders
ME11    11th Century mounted knights
ME12    11th Century knights on foot
ME13    Pilgrims/peasants
ME14    Feudal spearmen
ME15    Two early mounted generals and aides
ME16    Two early dismounted generals and aides
ME17    Two late mounted generals and aides
ME18    Two late dismounted generals and aides

        Samurai and Asian
        Infantry are $0.75 and cavalry are $1.50 per stand.
SS1     Mounted lord
SS2     Samurai cavalry
SS3     Samurai foot
SS3a    As above but in 4-rank block ($2.00)
SS4     Ashigaru with naginata
SS5     Ashigaru with bow
SS6     Ashigaru with arquebus
SS7     Light cannon ($1.50)
SS8     Mongol light cavalry
SS9     Mongol heavy cavalry lancer
SS10    Mongol medium cavalry bowman
SS11    Mongol EHC bodyguard cavalry
SS12    Mongol generals and standards
SS13    Chinese rocket launcher ($1.50)
SS14    Chinese heavy cavalry
SS15    Chinese extra-heavy cavalry
SS16    Chinese light cavalry
SS17    Chinese spearmen
SS18    Chinese crossbowmen
SS19    Chinese archers
SS20    Chinese or Asiatic archers
SS21    Chinese heavy swordsmen
SS22    Chinese general in chariot ($2.50)
SS23    Burmese elephant ($2.75)
SS24    Burmese cavalry
SS25    Burmese infantry crossbowmen
SS26    Burmese/Khmer infantry archers
SS27    Burmese/Khmer infantry spearmen
SS28    Burmese/Khmer light infantry
SS29    Khmer maiden infantry
SS30    Khmer regular infantry
SS31    Khmer cavalry
SS32    Khmer elephant with warrior astride ($2.75)
SS33    Khmer elephant with howdah ($2.75)
SS34    Tibetan super heavy cavalry
SS35    Tibetan medium cavalry
SS36    Nepalese infantry archers
SS37    Tibetan and Nepalese generals
SS38    10 Asian standards ($1.50)

        Conquest of Mexico
        Infantry are $0.75 and cavalry are $1.50 per stand.
CM1     4 indivdual Aztec chiefs ($1.50)
CM2     Musicians
CM3     Jaguar knights
CM4     Eagle knights
CM5     Arrow knights
CM6     Aztec warriors with swords
CM7     Aztec warriors with javelins
CM8     Aztec/Inca light infantry bowmen
CM9     Aztec/Inca light infantry slingers
CM10    Group of dignitaries
CM11    Aztec war canoe ($0.75)
CM12    Native porters ($1.50)
CM13    General on litter ($1.50)
CM14    4 indivdual Inca chiefs ($1.50)
CM15    Inca warriors with swords
CM16    Inca warriors with spears
CM17    Inca warriors with slings
CM18    Inca warriors with bolas
CM19    Handler and 4 war dogs ($1.50)
CM20    Tlaxcalan infantry
CM21    Team of Aztec gun haulers ($1.50)
CM22    Conquistador heavy cavalry

        Italian Wars
        Infantry are $0.75 and cavalry are $1.50 per stand.
IW1     Early handgunners/arquebusiers
IW2     Early longbowmen
IW3     Early crossbowmen
IW4     Skirmishers with crossbows
IW5     Skirmishers with handguns/arquebus
IW6     Swiss, Lansknechts or Italian armoured pikemen
IW7     Swiss, Lansknechts or Italian unarmoured pikemen
IW8     Swiss, Lansknechts or Italian halberdiers
IW9     Swiss, Lansknechts or Italian command
IW10    Spanish armoured pikemen
IW11    Spanish unarmoured pikemen
IW12    Early Spanish billmen
IW13    Spanish command
IW14    Spanish sword and buckler men
IW15    Arquebusiers in hose and slashed sleeves
IW16    Arquebusiers advancing
IW17    Armoured knights/gendarmes
IW18    Armoured gendarmes in skirts and plumes
IW19    Armoured gendarmes on unarmoured horses
IW20    Stradiot light cavalry
IW21    Genitor light cavalry
IW22    Mounted handgunner/arquebusier                
IW23    Archer heavy cavalry with lance/crossbow                     
IW24    Reiter cavalry                 
IW25    Escopetero armoured cavalry                   
IW26    Light gun and crew ($1.50)                    
IW27    Heavy gun and crew ($1.50)                    
IW28    Organ gun and crew ($1.50)                    
IW29    Mounted generals and standard bearers                
IW30    3 single mounted generals                     
IW31    Dismounted generals and standard bearers                     
IW32    Carroccio wagon ($3.00)                       

        Late Renaissance                      
        Infantry are $0.75 and cavalry are $1.50 per stand.
LR1     Pikemen in hats                       
LR2     Pikemen command in hats                       
LR3     Pikemen in helmets
LR4     Pikemen command in helmets
LR5     Musketeers
LR6     Dismounted dragoons/forelorn hope
LR7     Heavy cavalry in hats
LR8     Heavy cavalry in helmets
LR9     Cuirassiers/Reiters
LR10    Dragoons
LR11    Culverin, crew and limber ($2.75)
LR12    Saker, crew and limber ($2.75)
LR13    Clubmen/peasants
LR14    Lowland Scots pikemen
LR15    Lowland Scots pikemen command
LR16    Lowland Scots musketeers
LR17    Irish musketeers
LR18    Highlanders
LR19    Archers
LR20    Mounted general and aide
LR21    Scots lancer cavalry
LR22    Serbo-Croat hussars
LR23    Falconet and crew ($1.50)
LR24    Grenzers
LR25    Demi-cannon, crew and limber
LR26    Horse holders and horses
LR27    16th Century musketeer/arquebusier
LR28    Mid 16th century pikeman
LR29    Reiter armoured lancers
LR30    Sword and buckler men/Conquistadores
LR31    Ottoman Turkish Janissaries
LR32    Ottoman Turkish Janissaries command
LR33    Turkish irregular musket infantry
LR34    Heavy gun, crew and limber ($2.75)
LR35    Very heavy gun, crew and limber ($2.75)
LR36    Ottoman Turkish Spahis of the Porte
LR37    European Spahis
LR38    Asiatic Spahis
LR39    Tartars
LR40    Arab cavalry
LR41    Dellis
LR42    Azabs
LR43    Mounted Turkish general and aide
LR44    Polish winged hussar
LR45    Polish pancerni
LR46    Cossack cavalry
LR47    Polish drab infantry
LR48    Cossack/Polish axemen
LR49    Hougenot Miller cavalry
LR50    Halberdiers/billmen
LR51    Infantry command
LR52    Three mounted officers
LR53    Musketeers in helmet
LR54    Flag topped tent ($1.50)
LR55    Cossack arquebussiers
LR56    Cossack spearmen
LR57    Muscovite Strelsi infantry
LR58    Muscovite cavalry
LR59    Ottoman Turkish Janissaries with bow
LR60    Irish cavalry
LR61    Irish Bonnacts
LR62    Irish Gallowglass
LR63    Irish Kern
LR64    Later Irish pikemen
LR65    Later Irish arquebusiers

        Restoration/League of Augsburg
        Infantry are $0.75 and cavalry are $1.50 per stand.
RES1    Infantry advancing
RES2    Infantry command
RES3    Pikemen
RES4    Pikemen command
RES5    Rebel rabble scythe men
RES6    Cavalry in hat
RES7    Cavalry command
RES8    Lobster cavalry
RES9    Artillery gun and crew ($1.50)
RES10   Mounted general and standard bearer

        Wars in India
        Infantry are $0.75 and cavalry are $1.50 per stand.
IND1    Maharaja on elephant ($2.75)
IND2    Parasol bearer on elephant ($2.75)
IND3    Ladies camel with attendant ($0.75)
IND4    Covered ladies wagon and ox team ($2.75)
IND5    Covered Doolie wagon carried by 8 attendants ($1.50)
IND6    Ox-drawn wagon with barrel or cover ($4.50)
IND7    Light cavalry with bow
IND8    Light cavalry with lance
IND9    Light cavalry with musket
IND10   Light infantry with bow
IND11   Light infantry with spear and sword
IND12   Light infantry with musket
IND13   Early Indian/Maratta/Sikh heavy cavalry on armoured horse
IND14   Early Indian/Maratta/Sikh heavy cavalry on unarmoured horse
IND15   Arab or Indian cavalry on unarmoured horse
IND16   Naked fanatic infantry
IND17   Najib infantry with matchlock and buckler
IND18   Infantry archers
IND19   Rocketeers launching rockets, with pack camels ($2.00)
IND20   18th century Indian or raised sepoy in turban
IND21   18th/19th century sepoy command
IND22   Late 18th/early 19th century sepoy in sundial hat
IND23   19th century sepoy in bell topped shako
IND24   19th century sepoy command
IND25   18th/19th century native regular cavalry in tarboosh hat
IND26   18th/19th century native regular cavalry in crested helmet
IND27   18th/19th century native/European cavalry in Tarleton helmet
IND28   Skinners native horse
IND29   19th century native cavalry in bulbous turban
IND30   Assorted cavalry commanders
IND31   19th century native artillery in turban, gun/crew/limber ($2.75)
IND32   19th century native artillery in bell-topped shako, gun/crew/limber ($2.75)
IND33   19th century native horse artillery in crested helmet, gun/crew/limber ($3.00)
IND34   Ghurka infantry
IND35   Ghurka infantry command
IND36   Burmese infantry
IND37   Afghan/Pathan tribal infantry with swords
IND38   Afghan/Pathan tribal infantry with jezails
IND39   Afghan/Pathan tribal infantry command
IND40   Sikh regular infantry
IND41   Sikh regular infantry command
IND42   Sikh regulary cavalry
IND43   Sikh artillery, gun crew and limber ($2.75)
IND44   Sikh zealot/Afghan Ghazi irregular infantry
IND45   Mounted Indian generals/chiefs
IND46   Mutiny period sepoy in cap
IND47   Mutiny period sepoy command
IND48   Mutiny period European infantry
IND49   Mutiny period European infantry command
IND50   Mutiny period loyal Sowar native cavalry
IND51   Mutiny period Ghurka rifles skirmishing
IND52   Mutiny period foot artillery, gun, crew, limber ($2.75)
IND53   Mutiny period horse artillery, gun, crew, limber ($3.00)
IND54   British generals and officials
IND55   Mutinous sepoys
IND56   Urban insurgent irregular infantry
IND57   Mutinous cavalry
IND58   Mutinous artillery, gun, crew, limber ($2.75)
IND59   Siege gun and crew with elephant team ($4.50)
IND60   Later 19th/20th century sepoy
IND61   Later 19th/20th century sepoy command
IND62   Bengal lancer
IND63   Later 19th/20th century foot artillery, gun, crew, limber ($2.75)
IND64   Later 19th/20th century mountain artillery, gun, crew, mules ($2.75)
IND65   Later 19th/20th century camel trooper
IND66   Afghan regular infantry
IND67   Afghan highland guard infantry
IND68   Afghan infantry command
IND69   Afghan regular cavalry
IND70   Afghan artillery, gun, crew, limber ($2.75)

        18th Century
        Infantry are $0.75 and cavalry are $1.50 per stand.
XT1     Mounted generals
XT2     Line cavalry in tricorn
XT3     Line cavalry command in tricorn
XT4     Hussars
XT5     Dragoons in stocking cap
XT6     Dragoons command
XT7     Early musketeers in tricorn
XT8     Early musketeer command in tricorn
XT9     Early grenadiers in mitre
XT10    Early grenadier command in mitre
XT11    Gun, crew and limber ($2.75)
XT12    Galloper gun, crew and horse ($1.50)
XT13    Mortar and crew ($0.75)
XT14    Large siege gun and crew  ($2.75)
XT15    Ammunition wagon ($2.00)
XT16    Engineers/labourers
XT17    Highland infantry
XT18    Lowland infantry
XT19    Jacobite or American irregular cavalry
XT20    Infantry skirmishing
XT21    Serbian or Croat infantry
XT22    Rogers Rangers
XT23    Mohican Indians skirmishing
XT24    Early grenadiers in busby
XT25    Early grenadier command in busby
XT26    Dismounted French dragoons in stocking cap
XT27    Four horses with French dragoon horseholder
XT28    Dismounted dragoons in tricorn
XT29    Four horses with tricorn dragoon horseholder
XT30    Early Austrian cuirassiers
XT31    Cavalry command in lobster pot
XT32    Dragoons in tricorn
XT33    Dragoon command in tricorn
XT34    Mid/late musketeers in tricorn and turnback coat
XT35    Mid/late musketeer command in tricorn
XT36    Mid/late grenadiers in mitre and turnback coat
XT37    Mid/late grenadier command in mitre
XT38    Mid/late grenadiers in busby and turnback coat
XT39    Mid/late grenadier command in busby
XT40    Highland infantry in kilts
XT41    Highland infantry command in kilts
XT42    American militia infantry
XT43    Indian Sepoy infantry
XT44    Mid/late mounted dragoons in helmets
XT45    Dragoon command in helmets
XT46    Cossack, Bosnick or similar lancer
XT47    Horse grenadiers in mitre
XT48    Horse grenadier command
XT49    Maratha or Moghul Elephant and crew ($2.75)
XT50    Maratha or Moghul cavalry
XT51    Maratha or Moghul camelry ($2.00)
XT52    Maratha or Moghul infantry
XT53    Pontoon wagon, pontoon and bridge ($3.00)
XT54    Two-wheeled supply wagon ($2.00)
XT55    General's coach with team ($4.50)
XT56    Battalion gun and crew ($0.75)
XT57    Early pikemen
XT58    Early pike command
XT59    Three rank block of early musketeers ($2.00)
XT60    2 Three man foot command groups
XT61    Three rank block with command ($2.00)
XT62    Two rank block marching ($1.50)
XT63    Two rank block marching with command ($1.50)
XT64    Two rank block advancing ($1.50)
XT65    Two rank block advancing with command ($1.50)
XT66    Base of routers ($1.50)
XT67    Swedish or Russian musketeers in Karpus hat
XT68    Swedish or Russian pikemen in Karpus hat
XT69    Swedish or Russian cavalry in Karpus hat charging

        Infantry are $0.75 and cavalry are $1.50 per stand.
        Foot artillery is $2.75 per stand.
        Revolutionary War Era
REV1    European generals and aides
REV2    Infantry in cocked hat
REV3    Infantry in cocked hat command
REV4    Infantry in Tarleton helmet
REV5    Infantry in Tarleton helmet command
REV6    Sans Cullote infantry
REV7    Cavalry in cocked hat
REV8    Camel corps ($2.00)
REV9    Gun, crew and limber
REV10   Turkish Janissaries
REV11   Janissary command
REV12   Niazim regular infantry
REV13   Anatolian Sekhan infantry
REV14   Bedouin irregular infantry
REV15   Balkan auxilliary infantry
REV16   Unarmoured Spahi cavalry
REV17   Armoured Spahi cavalry
REV18   Turkish gun, crew and limber
REV19   Infantry in tufted helmet
REV20   Infantry in tufted helmet command
AUN1    Mounted generals
AUN2    Cuirassiers
AUN3    Lancers
AUN4    Hussars
AUN5    Dragoons
AUN6    Grenadier infantry
AUN7    Line infantry
AUN8    Infantry command
AUN9    Landwehr
AUN10   Jagers
AUN11   Foot artillery gun, crew and limber
AUN12   Horse artillery gun, crew and limber ($3.00)
BAN1    Mounted generals
BAN2    Chevaulagers
BAN3    Dragoons
BAN4    Grenadier infantry
BAN5    Fusiliers
BAN6    Infantry command
BAN7    Jagers
BAN8    Foot artillery gun, crew and limber
BAN9    Horse artillery gun, crew and limber ($3.00)
BAN10   Bavarian fusiliers in greatcoat
BN1     Mounted generals
BN2     Household cavalry
BN3     Hussars
BN4     Dragoons in shakos
BN5     Scots Greys
BN6     Dragoons in helmets
BN7     Infantry advancing
BN8     Infantry standing
BN9     Infantry kneeling
BN10    Highlanders
BN11    Infantry command
BN12    Riflemen
BN13    Foot artillery gun, crew and limber
BN14    Horse artillery gun, crew and limber ($3.00)
BN15    Rocket launcher and crew
BN16    Infantry in greatcoat
BN17    Infantry in greatcoat command
BN18    Highland infantry command group
BRN1    Mounted generals
BRN2    Hussars
BRN3    Line infantry
BRN4    Infantry command
BRN5    Avantgarde
BRN6    Foot artillery gun, crew and limber
BRN7    Horse artillery gun, crew and limber ($3.00)
FN1     Mounted generals
FN2     Horse Grenadiers of the Guard
FN3     Empress Dragoons
FN4     Mamelukes
FN5     Polish Lancers
FN6     Chasseurs a Cheval of the Guard
FN7     Foot artillery of the Guard gun, crew and limber
FN8     Horse artillery of the Guard gun, crew and limber ($3.00)
FN9     Old Guard grenadiers
FN10    Old Guard chasseurs
FN11    Line infantry
FN11a   As above but in 4-rank block ($2.50)
FN12    Line grenadiers
FN12a   As above but in 4-rank block ($2.50)
FN13    Light infantry
FN14    Infantry command
FN15    Cuirassiers
FN16    Carabiniers
FN17    Dragoons
FN18    Chasseurs a Cheval
FN19    Hussars
FN20    Lancers
FN21    Foot artillery gun, crew and limber
FN22    Horse artillery gun, crew and limber ($3.00)
FN23    Infantry in greatcoats
FN24    Polish infantry
FN25    Polish infantry command
FN26    Old Guard Grenadier command
PN1     Mounted generals
PN2     Grenadiers
PN3     Line infantry
PN4     Jagers
PN5     Infantry command
PN6     Landwehr
PN7     Cuirassiers
PN8     Dragoons
PN9     Hussars
PN10    Foot artillery gun, crew and limber
PN11    Horse artillery gun, crew and limber ($3.00)
PN12    Landwehr lancer
RN1     Mounted generals
RN2     Cuirassiers
RN3     Dragoons
RN4     Hussars
RN5     Chasseurs
RN6     Uhlans
RN7     Cossacks
RN8     Line infantry
RN8a    As above but in 4-rank block ($2.50)
RN9     Grenadiers
RN9a    As above but in 4-rank block ($2.50)
RN10    Infantry command
RN11    Jagers
RN12    Infantry in greatcoats
RN13    Foot artillery gun, crew and limber
RN14    Horse artillery gun, crew and limber ($2.00)
RN15    Militia with pike
RN15a   As above but in 4-rank block ($2.50)
SN1     Detestable generals
SN2     Dragoons
SN3     Lancers
SN4     Hussars
SN5     Infantry in bicorn
SN6     Infantry in shako
SN7     Infantry command
SN8     Light infantry
SN9     Foot artillery gun, crew and limber
SN10    Militia
MN1     5 Cavalry standards ($0.75)
MN2     French caisson ($3.00)
MN3     Ammunition wagon ($3.00)
MN4     Ambulance ($1.50)
MN5     12 man infantry square ($1.50)
MN6     12 man infantry square in greatcoats ($1.50)
MN7     3 mounted aides (individually based) ($1.50)
MN8     Pair of cavalry in shoko ($0.75)
MN9     3 stands of 4 infantry ($1.50)
MN10    3 stands of 4 infantry in greatcoats ($1.50)
MN11    Infantry command in greatcoat
MN12    4 cavalry in cape and dragoon helmet
MN13    4 cavalry in cape and sausage crested helmet
MN14    4 cavalry in cape and shako
MN15    3 rank block in greatcoat ($2.50)
MN16    Two 3 man command groups ($0.75)
MN17    3 rank block in greatcoat with flag ($2.50)
MN18    3 rank block in coatee with flag ($2.50)
MN19    3 rank block in coatee and bearskin with flag ($2.50)                
MN20    3 rank block in coatee and bandolier with flag ($2.50)               
MN21    3 rank block in coatee and Austrian helmet with flag  ($2.50)
MN22    3 rank block in coatee and bicorn with flag ($2.50)                  
MN23    Two bases of dead infantry ($0.75)                   
MN24    Two bases of dead horses ($1.50)                     
MN25    Pontoon wagon, pontoon and bridge section ($4.50)                    
MN26    Foot generals and staff                       
MN27    British 2 rank line infantry block ($2.00)                   
MN28    Highland 2 rank block ($2.00)                 
MN29    Guards 2 rank block ($2.50)                   
MN30    Siege gun and crew ($1.50)                    
MN31    Mortar and crew ($1.50)                       
MN32    French sappers                 
MN33    Naval gun and crew ($1.50)                    
MN34    Large command post, tent and flag ($4.50)                    
MN35    4 Man cavalry command in shako
MN36    4 Man cavalry command in dragoon helmet
MN37    4 Man cavalry command in sausage crested helmet
MN38    4 Man cavalry command in Czapka
MN39    Musicians on foot
MN40    12 Man block in 3 ranks in coatee ($1.50)
MN41    12 Man block in 3 ranks in coatee and bandolier ($1.50)

        U.S.-Mexican War
        Infantry are $0.75 and cavalry are $1.50 per stand.
UMM1    Mexican infantry walking
UMM2    Mexican infantry command walking
UMM3    Mexican infantry charging
UMM4    Mexican infantry command charging
UMM5    Mexican infantry skirmishers
UMM6    Mexican regular cavalry lancers
UMM7    Mexican regular cavalry lancers, sapper company
UMM8    Mexican regular light cavalry
UMM9    Mexican irregular/Presidential company cavalry
UMM10   Mexican artillery, gun, crew and ox team ($2.75)
UMM11   Mexican mounted generals and staff
UMM12   Santa Anna ($0.75)
UMT1    Texan infantry
UMT2    New Orleans Greys infantry
UMT3    Alabama Red Rovers infantry
UMT4    Texan artillery, gun, crew & ox team ($2.75)
UMT5    Texan light artillery, gun, crew & ox team ($2.75)
UMT6    Houston, Travis, Crockett, Bowie and standard

        Crimean War
        Infantry are $0.75 and cavalry are $1.50 per stand.
CWB1    British Guards Infantry
CWB2    British Guards Infantry Command                      
CWB3    British Highland Infantry                     
CWB4    British Highland Infantry Command                    
CWB5    British Line Infantry                 
CWB6    British Line infantry Command                 
CWB7    Riflemen skirmishing                  
CWB8    British Hussar Cavalry                
CWB9    British Light Dragoon Cavalry                 
CWB10   British Lancer Cavalry                
CWB11   British Heavy Dragoon Cavalry                 
CWB12   Scots Greys Cavalry                   
CWB13   Foot Artillery - gun with crew, and four horse limber ($2.75)
CWB14   Horse Artillery - gun with crew, and six horse limber ($3.00) 
CWB15   British Generals                      
CWB16   British Infantry in winter dress                     
CWB17   British Infantry Command in winter dress                     
CWF1    French Guards Infantry                
CWF2    French Guards Infantry Command                
CWF3    French Line Infantry                  
CWF4    French Line Infantry Command                  
CWF5    French Zouvre Infantry                
CWF6    French Zouvre Infantry Command                
CWF7    French Light Infantry skirmishing                    
CWFS    French Chasseur d'Afric Cavalry                      
CWF9    French Hussar Cavalry                 
CWF10   French Dragoon Cavalry                
CWF11   French Cuirassier Cavalry                     
CWF12   Foot Artillery - gun with crew, and four horse limber ($2.75)
CWF13   Horse Artillery - gun with crew, and six horse limber ($3.00) 
CWF14   French Mounted Generals                       
CWF15   French Infantry in winter dress                      
CWF16   French Infantry Command in winter dress                      
CWR1    Russian Marine                 
CWR2    Russian Marine Command                
CWR3    Russian infantry in greatcoat and cap                
CWR4    Russian Infantry Command in greatcoat and cap                
CWR5    Russian Infantry in spiked helmet                    
CWR6    Russian Infantry Command in spiked helmet                    
CWR7    Russian Infantry in spiked helmet advancing                  
CWR8    Russian Infantry Command in spiked helmet advancing                  
CWR9    Russian Cossack Cavalry                       
CWR10   Russian Dragoon Cavalry                       
CWR11   Russian Hussar Cavalry                
CWR12   Russian Lancer Cavalry                
CWR13   Russian Cuirassier Cavalry                    
CWR14   Foot Artillery - gun with crew, and four horse limber ($2.75)
CWR15   Horse Artillery - gun with crew, and six horse limber ($3.00) 
CWR16   Mounted Russian Generals                      
CWR17   Russian Guard Cuirassier Cavalry                     
CWR18   Greek Legion Infantry                 
CWR19   Greek Legion Infantry Command                 
CWR20   Russian Jager Infantry skirmishing                   
CWS1    Beseglieri Infantry skirmishing                      
CWS2    Sardinian Line Infantry                       
CWS3    Infantry Command                      
CWS4    Light Cavalry                  
CWS5    Generals                       
CWS6    Heavy Cavalry                  
CWS7    Sardinian Artillery - gun, crew and limber ($2.75)                   
CWT1    Turkish Infantry                      
CWT2    Turkish Infantry Command                      
CWT3    Regular Cavalry                       
CWT4    Bashi Bazook or Cossack Irregular Cavalry                    
CWT5    Turkish Artillery - gun, crew and limber ($2.75)                     
CWT6    Turkish Generals                      
CWT7    Turkish Irregular Infantry                    
CWM1    Crimean Style Railway Engine ($2.75)                 
CWM2    Crimean Style Railway rolling stock ($1.50)                  
CWM3    General Purpose Siege Gun with crew in fatigues ($3.00)      
CWM4    Bell Tent ($1.50)                     
CWM5    Florence Nightingale with nurse and wounded soldier ($0.75)  
CWM6    3 Rank block in flat cap ($2.50)                     
CWM7    3 Rank block in spiked helmet ($2.50)                
CWM8    3 Rank block in fez ($2.50)                   
CWM9    3 Rank block in kepi (suitable for French or Sardinians) ($2.50)

        American Civil War
        Infantry are $0.75 and cavalry are $1.50 per stand.
ACW1    Union infantry
ACW2    Confederate infantry
ACW3    Union infantry command
ACW4    Confederate infantry command
ACW5    Union cavalry
ACW6    Confederate cavalry
ACW7    Cavalry command
ACW8    Mounted generals
ACW9    Skirmishers
ACW10   Zouaves
ACW11   Chuck wagon ($3.00)
ACW12   Artillery crew and limber ($2.75)
ACW13   Parrot gun and crew ($3.00)
ACW14   Zouave command
ACW15   Medium Parrot gun and crew ($2.50)
ACW16   Stagecoach ($3.00)
ACW17   River Ketch boat ($3.00)
ACW18   Monitor gun boat ($6.00)
ACW19   Cavalry or mounted infantry in cape and kepi
ACW20   Cavalry or mounted infantry in cape & slouch hat
ACW21   Cavalry in cape command
ACW22   Observation balloon with diorama base ($18.00)
ACW23   Caisson and four horse team ($2.75)
ACW24   Routing infantry
ACW25   Lexington class 6 gun monitor ($11.00)
ACW26   Benton class 11 gun monitor ($16.00)
ACW27   8 Man 2 rank Union infantry block
ACW28   8 Man 2 rank Confederate infantry block
ACW29   15 man 2 rank Union infantry block with standards ($2.50)
ACW30   15 man 2 rank Confederate infantry block with standards ($2.50)
ACW31   24 man 2 rank Union infantry block with standards ($2.50)
ACW32   24 man 2 rank Confederate infantry block with standards ($2.50)

        Italian War of Liberation
        Infantry are $0.75 and cavalry are $1.50 per stand.
GAR1    Garibaldean infantry
GAR2    Garibaldean infantry with command
GAR3    Piedmontese infantry
GAR4    Piedmontese infantry with command

        Maximillian Wars
        Infantry are $0.75 and cavalry are $1.50 per stand.
UMI1    Maximillian Imperialist infantry
UMI2    Maximillian Imperialist infantry command
UMI3    Maximillian Imperialist cavalry
UMI4    Maximillian Imperialist artillery ($2.75)
UMI5    European infantry
UMI6    European infantry command
UMI7    European cavalry
UMI8    European cavalry lancers
UMI9    European artillery ($2.75)
UMI10   Mounted generals
UMR1    Republican Juarista infantry
UMR2    Republican Juarista infantry command
UMR3    Republican Juarista cavalry
UMR4    Republican Juarista artillery ($2.75)
UMR5    Mounted generals
UMR6    Guerillas

        Franco-Prussian/Austro-Prussian Wars
        Infantry are $0.75 and cavalry are $1.50 per stand.
FFP1    Cuirassiers
FFP2    Dragoons
FFP3    Lancers
FFP4    Chassuers a cheval
FFP5    Hussars
FFP6    Line infantry advancing
FFP7    Line infantry command
FFP8    Zouaves charging
FFP9    Zouave command
FFP10   Guard infantry
FFP11   Guard infantry command
FFP12   Marine infantry
FFP13   Marine infantry command
FFP14   Chassuers skirmishing
FFP15   Foot artillery, gun, crew and limber ($2.75)
FFP16   Horse artillery, gun, crew and limber ($3.00)
FFP17   Mitrailleuse machine gun, crew & limber ($3.00)
FFP18   General and staff
FFP19   Three mounted ADCs
PFP1    Cuirassiers
PFP2    Dragoons
PFP3    Uhlans
PFP4    Hussars
PFP5    Wurttemburg or Mecklenburg dragoons
PFP6    Bavarian chevaulagers or Wurttemburg reiters
PFP7    Infantry advancing
PFP8    Infantry command
PFP9    Bavarian infantry advancing
PFP10   Bavarian infantry command
PFP11   Wurttemburg infantry at rest
PFP12   Wurttemburg infantry command
PFP13   Jagers skirmishing
PFP14   Foot artillery, gun, crew and limber ($2.75)
PFP15   Horse artillery, gun, crew and limber ($3.00)
PFP16   Krupp heavy gun, crew & traction engine ($3.00)
PFP17   General and staff
PFP18   Three mounted ADCs
PFP19   Landwehr infantry
PFP20   Landwehr infantry command
AFP1    Infantry advancing
AFP2    Infantry command
AFP3    Grenzers skirmishing
AFP4    Hussars
AFP5    Dragoons or cuirassiers
AFP6    Foot artillery, gun, crew and limber ($2.75)

        Plains Wars
        Infantry are $0.75 and cavalry are $1.50 per stand.
PW1     Plains Indians light cavalry
PW2     Plains Indians foot
PW3     Plains Indians mounted command
PW4     Wig-wam ($1.50)
PW5     Bison ($1.50)
PW6     Long-horn cattle ($1.50)
PW7     7th Cavalry mounted
PW8     Dismounted cavalry
PW9     Horse holder with horses ($1.50)
PW10    Gatling gun and crew ($1.50)
PW11    Mounted settlers
PW12    Settlers on foot
PW13    Indian villagers
PW14    Giant cactus ($0.75)

        Infantry are $0.75 and cavalry are $1.50 per stand.
Z1      Zulu warriors
Z2      Zulu command group
Z3      Zulu hut ($1.50)
Z4      Zulu kraal wall ($0.75)
Z5      British infantry kneeling
Z6      British infantry standing
Z7      British infantry command group
Z8      British generals mounted and dismounted
Z9      Natal native horse
Z10     British dragoons
Z11     British lancers
Z12     30mm of sandbags
Z13     British artillery with limber and crew ($2.75)
Z14     Fuzzi Wuzzi infantry with rifle
Z15     Fuzzi Wuzzi infantry with sword
Z16     Egyptian infantry
Z17     Egyptian infantry command
Z18     Abyssinian infantry
Z19     Abyssinian Galla cavalry
Z20     Abyssinian chief
Z21     Sudanese lancer
Z22     Sailors with rifles
Z23     Highlanders
Z24     Highlander command group
Z25     British infantry skirmishing
Z26     British camel corps ($2.00)
Z27     Colonial/volunteer infantry
Z28     Colonial/volunteer cavalry
Z29     Indian medics/porters
Z30     British marine
Z31     Maxim gun and crew ($1.50)
Z32     Naval gun and limber ($4.50)
Z33     Boers mounted
Z34     Boers skirmishing
Z35     Boer artillery and limber ($2.75)
Z36     Boer commanders
Z37     Boxer infantry
Z38     Imperial Chinese infantry
Z39     Imperial Chinese Tigermen
Z40     Imperial Chinese artillery and limber ($2.75)
Z41     Manchu light cavalry
Z42     Natal native infantry
Z43     Ashanti infantry
Z44     Maori infantry
Z45     Russian infantry
Z46     Foreign legion infantry
Z47     Large ox drawn wagon ($4.50)
Z48     Small horse drawn wagon ($1.50)

        World War One 
        Infantry are 3 stands for $1.50 and cavalry are $0.75.
        Other prices as marked.
GWA1    Cavalry
GWA2    Camelry
GWA3    Infantry charging
GWA4    Personalities
GWA5    Infantry firing
GWC1    Infantry in sun helmet
GWC2    HMG and crew in sun helmet (3 for $1.50)
GWC3    Infantry officer in sun helmet (3 for $0.75)
GWC4    Cavalry in sun helmet
GWC5    Camelry in sun helmet
GWC6    Light artillery and crew in sun helmet ($1.50)
GWC7    Indian infantry
GWC8    Indian cavalry
GWC9    ANZAC infantry
GWC10   Askari infantry advancing
GWC11   Askari infantry firing
GWC12   Infantry in peaked cap
GWC13   Cavalry in slouch hat
GWS1    Infantry advancing
GWS2    HMG and crew (3 for $1.50)
GWS3    Infantry officer (3 for $0.75)
GWS4    Two cavalry
GWS5    Field gun, crew and limber ($4.50)
GWS6    Howitzer and crew ($1.50)
GWS7    Small mountain gun and pack mule team ($2.75)
GWS8    General and aides
GWAH1   Infantry in cap advancing
GWAH2   Infantry in cap charging
GWAH3   Infantry in cap throwing grenade
GWAH4   Infantry in cap firing
GWAH5   HMG and crew in cap (3 for $1.50)
GWAH6   Infantry officer (3 for $0.75)
GWAH7   Dragoon cavalry
GWAH8   Later infantry in helmet advancing
GWAH9   Later infantry in helmet throwing grenade
GWAH10  HMG and crew in helmet (3 for $1.50)
GWAH11  Infantry in helmet firing
GWAH12  Alpine infantry
GWAH13  Field gun, crew, limber and team ($4.50)
GWAH14  Light howitzer and crew ($1.50)
GWAH15  General and staff
GWB1    1914 BEF Infantry advancing
GWB2    1914 BEF Infantry advancing over debris
GWB3    1914 BEF Infantry firing and loading
GWB4    1914 BEF Infantry kneeling, firing and loading
GWB5    1914 BEF Vickers gun with crew (3 for $1.50)
GWB6    1914 BEF Infantry officer (3 for $0.75)
GWB7    1914 BEF cavalry
GWB8    1916 Infantry advancing
GWB9    1916 Infantry advancing and loading
GWB10   1916 Infantry advancing over debris
GWB11   1916 Infantry throwing grenades
GWB12   1916 Scottish infantry
GWB13   1916 Engineers
GWB14   1916 Infantry firing and loading
GWB15   1916 Vickers gun with crew (3 for $1.50)
GWB16   1916 Lewis gunner running with ammo carrier
GWB17   1916 Infantry officer (3 for $0.75)
GWB18   1916 Trench mortar with crew (3 for $1.50)
GWB19   18/13 pdr Field gun, crew, limber & team ($4.50)
GWB20   Howitzer and crew ($1.50)
GWB21   Mark IV tank male ($2.00)
GWB22   Whippet light tank ($1.50)
GWB23   Group of officers ($0.75)
GWB24   Rolls Royce armoured car ($1.50)
GWB25   60lb Gun carrier ($2.00)
GWB26   Lanchester armoured car ($1.50)
GWF1    1914 Infantry advancing
GWF2    1914 Infantry charging
GWF3    1914 Infantry marching
GWF4    1914 Hotchkiss HMG and crew (3 for $1.50)
GWF5    1914 Infantry firing and loading
GWF6    1914 Infantry officer (3 for $0.75)
GWF7    1914 Chasseur light cavalry
GWF8    1914 Dragoon cavalry with lance
GWF9    1914 Curassier cavalry
GWF10   1914/15 Zouave infantry
GWF11   1914/15 Algerian or Moroccan tirailleur
GWF12   1915 Chasseur alpine/Tonkinese tirailleur
GWF13   1915 Infantry advancing
GWF14   1915 Infantry charging
GWF15   1915 Infantry marching
GWF16   1915 Hotchkiss HMG and crew (3 for $1.50)
GWF17   1915 Chaucet LMG (3 for $1.50)
GWF18   1915 Bombers throwing grenades
GWF19   1915 Infantry firing and loading
GWF20   1915 Infantry officer (3 for $0.75)
GWF21   1915 Dragoon cavalry with lance
GWF22   75mm Field gun, crew, limber and team ($4.50)
GWF23   155mm Howitzer and crew ($1.50)
GWF24   Seated French generals ($0.75)
GWF25   Schneider tank ($2.00)
GWF26   Saint Chamond tank ($2.00)
GWF27   Renault PT-17 light tank ($1.50)
GWF28   Laffly-White armoured car ($1.50)
GWG1    1914 Infantry advancing
GWG2    1914 Infantry advancing over debris
GWG3    1914 Infantry throwing grenades
GWG4    1914 Infantry firing and loading
GWG5    1914 Infantry kneeling, firing and loading
GWG6    1914 '08 HMG with crew (3 for $1.50)
GWG7    1914 Infantry officer (3 for $0.75)
GWG8    Uhlan cavalry
GWG9    Curassier cavalry
GWG10   1914/16 Jager infantry
GWG11   1916 Infantry advancing
GWG12   1916 Infantry advancing over debris
GWG13   1916 Infantry throwing grenades
GWG14   Landsturm/Landwehr infantry
GWG15   Engineers/labourers
GWG16   1916 Infantry firing and loading
GWG17   1916 '08 HMG with crew (3 for $1.50)
GWG18   1916 '08/15 HMG with crew (3 for $1.50)
GWG19   1916 Stormtroopers
GWG20   1916 Infantry officer (3 for $0.75)
GWG21   Mortar and crew (3 for $1.50)
GWG22   1917 Flame thrower with crew (3 for $1.50)
GWG23   7.7cm Field gun, crew, limber and team ($4.50)
GWG24   Howitzer and crew (3 for $1.50)
GWG25   A7V tank ($2.00)
GWG26   Group of officers ($0.75)
GWG27   Erhart armoured car ($1.50)
GWG28   Infantry marching in field cap
GWI1    Beseglieri infantry
GWI2    Alpine infantry
GWI3    Arditi infantry
GWI4    Beseglieri HMG and crew (3 for $1.50)
GWI5    Mountain gun and crew ($1.50)
GWR1    Infantry advancing
GWR2    Infantry rushing
GWR3    Infantry marching
GWR4    Infantry in greatcoat
GWR5    Infantry firing and loading
GWR6    Siberian infantry
GWR7    HMG with crew (3 for $1.50)
GWR8    Infantry officer (3 for $0.75)
GWR9    Guard cavalry
GWR10   Lancer cavalry
GWR11   Cossack cavalry
GWR12   Dismounted Cossacks prone behind horses
GWR13   12.2cm field howitzer, crew, limber & team ($4.50)
GWR14   15cm heavy howitzer and crew ($1.50)
GWR15   Generals and mounted messenger ($0.75)
GWR16   Three crew dragging HMG (3 for $1.50)
GWR17   Russian/Revolutionary infantry in comforter
GWR18   Austin-Putilov armoured car ($1.50)
GWR19   Tachanka horse-drawn wagon, MG & crew ($2.50)
GWR20   Austin-Putilov half-tracked armoured car ($2.00)
GWR21   Nakashedze-Charron armoured car ($1.50)
GWR22   Putilov Packard armoured car with 40mm QF gun ($2.00)
GWBE1   Guide cavalry
GWBE2   Carabinier infantry
GWBE3   Dog pulled MG and crew (3 for $1.50)
GWT1    Infantry in helmet
GWT2    Infantry in fez
GWT3    HMG and crew (3 for $1.50)
GWT4    Infantry officer (3 for $0.75)
GWT5    Infantry firing and loading
GWT6    Cavalry
        Heavy Artillery
HA1     Large railway gun and crew ($6.00)
HA2     Big Bertha 42cm howitzer and crew ($6.00)
HA3     Naval gun on battlefield mounting and crew ($3.00)
HA4     German 21cm short howitzer and crew ($3.00)
HA5     British 60lb gun and crew ($3.00)
HA6     Large siege mortar and crew ($3.00)
        Vehicles and Miscellaneous
GWV1    Staff car ($1.50)
GWV2    Lorry ($2.00)
GWV3    Four-wheeled wagon with two horses ($2.75)
GWV4    Two-wheeled wagon with one horse ($1.50)
GWV5    Two cyclists ($0.75)
GWV6    Pontoon wagon, pontoon & bridge section ($4.50)
GWV7    German machine gun on limber with crew ($2.00)
GWV8    French machine gun on limber ($1.50)
GWV9    Traction engine and trailer ($2.75)
GWV10   British petrol tractor and trailer ($2.75)
GWV11   Open backed lorry ($2.00)
GWV12   Anti-aircraft gun on lorry ($2.00)
GWV13   Motorcycle combination ($0.75)
GWV14   Two explosions and two shell craters ($2.50)
GWV15   Motorcycle ($0.75)
GWV16   Motor ambulance ($2.00)
GWV17   British or Austrian MG on pack horse ($2.00)
GWV18   Motor omnibus ($2.00)
GWV19   Paris taxi ($1.50)
GWV20   Stretcher team carrying stretcher ($1.50)
GWV21   Crashed aircraft ($2.50)
GWV22   75mm section of barbed wire ($2.00)
GWV23   Ground level trench section occupied by early British/Russians ($2.00)
GWV24   Ground level trench section occupied by early Germans ($2.00)
GWV25   Ground level trench section occupied by early French/Austrians ($2.00)
GWV26   Ground level trench section occupied by later British ($2.00)
GWV27   Ground level trench section occupied by later French/Italians ($2.00)
GWV28   Ground level machine gun emplacement ($0.75)
GWV29   Ground level connecting trench ($2.00)
GWV30   Empty trench ($2.00)
GWV31   WWI gunboat, 150mm long with 10 crew ($24.00)
        World War One Aircraft 
        $2.50 each unless otherwise marked.
GWP1    Moraine Monoplane
GWP2    Fokker Eindecker
GWP3    Fokker Triplane
GWP4    Fokker DVII
GWP5    Sopwith Pup
GWP6    SE5a
GWP7    Roland
GWP8    Spad VII
GWP9    Taube
GWP10   FE 2B 
GWP11   BE2
GWP12   Sopwith Camel
GWP13   Gotha Bomber ($6.00)
GWP14   Nieuport 17
GWP15   Albatross
GWP16   Junkers D1
GWP17   Bristol F2B
GWP18   Handley Page 0/400 ($10.00)
GWP19   Avitak D1
GWP20   Anatra DS
GWP21   S.A.M.L. S2
GWP22   RE8
GWP23   Sopwith Triplane
GWP24   Airco DH4
GWP25   Sopwith Snipe
GWP26   Halberstadt CLII
GWP27   Pfalz DXII
GWP28   Siemens Schuckert DIII
GWP29   DFW B1
GWP30   Sikorsky Ilya Muromets ($10.00)

        Spanish Civil War
        Infantry are 3 stands for $1.00 and cavalry are $0.50.
SCW1    Infantry in cheesecutter cap
SCW2    Infantry in Spanish helmet
SCW3    Moorish infantry
SCW4    Anarchist or militia infantry
SCW5    Italian infantry
SCW6    International Brigade infantry
SCW7    Republican machine gun (3 for $1.50)
SCW8    Moorish machine gun (3 for $1.50)
SCW9    Italian machine gun (3 for $1.50)
SCW10   International Brigade machine gun (3 for $1.50)
SCW11   Cavalry in cap
SCW12   Cavalry in helmet
SCW13   Moorish cavalry
SCW14   Infantry flagman, officer and SMG
SCW15   Assorted generals and officers
SCW16   Panzer 1 ($1.50)
SCW17   T-26 ($1.50)
SCW18   Armoured truck with MG ($1.50)
SCW19   Armoured truck with cannon ($1.50)
SCW20   Passenger lorry with troops ($1.50)
SCW21   Russian built field gun and limber ($4.50)
SCW22   50mm of baricade ($0.75)
SCW23   Fiat fighter ($2.50)
SCW24   Stuka dive bomber ($2.50)
SCW25   Dewoitine fighter ($2.50)
SCW26   Russian fighter ($2.50)
SCW27   Polikarpov I-15 fighter ($2.50)
SCW28   Junkers 52 transport ($2.50)
SCW29   Fiat 633BM lorry ($1.50)
SCW30   Civil guard infantry

        World War II
        Infantry are $0.75 per base and vehicles and guns are $1.50 each.
        Others priced as marked.
WWTG1   Infantry advancing
WWTG2   LMGs with crew
WWTG3   HMGs with crew
WWTG4   Mortars with crew
WWTG5   Anti-tank rifles with crew
WWTG6   Panzerfausts with crew
WWTG7   HQ/Observers
WWTG8   Engineers with tools
WWTG9   Engineers with flame throwers
WWTG10  SS in smock
WWTG11  Paratroopers advancing
WWTG12  Paratrooper LMGs with crew
WWTG13  Paratrooper HMGs with crew
WWTG14  Paratrooper Mortars with crew
WWTG15  Paratrooper Panzerfausts with crew
WWTG16  Paratrooper HQ
WWTG17  Two paratroops gathering chutes
WWTG18  Afrika Korps infantry
WWTG19  Two cavalry ($0.75)
WWTG20  Artillery crew ($1.50)
WWTG21  Panzer II
WWTG22  Panzer III
WWTG23  Panzer IV D
WWTG24  Panzer IV F
WWTG25  Panzer IV H
WWTG26  Panther
WWTG27  Tiger I
WWTG28  Tiger II with Porsche turret
WWTG29  Tiger II with Henschel turret
WWTG30  Maus ($2.50)
WWTG31  Marder II
WWTG32  Stug III
WWTG33  Stug III G
WWTG34  Hetzer
WWTG35  Jagdpanzer IV
WWTG36  Marder III
WWTG37  Nashorn
WWTG38  Wespe
WWTG39  Jagdpanther
WWTG40  Jagdtiger
WWTG41  Elephant
WWTG42  Brumbear
WWTG43  Sturmtiger
WWTG44  Panzer IV L70
WWTG45  Flakmobelwagen
WWTG46  Sdkfz 221 A/C
WWTG47  Sdkfz 222 A/C
WWTG48  Sdkfz 232 A/C
WWTG49  Sdkfz 232 with 75mm A/C
WWTG50  Sdkfz 234 A/C
WWTG51  Sdkfz 7 halftrack
WWTG52  Sdkfz 11 halftrack
WWTG53  Sdkfz 251 halftrack
WWTG54  Sdkfz 251 halftrack with rockets
WWTG55  Sdkfz 250 halftrack
WWTG56  Sdkfz 250/8
WWTG57  Maltier half track with rockets
WWTG58  Maltier half track with 3.7 AA
WWTG59  Karl SP mortar ($3.00)
WWTG60  Saurer lorry
WWTG61  Opel blitz lorry
WWTG62  Maltier halftrack lorry
WWTG63  Kublewagen ($0.75)
WWTG64  Ketenkrad ($0.75)
WWTG65  Motorcycle combination ($0.75)
WWTG66  Hitler's Mercedes
WWTG67  SDAL 116 tank transporter trailer
WWTG68  Pak 35/38 with crew ($0.75)
WWTG69  Pak 75 with crew
WWTG70  88mm with crew
WWTG71  88mm towed
WWTG72  Pak 43/41 with crew
WWTG73  Nebelwerfer with crew
WWTG74  Large howitzer with crew
WWTG75  Rail gun ($5.50)
WWTG76  Ostwind flak
WWTG77  Opel blitz truck with troops
WWTG78  SWS halftrack
WWTG79  Krupp Protz truck
WWTG80  Schwerer Wermachtschlepper and trailer
WWTG81  SIG 33 Panzer I
WWTG83  Panzer I
WWTG84  PZ 38(t)
WWTB1   Infantry advancing
WWTB2   LMGs with crew
WWTB3   HMGs with crew
WWTB4   Mortars with crew
WWTB5   Anti-tank rifles with crew
WWTB6   Piats with crew
WWTB7   HQ/Observers
WWTB8   Engineers with tools
WWTB9   Engineers with flame throwers
WWTB10  Commandos
WWTB11  Paratroopers advancing
WWTB12  Paratrooper LMGs with crew
WWTB13  Paratrooper HMGs with crew
WWTB14  Paratrooper Mortars with crew
WWTB15  Paratrooper Piats with crew
WWTB16  Paratrooper HQ
WWTB17  Two paratroops gathering chutes
WWTB18  Highland infantry
WWTB19  Desert Rat infantry
WWTB20  Artillery crew ($1.50)
WWTB21  Vickers MK VI ($0.75)
WWTB22  Vickers MK VI AA ($0.75)
WWTB23  Matilda
WWTB24  Valentine
WWTB25  Valentine Bishop
WWTB26  Crusader
WWTB27  Churchill
WWTB28  Churchill flame trailer
WWTB29  Churchill assault bridge
WWTB30  Cromwell
WWTB31  Comet
WWTB32  Challenger
WWTB33  Sherman Firefly
WWTB34  Tetrach
WWTB35  Archer
WWTB36  Tortoise ($2.50)
WWTB38  Marmont-Herrington A/C
WWTB39  Daimler A/C
WWTB40  Humber III A/C
WWTB41  6 pdr Portee
WWTB42  Bofors gun on lorry
WWTB43  Ram Kangaroo
WWTB44  Universal carrier ($0.75)
WWTB45  Quad
WWTB46  Humber staff car
WWTB47  Matador lorry
WWTB48  Bedford 30cwt lorry
WWTB49  Bedford 3 ton lorry
WWTB50  LRDG cut down Chevy
WWTB51  LRDG jeep ($0.75)
WWTB52  Scammel tank transporter ($2.50)
WWTB53  6 pdr with crew ($0.75)
WWTB54  5.5 gun with crew
WWTB55  Towed 5.5 gun
WWTB56  3.7 AA gun with crew
WWTB57  25 pdr with crew
WWTB58  Morris 15cwt lorry
WWTB59  M7 Priest SPG
WWTB60  AEC command vehicle
WWTB61  Matilda scorpion flail
WWTB62  Churchill Ark II bridge
WWTB63  Churchill with snake equipment
WWTB64  Cruiser MK IV
WWTB65  A9 Cruiser tank
WWTB66  17 pdr with crew
WWTB67  25 pdr and limber towed
WWTB68  Humber scout car MK I
WWTB69  Bofors AA gun
WWTB70  2pdr anti-tank gun
        British Improvised Vehicles
IKIV1   Beaverette A/C
IKIV2   Armadillo mobile pillbox
IKIV3   Cockatrice flamethrower
IKIV4   Bison mobile pillbox
WWTA1   Infantry advancing
WWTA2   LMGs with crew
WWTA3   HMGs with crew
WWTA4   Mortars with crew
WWTA5   Bazookas with crew
WWTA6   HQ/Observers
WWTA7   Engineers with tools
WWTA8   Engineers with flame throwers
WWTA9   Paratroops advancing
WWTA10  Artillery crew ($1.50)
WWTA11  Stuart
WWTA12  Grant
WWTA13  Sherman
WWTA14  Sherman DD
WWTA15  Sherman flail
WWTA16  Chaffee
WWTA17  Pershing
WWTA18  M36
WWTA19  M10
WWTA20  M18
WWTA21  M40 105mm howitzer
WWTA22  Boarhound A/C
WWTA23  Greyhound A/C
WWTA24  Staghound A/C
WWTA25  M3 halftrack and crew
WWTA27  LVT(A) 1
WWTA29  GMC lorry
WWTA30  2 1/2 ton Studebaker lorry
WWTA31  MACK lorry
WWTA32  Chevy lorry
WWTA33  Cut down Chevy lorry
WWTA34  Sherman calliope
WWTA35  Armoured bulldozer
WWTA36  Anti-tank gun with crew
WWTA37  105mm howitzer with crew
WWTA38  Long Tom 155mm howitzer with crew
WWTA39  Jeep ($0.75)
WWTA40  Covered jeep ($0.75)
WWTA41  Recce jeep with MGs ($0.75)
WWTA42  Sherman bulldozer
WWTA43  Grant scorpion flail
WWTA44  T95 gun motor carriage supertank ($2.00)
WWTA45  Studebaker gasoline lorry
WWTF1   Infantry advancing
WWTF2   LMGs with crew
WWTF3   HMGs with crew
WWTF4   Mortars with crew
WWTF5   Anti-tank rifles with crew
WWTF6   HQ/Observers
WWTF7   Engineers/Pioneers
WWTF8   Two cavalry ($0.75)
WWTF9   Resistance fighters
WWTF10  Artillery crew ($1.50)
WWTF11  Char B
WWTF12  H35
WWTF13  75mm anti-tank gun with crew 
WWTF14  Souma tank
WWTF15  Panhard A/C
WWTI1   Infantry advancing
WWTI2   LMGs with crew
WWTI3   HMGs with crew
WWTI4   Mortars with crew
WWTI5   Anti-tank rifles with crew
WWTI6   HQ/Observers
WWTI7   Engineers/Pioneers
WWTI8   Besaglieri infantry
WWTI9   Two cavalry
WWTI10  Artillery crew ($1.50)
WWTI11  CV33 tankette ($0.75)
WWTI12  M13/40
WWTI13  Semovente 75/18 SPG
WWTI14  Saharina scout car
WWTI15  AB40 A/C
WWTI16  Anti-tank gun with crew ($0.75)
WWTI17  Semovente 13/40 L90 SPG
WWTR1   Infantry advancing
WWTR2   LMGs with crew
WWTR3   HMGs with crew
WWTR4   Mortars with crew
WWTR5   Anti-tank rifles with crew
WWTR6   HQ/Observers
WWTR7   Siberian infantry
WWTR8   Engineers/Pioneers
WWTR9   Two Cossack cavalry ($0.75)
WWTR10  Artillery crew ($1.50)
WWTR13  T34/76
WWTR14  T34/85
WWTR17  SU 85
WWTR18  SU 100
WWTR19  ISU 122
WWTR20  ISU 152
WWTR21  BA 64 A/C ($0.75)
WWTR22  Katushka rocket lorry
WWTR23  76.2mm field gun with crew
WWTR24  203mm howitzer with crew
WWTR25  BT 7
WWTR26  SU 76
WWTR27  GAZ truck
WWTR28  BA 10 A/C
WWTR29  KV1 (85)
WWTJ1   Infantry advancing
WWTJ2   Infantry prone
WWTJ3   LMGs with crew
WWTJ4   HMGs with crew
WWTJ5   Mortars with crew
WWTJ6   HQ with standard
WWTJ7   Engineers/Pioneers
WWTJ8   Anti-tank rifles with crew
WWTJ9   Two cavalry ($0.75)
WWTJ10  Artillery crew ($1.50)
WWTJ11  Type 97 Chi-Ha
WWTJ12  Anti-tank gun with crew ($0.75)
WWTJ13  Type 95 Ha-Go
WWTJ14  Upgunned Type 97
        Other Nations
WWTO1   Austrailian infantry
WWTO2   Gurka infantry
WWTO3   Indian infantry
WWTO4   Askari infantry
WWTO5   Generic ski troops
WWTO6   Chinese infantry
WWTO7   Chinese cavalry ($0.75)
WWTO8   Polish infantry
WWTO9   Polish MGs and crew
WWTO10  Polish cavalry ($0.75)
WWTO11  Rumanian infantry
WWTO12  Chetnick infantry
WWTO13  Armed sailors
WWTO14  Ground crew/airmen
WWTPO1  Polish TK3 tankette ($0.75)
WWTPO2  Polish 7TP light tank
WWTM1   LCA infantry landing craft with infantry ($2.75)
WWTM2   LCM tank landing craft ($3.00)
WWTM3   D class armed ferry ($16.00)
WWTM4   50mm Bailey bridge and pontoon ($2.75)
WWTM5   Four infantry in foxholes ($0.75)
WWTM6   Brewed tank ($1.50)
WWTM7   Crashed plane ($1.50)
WWTM8   Early war lorry ($1.50)
WWTM9   Assault boat and crew ($1.50)
WWTM10  Tank traps ($3.00)
WWTM11  Log emplacement ($2.50)
WWTM12  Five sandbag emplacements ($3.00)
WWTM13  Pillbox/bunker complex ($6.00)
WWTM14  Coastal gun emplacement ($6.00)
WWTM15  Searchlight battery ($1.50)
WWTM16  50mm rail bridge section ($4.50)
WWTM17  Hull down position ($1.50)
        Battle Pack ($70.00) Two forces and rules
             State nationality, year, theater
        Armoured Division ($60.00)
             State nationality, year, theater
        World War Two Aircraft
        $2.50 each unless otherwise marked.
WWTP1   Henschel HS123
WWTP2   ME109
WWTP3   FW190
WWTP4   ME262
WWTP5   ME163
WWTP6   Feisler Storch
WWTP7   V1 ($0.75)
WWTP8   V2 and launcher ($4.50)
WWTP9a  ME110 ($2.75)
WWTP9   Gloster Gladiator
WWTP10  Hurricane
WWTP11  Spitfire
WWTP12  Mosquitto  
WWTP13  Typhoon
WWTP14  Lysander  
WWTP16  Dewotine D520
WWTP17  Fiat G50
WWTP18  Yak 9
WWTP20  Ilyushin IL-2 Sturmovik  
WWTP21  Polikarpov 2
WWTP22  Corsair
WWTP23  Thunderbolt
WWTP24  Mustang                
WWTP25  Zero                   
WWTP26  Oscar                  

        Vehicles are $1.50 unless marked.  Infantry are three stands for $1.50.
MAF1    T72 MBT                
MAF2    BTR152                 
MAF3    BTR60                  
MAF4    BMP                    
MAF5    Open backed lorry with separate cover                
MAF6    Troop filled lorry                    
MAF7    Soviet infantry advancing                     
MAF8    Soviet infantry firing                
MAF9    Soviet infantry in greatcoat and hat                 
MAF10   Soviet MGs with crew                  
MAF11   Soviet mortar with crew
MAF12   Soviet HQ/radio operator
MAF13   T62 MBT
MAF14   ZSU23/4 SPG
MAF16   BRDM1 with rocket
MAF17   SA64 AA missile
MAF19   M1974 SPG
MAF20   Afghan tribal infantry
MAF21   Afghen infantry with rocket launcher
MAF22   Afghan mortar and crew
MAF23   Afghan missile launcher
MAF24   Afghan HQ
MAF25   Challenger MBT
MAF26   Chieftan MBT
MAF27   Centurion MBT
MAF28   Warrior APC
MAF29   FV432 APC
MAF30   Saracen APC
MAF31   Saladin APC
MAF32   Fox combat car
MAF33   Striker
MAF34   Scorpion
MAF35   Abbot SPG
MAF36   Stalwart lorry
MAF37   Land rover
MAF38   Generic infantry advancing in peaked cap
MAF39   Generic infantry firing in peaked cap
MAF40   Generic MGs with crew in cap
MAF41   Generic mortar with crew in cap
MAF42   Generic HQ/radio operator in cap
MAF43   Abrams MBT
MAF44   M48 MBT
MAF45   Bradley AFV
MAF47   M109A1 SPG
MAF48   M110 SPG
MAF49   M52 SPG
MAF50   LVTP5/6 with seperate P6 turret
MAF51   Waterline LVTP5/6
MAF52   AMX13 light tank
MAF53   Panhard AML A/C
MAF54   Leopard MBT
MAF55   Marder APC
MAF56   Jagdpanzer cannone
MAF57   Swedish S tank
MAF58   Merkhava MBT
MAF59   Scud A missile on tracked launcher
MAF60   Chinese infantry
MAF61   Generic infantry in bush hat
MAF62   Bareheaded insurgent infantry
MAF63   Bareheaded insurgents with rocket launcher
MAF64   ZSU57/2 SF AA
MAF65   Large howitzer with crew
MAF72   US infantry in Kevlar helmets
MAF73   US HMG plus crew in Kevlar helmets
MAF74   US AT4s plus crew in Kevlar helmets
MAF75   US HQ in Kevlar helmets
MAF76   British infantry advancing
MAF77   British GMPG and crew
MAF78   British mortar cand crew
MAF79   British Milan and crew
MAF80   British HQ
MAF81   Hummer scout car
MAF83   Saxon APC
MAF84   T80 MBT
MAF85   Toyota pick-up truck
MAF86   Toyota pick-up truck with MG team in back ($2.50)
MAF87   8 Block HESCO section ($1.50)
MAF88   MIG 15 ($3.00)
MAF89   MIG 23 Flogger ($5.50)
MAF90   Bloodhound SA missile, launch pad, trailer and land rover ($5.50)
        Battle Pack ($70.00) Two forces and rules
             State nationality, year, theater
        Armoured Division ($60.00)
             State nationality, year, theater

        Vehicles are $1.50 unless marked.  Infantry are three stands for $1.50.
VN1     US/ARVN infantry in helmet, advancing                
VN2     US/ARVN LMGs group                    
VN3     US/ARVN HMGs group                    
VN4     US/ARVN mortar with crew                      
VN5     US/ARVN recoilless rifle with crew                   
VN6     US/ARVN grenade launcher and two assistants                  
VN7     US/ARVN command group                 
VN8     French/Australian/US infantry in boonie hat                  
VN9     Green Bere infantry                   
VN10    Montagnard infantry                   
VN11    NVA infantry advancing                
VN12    NVA LMGs group                 
VN13    NVA HMGs group                 
VN14    NVA mortar with crew                  
VN15    NVA recoilless rifle with crew
VN16    NVA rocket launcher and two assistants
VN17    NVA command group
VN18    VC infantry advancing
VN19    VC infantry firing
VN20    VC cyclist and supplies
VN21    Vietnamese civilians
VN22    Wounded figures
VN23    M48 MBT
VN24    M113 APC
VN25    T54/55 MBT
VN26    BTR50 APC
VN27    PT76 amphibious tank
VN28    UH-1 Huey helicopter ($6.00)
VN29    Crashed Huey ($6.00)
VN30    Aerial helicopter stand ($1.50)
VN31    US patrol boat ($10.00)
VN31a   US landing craft ($10.00)
VN32    Junk supply or patrol boat ($10.00)
VN33    US motor patrol boat ($2.75)
VN34    ACAV personnel carrier ($1.50)
        Vietnamese Village ($24.00)
        US Firebase ($24.00)
        US/ARVN Combined Force ($30.00)
        NVA Combined Force ($30.00)
        VC Guerilla Force ($30.00)

        Scenic Rural Items
        Priced as marked.
RU1     Deciduous tree ($2.50)
RU2     Copse of six deciduous trees ($10.00)
RU3     Palm tree ($2.50)
RU4     Copse of six palm trees ($10.00)
RU5     Oasis with palm trees ($10.00)
RU6     70mm of straight road ($2.50)
RU7     45 degree curved road ($2.50)
RU8     90 degree curved road ($2.50)
RU9     T-junction ($2.50)
RU10    Crossroad ($2.50)
RU11    70mm of straight road with hedges ($2.50)
RU12    135 degree curved road with hedges ($2.50)
RU13    180 degree curved road with hedges ($2.50)
RU14    T-junction with hedges ($2.50)
RU15    Crossroad with hedges ($2.50)
RU16    70mm of straight river ($3.00)
RU17    45 degree curved river ($3.00)
RU18    90 degree curved river ($3.00)
RU19    River section with place for bridge ($3.00)
RU20    Small hill ($3.00)
RU21    Crag ($2.50)
RU22    Two 50mm rail fence sections ($1.50)
RU23    Two 50mm stone fence sections ($1.50)
RU24    Two 50mm breastwork sections ($1.50)
RU25    Two 50mm snake fence sections ($1.50)
RU26    50mm of infantry earthwork ($1.50)
RU27    50mm of infantry earthwork inside corner ($1.50)
RU28    50mm of infantry earthwork outside corner ($1.50)
RU29    Two 22.5mm artillery looped earthworks ($1.50)
RU30    Two left and two right earthwork ends ($1.50)
RU31    Coniferous tree ($2.50)
RU32    Copse of six coniferous trees ($10.00)
RU33    Poplar tree ($2.50)
RU34    Village pond with willow trees ($6.00)
RU35    Two haycocks and one hay pike ($2.50)
RU36    Row of three poplar trees ($6.00)
RU37    Olive tree ($2.50)
RU38    Copse of six olive trees ($10.00)
RU39    Copse of six fire or shell damaged trees ($6.00)
RU40    60mm of heavily shrubbed hedgerow ($3.00)
RU41    Wooden post windmill ($9.00)
RU42    Stone-based post windmill ($9.00)
RU43    Stone tower windmill ($10.00)
RU44    Spanish tower windmill ($10.00)
RU45    19/20th century town house with extras ($11.00)
RU46    Base of seven sheep ($1.50)
RU47    Base of four cows ($1.50)
RU48    Set of three complete field perimeters ($32.00)
RU49    Set of separate doors, windows, steps ($11.00)
RU50    Gibet and victim ($0.75)
RU51    Small fruit tree ($0.75)
RU52    Walled orchard ($14.00)
RU53    Two 50mm vine sections ($2.50)
RU54    Two gates ($0.75)
RU55    Wooded knoll ($8.00)
RU56    Large three section stone bridge ($20.00)
RU57    Stone bridge extension piece ($6.00)
RU58    Damaged stone bridge section ($6.00)
RU59    Large three section wood bridge ($14.00)
RU60    Wood bridge extension piece ($5.50)
RU61    Damaged wood bridge section ($5.50)
RU62    Abandoned Hay Cart ($0.75)
RU63    Pig Pen ($1.50)
RU64    Burial Mound ($8.00)

        Priced as marked.
ES1     Ram in hide-covered penthouse ($2.75)
ES2     Large onager ($2.50)
ES3     30mm of pavaises ($0.75)
ES4     45mm of pavaises ($0.75)
ES5     Crow with victim ($1.50)
ES6     General purpose penthouse ($2.75)
ES7     Siege tower ($9.00)
ES8     Trebuchet ($2.75)
ES9     Two ballistas ($0.75)
ES10    Small bombard ($1.50)
ES11    Large bombard ($2.50)
ES12    Strip of gabions ($0.75)
ES13    Two ladders ($0.75)
ES14    Six assorted crew figures ($0.75)
ES15    Yoke of two oxen ($0.75)
ES16    Asiatic tent covered wagon ($2.50)
ES17    European four-wheeled wagon and horses ($2.75)
ES18    Hussite wagon ($2.50)
ES19    Two-wheeled ox cart ($1.50)
ES20    Team of four horses ($1.50)
ES21    Iron horse and tender ($7.00)
ES22    Railway wagon ($2.75)
ES23    50mm of track ($0.75)
ES24    Polish wagon with protected horses ($2.75)
ES25    30mm of emplaced stakes ($0.75)
ES26    30mm of chevaux de frise ($0.75)
ES27    Steam train with tender ($7.00)
ES28    Diesel train ($2.75)
ES29    American style diesel train ($2.75)

        Fortifications and Buildings
        Priced as marked.
EF1     Wooden palisade with rampart ($5.50)
EF2     Stone wall with walkway ($5.50)
EF3     Square wooden tower ($7.00)
EF4     Square stone tower ($7.00)
EF5     Wooden gateway ($5.50)
EF6     Stone gate tower ($9.00)
EF7     Ancient apex hut ($2.75)
EF8     Ancient conical hut ($2.75)
EF9     Apex tent ($1.50)
EF10    Conical tent ($1.50)
EF11    50mm length of hedge ($0.75)
EF12    50mm length of low stone wall ($0.75)
EF13    Timbered cottage ($3.00)
EF14    Farmhouse ($3.00)
EF15    Middle Eastern building ($4.50)
EF16    Middle Eastern building with enclosed roof ($5.50)
EF17    Palm tree ($2.00)
EF18    Hedge corner and small straight ($0.75)
EF19    Wall corner and small straight ($0.75)
EF20    Stone bridge ($6.00)

        $1.50 per stand.  Others priced as marked.
CV1     Roman racing chariot ($2.00)
CV2     Crashed Roman racing chariot ($2.00)
CV3     Gladiators
CV4     Sacrificing Druids
CV5     Classical civilians
CV6     Barbarian civilians
CV7     Dark age civilians
CV8     Medieval/Renaissance civilians
CV9     18th century civilians
CV10    19th century civilians
CV11    20th century civilians
CV12    Market scene ($2.50)
CV13    Bazaar scene ($2.50)
CV14    Native porters
CV15    18/19th century guerillas
CV16    20th century guerillas

        Water Line Boats
        Priced as marked.
BO1     General purpose sailing boat ($6.00)
BO2     Viking longship ($7.00)
BO3     Small galley ($10.00)
BO4     19/20th century steamboat ($11.00)
BO5     19/20th century gunboat ($11.00)
BO6     Small row boat ($1.50)

        Posh Packs
        Individual figures for skirmishes, etc.
        All packs are $5.50.
PP1     Early medieval
PP2     Later medieval
PP3     Samurai
PP4     American Indians
PP5     Cowboys
PP6     Napoleonic
PP7     WWII Germans
PP8     Sci-Fi Robots
PP9     Marlburian Siege

        Army Packs
Regular packs consist of 50 strips (approximately 250-300 figures), cavalry counting as 2 strips, for $30.00.
Large packs consist of 100 strips or equivalent for $60.00.
Egyptian, Hittite, Midianite, Assyrian, Mycenaean, Summerian, Elamite, Philistine, Hebrew, 
Kushite, Babylonian    
Macedonian and Punic Wars      
Indian, Scythian, Hoplite Greek, Macedonian, Seleucid, Thracian, Early Achemenid Persian, 
Later Achemenid Persian, Early Italian, Spanish, Republican Rome, Carthaginian              
Rome and Enemies               
Early Imperial Rome, Middle Imperial Rome, Later Imperial Rome, Scots Irish, Picts, 
British, Gallic, Early German, Parthian, Sarmatian, Palmyran, Sassanid, Hun, Gothic, 
Early Frankish, Dacian 
Dark Ages                      
Arab Conquest, Ghaznavid, East Sudanese, Early Byzantine, Nikephorian Byzantine, 
Viking, Saxon, Rus, Magyar 
Crusades, Medievals and Early Renaissance                    
Arab Empire, Early Crusader, Later Crusader, Seljuk Turk, Ayyubid Egypt, Mamluk, 
Scots Common, 100 Years War English, 100 Years War French, War of Roses, Hussite, 
Burgundian Ordinance, Swiss, Joust
Italian Wars
Spanish, French, Imperialist/Spanish Italian, Later French, Later Italian   
Late Renaissance
ECW Royalist, ECW Parliamentarian, Swedish, Dutch, Imperialist, Empire, Scots Covenant, 
Montrose Irish, Bohemian, Eastern Imperialist, Turkish, Polish, French Houguenot, 
Catholic Imperialist, Tudor, Muscovite
Restoration ($60.00 each)
Regular, Rebel
Conquest of Mexico     
Aztec, Inca, Conquistadors
Samurai and Asian      
Samurai, Mongol, Chinese, Burmese, Khmer, Tibetan
18th Century Armies ($60.00 each)
Marlburian – French, British, Dutch, Austrian, Jacobite, Government
Seven Years War – Prussian, French, Austrian, Russian, British/Hanoverian
AWI – American, British Mahrat/Mohgul, British HEIC, French India Company
French Revolution ($60.00) 
You name the country
Napoleonic ($60.00)
Austrian, Bavarian, British, Brunswick, French, Prussian, Russian, Spanish, French Guard
Wars in India ($60.00)
Maratta, Mysorean Ghurka, HEIC 1800-1820, Early Afghan, Sikh, Burmese, HEIC 1820-1850, 
Indian Mutiny – Mutineers, Loyalist or HEIC, Afghan/Pathan, NW Frontier Indian
Crimean War ($60.00)
Turkish, Sardinian, French, Russian, British
Italian War of Liberation ($60.00)
Garibaldi, Piedmontese
US/Mexican Wars
Mexican, Texan
American Civil War ($60.00)
Union, Confederate
Plains Wars
Indians, Cavalry
Abyssinian, British, Mahdist, Zulu, Egyptian, Boer, Boxer, Imperial Chinese, Legations, 
Ashanti, Maori
Maximillian Wars ($60.00)
Jaurista, Imperialist
Franco-Prussian/Austro-Prussian Wars ($60.00)
French, Austrian, Prussian
World War 1 ($60.00)
1914 – French, German, British, Belgian
1916 – French, German, British
Turkish, Russian, Austrian, Italian, British in Palestine
Spanish Civil War ($60.00)
Republican, Nationalist
Spanish/Italian/Mexican Village               $32.00
European Village                              $40.00
Wild West Fort                        $40.00
Wild West Homestead                   $32.00
Oriental Stone Fort                   $64.00
Arab/Turkish/Indian Village           $40.00
Aztec Town                            $40.00
Russian Village                       $40.00
European Farm                         $24.00
Renaissance/18th Century Village              $40.00
La Haye Sainte                        $24.00
La Belle Alliance                     $ 8.00
Hougoumont                            $40.00
Rossome Farm                          $24.00
Fricermont Chateau                    $32.00
Mont Saint Jean Farm                  $24.00
High Class Bordello/HQ                $24.00
Municipal Building                    $40.00
The Alamo                             $64.00
American Village                              $40.00
Shell Damaged Town                    $32.00
Roman/Classical Town                  $40.00
Viking Village                        $32.00
Roman Marching Fort                   $40.00
Stone Fort                            $64.00
Barbarian Village                     $32.00
Asiatic Wagon Laager                  $32.00
Middle Eastern Village                $32.00
Crusader Camp                         $24.00
Oasis                                 $24.00
Samurai Castle                        $32.00
Vauban Starfort                       $64.00
Destroyed Vauban sections             $24.00
Rorkes Drift                          $24.00
Boer Encampment                       $24.00
Block House Complex                   $24.00
Chinese Town                          $32.00
Maori Pa                                      $32.00
British Camp                          $20.00
Zulu Kraal                            $20.00

        Infantry are $0.75 and cavalry are $1.50 per stand.
        Other prices as marked.
OR1     Champions ($1.50)
OR2     Wolf-drawn chariot with three crew ($1.50)
OR3     Wolf-mounted orc warriors
OR4     Foot warriors with hand weapons
OR5     Foot warriors with spears
OR6     Foot archers
OR7     Foot command
OR8     Stone thrower with crew ($2.50)
OR9     Incendiary device with crew ($2.50)
OR10    Self-propelled battle wagon ($3.00)
OR11    Tank ($5.50)
OR12    Handgunners
        Man Orcs 
MAR1    Champions ($1.50)
MAR2    Cavalry
MAR3    Axemen
MAR4    Swordsmen
MAR5    Spearmen
MAR6    Archers
MAR7    Command
OGR1    Ogres with assorted weapons ($1.50)
OGR2    Armoured ogres with assorted weapons ($1.50)
OGR3    Ogre cannoniers ($1.50)
OGR4    Ogre command group ($1.50)
OGR5    Ogres mounted on huge boars
EL1     Champions ($1.50)
EL2     Horse-drawn chariot ($1.50)
EL3     Cavalry
EL4     Spear/halberd armed infantry
EL5     Archers
EL6     Infantry command
EL7     Bolt shooter and crew ($1.50)
EL8     Pack animals and attendant ($2.50)
EL9     Handgunners
DW1     Champions ($1.50)
DW2     Warriors with axes
DW3     Warriors with spears
DW4     Crossbowmen
DW5     Command group
DW6     Avenging Hammer machine ($2.50)
DW7     Cart with supplies and driver ($1.50)
DW8     Handgunners
        Dark Dwarves
DAD1    Champions ($1.50)
DAD2    Halberdiers
DAD3    Pikemen
DAD4    Crossbowmen
DAD5    Command
DAD6    Handgunners
HAF1    Champions ($1.50)
HAF2    Infantry with spears and swords (3 for $1.50)
HAF3    Infantry command
HAF4    Infantry handgunners
        Dark Elves
DE1     Champions ($1.50)
DE2     Lizard drawn chariot ($1.50)
DE3     Lizard riders
DE4     Foot warriors with melee weapons
DE5     Foot warriors with crossbows
DE6     Dark witches
DE7     Foot warrior command
DE8     War engine with crew ($2.50)
DE9     Pack lizards ($2.50)
DE10    Handgunners
        Cavemen/Hairy Barbarians
CHB1    Foot with axes and spears
CHB2    Foot with slings and bows
CR1     Dragon ($2.50)
CR2     Ogre ($1.50)
CR3     Troll ($1.50)
CR4     Tree spirit or ent ($1.50)
CR5     Giant with club ($0.75)
CR6     Large dragon ($4.50)
CR7     Giant eagle ($1.50)
CR8     Giant with axe ($0.75)
CR9     Four assorted wizards ($1.50)
CR10    Theaded giant ($2.50)
CR11    Winged demon/bat ($1.50)
CR12    Unicorn ($0.75)
CR13    Five wolves ($1.50)
CR14    Five boars ($1.50)
CR15    Five rats ($0.75)
CR16    Mammoth with howdah and crew ($2.50)
CR17    Pegasus ($0.75)
CR18    Seven headed hydra ($0.75)
CR19    Giant minotaur ($1.50)
CR20    Giant spider ($1.50)
CR21    Flying carpet with sorcerer ($0.75)
CR22    Five lurkers ($0.75)
CR23    Dark rider ($0.75)
CR24    Dark rider on winged beast ($1.50)
CR25    Mummy ($0.75)
CR26    Aeriel stand for CR21, CR24, DIN5 ($0.75)
CR27    Kermit the barbarian ($0.75)
CR28    Large winged beast with dark rider ($8.00)
CR29    Huge Oliphant with howdah and 22 crew (specify race) ($36.00)
        Men of the West
MW1     Two mounted and two dismounted champions ($1.50)
MW2     Charging knights on barded horses
MW3     Sergeants on unarmoured horses
MW4     Mounted crossbowmen
MW5     Plate armoured pikemen advancing on foot
MW6     Armoured billmen on foot
MW7     Infantry command group
MW8     Longbowmen on foot
MW9     Crossbowmen on foot
MW10    Handgunners on foot
MW11    Bombard with crew ($2.50)
MW12    Laden supply wagon and wagoneers ($2.75)
UN1     Zombie champions ($1.50)
UN2     Mounted skeletons
UN3     Skeleton foot warriors
UN4     Skeleton foot warriors command
UN5     Undead archers
UN6     Undead handgunners
GO1     Boar-drawn chariot ($1.50)
GO2     Boar riders
GO3     Infantry
GO4     Infantry command
GO5     Archers
GO6     Handgunners
RAT1    Champions ($1.50)
RAT2    Chariot ($1.50)
RAT3    Infantry
RAT4    Archers
RAT5    Command
RAT6    Handgunners
        Lesser Goblins
LEG1    Chariot ($1.50)
LEG2    Infantry
LEG3    Archers
LEG4    Foot command
        Evil Knights
EK1     Mounted
EK2     Dismounted
        Sons of Set
SOS1    Serpent priests ($1.50)
SOS2    Cavalry on winged serpents
SOS3    Infantry with bows
SOS4    Infantry with spears
SOS5    Infantry command
SOS6    Giant serpent and handler ($2.50)
        Followers of the Light
FOL1    Angels of the Light ($1.50)
FOL2    Ishtar chariot ($1.50)
FOL3    Ishtar horsemen
FOL4    Ishtar bowmen
FOL5    Ishtar spearmen
FOL6    Ishtar command
FOL7    Temple maidens/dancing girls
        Heroes and Palladins  (all $1.50 each)
HP1     Percy Hoodswanker
HP2     Alvary the Good
HP3     Thorin Arkwright
HP4     Nosbor Sallowchin
HP5     Godfrey Rudibum
HP6     Naser the Rassor
LIZ1    Champions ($1.50)
LIZ2    Giant lizard with howdah and crew ($1.50)
LIZ3    Infantry
LIZ4    Crossbowmen
LIZ5    Command
DIN1    Brontosaurus ($14.00)
DIN2    Stegasaurus ($6.00)
DIN3    Triceratops ($9.00)
DIN4    Tyrannosaurus Rex ($6.00)
DIN5    Pterodactyl ($6.00)
DIN6    Veloceraptor running ($0.75)
DIN7    Veloceraptor running, head up ($0.75)
DIN8    Dilophosaurus ($1.50)
DIN9    Pachycephalosaurus running ($1.50)
DIN10   Pachycephalosaurus running, upright ($1.50)
DIN11   Ankylosaurus ($1.50)
DIN12   Spinosaurus ($5.50)
DIN13   Stegasaurus ($5.00)
DIN14   Tyrannosaurus Rex running ($5.00)
DIN15   Triceratops ($5.00)
        High Elves
HE1     Champions ($1.50)
HE2     Four-horse chariot ($1.50)
HE3     Mounted knights
HE4     Infantry bowmen
HE5     Infantry swordsmen
HE6     Infantry command
AV1     Champions ($1.50)
AV2     Heavy cavalry
AV3     Light cavalry
AV4     Warrior women with spear/swords
AV5     Warrior women with bows
AV6     Warrior women command
NMO1    4 Individual Ninja ($1.50)
NMO2    Monks
NMO3    Monk command
CE1     Champions
CE2     Bowmen
CE3     Spearmen
        Flying Machines  (all $3.00 each)
FFM1    Fiendish Orc Fokker
FFM2    Dwarven hang glider
FFM3    Elf glider
FFM4    Undead sort of flying thing
FFM5    Human airboat
FFM6    Chaos airboat
        Boats  (all $11.00 each)
FBO1    Human galleon
FBO2    Orc catamaran
FBO3    Elven vessel
FBO4    Undead barge
FBO5    Dwarf raft
FBO6    Evil canoe ($2.50)
        Fantasy Camps
FCP1    Stygian village ($32.00)
FCP2    Western camp ($12.00)
FCP3    Orc Camp ($12.00)
FCP4    Elf bivouac ($12.00)
FCP5    Dwarf camp ($12.00)
        Fantasy Army Parks
All packs consist of 50 strips (approximately 250-300 figures), cavalry counting as 2 strips, for $32.00
FAP1    Ratman swarm
FAP2    Lizardman brood
FAP3    Lesser Goblin gang
FAP4    Man Orc regiment
FAP5    Dark Dwarf company   
FAP6    Evil Knight Squadron
FAP7    Caveman/Hairy Barbarian rabble   
FAP8    Centaur herd
FAP9    Dark Elf horde
FAP10   Dark Elf log pack   
FAP11   Amazon/Valkyrie tribe
FAP12   Ninja/Monk band   
FAP13   Sons of Set army
FAP14   Forces of Light
FAP15   Orc division
FAP16   Elven army
FAP17   Dwarf brigade   
FAP18   Halfling militia   
FAP19   Good creatures pack   
FAP20   Bad creatures pack   
FAP21   Army of the West
FAP22   Undead battalion   
FAP23   Goblin warband   
FAP24   High Elves 
FAP25   Ogres  

        Science Fiction
        Priced as marked
NSF1    Stabber class MBT ($3.00)
NSF2    Stamper class MBT ($3.00)
NSF3    Slider class MBT ($3.00)
NSF4    Lifter class APC ($3.00)
NSF5    Jet bike with crew ($0.75)
NSF6    Tracked pulse cannon with crew ($1.50)
NSF7    Robot - attack class ($0.75)
NSF8    Robot - mechanic class ($0.75)
NSF9    Attack infantry ($0.75)
NSF10   Support infantry ($0.75)
NSF11   Alien infantry ($0.75)
NSF12   Alien support infantry ($0.75)
NSF13   Rebel cavalry ($1.50)
NSF14   Large dust worm ($22.00)
NSF15   Baby dust worm ($3.00)
NSF16   Alien MBT ($5.50)
NSF17   Alien lighter MBT ($3.00)
NSF18   Alien SPG ($3.00)
NSF19   Alien APC ($3.00)
NSF20   Alien skimmer ($0.75)
NSF21   Human MBT ($4.50)
NSF22   Human 8-wheeled APC ($3.00)
NSF23   Human 6-wheeled attack vehicle ($3.00)
NSF24   Fighter pilots ($0.75)
        Human Type
6SF1    Infantry group ($0.75)
6SF2    Missile team ($0.75)
6SF3    GM74 TAL main battle tank ($1.50)
6SF4    GM274 Cutlass AA tank ($1.50)
6SF5    GM311 Alexander IFV ($1.50)
6SF6    GM591 ATM Vehicle ($1.50)
6SF7    GM561 Atilla Light Tank ($1.50)
6SF8    GM191 GUV jeep ($1.50)
6SF9    GM191 MIIG GUV with ATM ($1.50)
6SF10   GM571 Gun mortar vehicle ($1.50)
6SF11   GM581 ACV ($1.50)
6SF12   GM541 APC ($1.50)
6SF13   GM321 AA guided missile vehicle ($1.50)
6SF14   GM531 Self propelled gun ($1.50)
6SF15   GM76 Armored assault tank ($1.50)
6SF16   GM86 Armored assault infantry vehicle ($1.50)
6SF17   M62 Montgomery early MBT ($1.50)
6SF18   Infantry two man missile team ($0.75)
6SF19   Infantry two man recce team ($0.75)
6SFGS1  AGS430 Gunship ($2.50)
6SFGS2  OG420 Scout ship ($2.50)
6SFGS3  UG400 Assault ship ($2.75)
        Humanoid Alien Type
6SFHA1  Infantry group ($0.75)
6SFHA2  Missle team ($0.75)
6SFHA3  T1 MBT ($1.50)
6SFHA4  XRT 75G AA Tank ($1.50)
6SFHA5  ALO2 IFV ($1.50)
6SFHA6  AQCL2 Light armoured car ($1.50)
6SFHA7  AQCL2M AT missile vehicle ($1.50)
6SFHA8  F2Y 77 Jeep ($1.50)
6SFHA9  ALO RGT Armoured command vehicle ($1.50)
6SFHA10 RZT 82 Gun mortar vehicle ($1.50)
6SFHA11 ASQ 90 APC ($1.50)
6SFHA12 RS 25 AA guided missile vehicle ($1.50)
6SFHA13 RZT 203 Self propelled gun ($1.50)
6SFHA14 RT 150 Armoured assault vehicle ($1.50)
6SFHA15 T60 early MBT ($1.50)
6SFHA16 FZY77 & Spitter missile team ($0.75)
        Heavy Equipment
SFEQ1   Two-legged walker with crew ($8.00)
SFEQ2   Four-legged walker with heavy armament ($16.00)
SFEQ3   Land dreadnought with multiple armament ($11.00)
6SFFC1  Human heavy fighter ($3.00)
6SFFC2  Human light fighter ($3.00)
6SFFC3  Human ground attack ($3.00)
6SFFC4  Human interdicter ($3.00)
6SFFC5  Alien heavy fighter ($3.00)
6SFFC6  Alien light fighter ($3.00)
6SFFC7  Alien ground attack ($3.00)
6SFFC8  Alien interdicter ($3.00)
        Space Ships
SH1     Human Freighter ($2.50)
SH2     Human Frigate ($2.75)
SH3     Human Destroyer ($2.75)
SH4     Human Cruiser ($3.00)
SH5     Human Dreadnought ($7.00)
SA1     Alien Freighter ($2.50)
SA2     Alien Frigate ($2.75)
SA3     Alien Destroyer ($2.75)
SA4     Alien Cruiser ($3.00)
SA5     Alien Dreadnought ($7.00)
SF1     Pack of ten fighters for SH/SA range ($5.50)
        Priced as marked
        Imperial Fleet
DYE1    Corvette (Police Ship), Sheriff Class ($3.00)
DYE2    Frigate, Perry Class ($3.00)
DYE3    Destroyer, Oberon Class ($5.50)
DYE4    Light Cruiser, Natori Class ($6.00)
DYE5    Heavy Cruiser, County Class ($7.00)
DYE6    Battlecruiser, Gorshkov Class ($9.00)
DYE7    Dreadnought, Musashi Class ($10.00)
DYE8    Light Carrier, Hosho Class ($7.00)
DYE9    Heavy Carrier, Nimitz Class ($11.00)
DYE10   Tug, Kitakami Class ($5.50)
DYE11   Revised Perry Class frigate ($3.00)
        Dysonian Fleet
DYD1    Corvette, Blitzspear Class ($2.50)
DYD2    Frigate, Jarl Class ($3.00)
DYD3    Destroyer, Thor Class ($3.00)
DYD4    Heavy Destroyer, Wraith Class ($3.00)
DYD5    Light Cruiser, Javelin Class ($5.50)
DYD6    Heavy Cruiser, Loki Class ($7.00)
DYD7    Battlecruiser, Chieftain Class ($9.00)
DYD8    Dreadnought, Odin Class ($9.00)
DYD9    Light Carrier, Raven Class ($10.00)
DYD10   Light Tug, Heimdahl Class ($6.00)
DYD11   Revised Blitzspear Class corvette ($2.75)
DYD12   Rapier Class gunboat ($2.75)
        Deltan Fleet
DYDE1   Corvette, Hammerhead Class ($2.50)
DYDE2   Frigate, Kirov Class ($3.00)
DYDE3   Destroyer, Thunderhead Class ($3.00)
DYDE4   Light Cruiser, Murmansk Class ($5.00)
DYDE5   Heavy Cruiser, Vladivostok Class ($6.00)
DYDE6   Dreadnought, Tomoshenko Class ($9.00)
DYDE7   Heavy Carrier, Moskva Class ($9.00)
DYDE8   Tug ($5.50)
        Confederation Fleet
DYC1    Frigate, Jaeger Class ($2.50)
DYC2    Destroyer, Hussar Class ($3.00)
DYC3    Light Cruiser, Ryder Class ($5.00)
DYC4    Heavy Cruiser, Harrasser Class ($6.00)
DYC5    Battlecruiser,Percheron Class ($9.00)
DYC6    Heavy Carrier, Camelot Class ($10.00)
DYC7    Battle Tug, Paldron Class ($9.00)
DYC8    Dreadnought/Supercarrier Guardian Class enforcer ($11.00)
        Bionaught Fleet
DYB1    Mosquito Fighter ($0.75)
DYB2    Dragonfly Fighter ($0.75)
DYB3    Bio-corvette ($2.50)
DYB4    Bio-frigate ($2.50)
DYB5    Light bio-cruiser ($3.00)
DYB6    Heavy bio-cruiser ($5.50)
DYB7    Bio-battle cruiser ($6.00)
DYB8    Bio-dreadnaught ($7.00)
DYB9    Pod style carrier ($3.00)
DYO1    Shuttlecraft ($0.75)
DYO2    Gull Wing Raider ($6.00)
DYO3    Kumeirian Raider ($6.00)
DYO4    Crescent Winged V.T.O.L. ($5.50)
DYO5    Cargo Freighter (Generic),  Dornier Class ($9.00)
DYO6    Generic standard attack figher ($0.75)
DYO7    Generic interceptor ($0.75)
DYO8    Generic torpedo fighter ($0.75)
DYO9    Independent merchant ship ($2.50)
DYO10   Repair tender ($2.50)
DYO11   Repair dock ($16.00)
DYO12   Generic passenger liner ($3.00)
DYO13   Black star liner ($9.00)
DYO14   Atmosphere scout ($16.00)
DYO15   Hunter class scout ($6.00)
DYO16   UNSC Backdraft patrol cruiser ($5.50)
DYO17   Pathfinder UFO ($5.00)
DYO18   Invader UFO ($5.00)
DYO19   Ranger UFO ($5.00)
Heirs of Manucus - 6 Space 1899 flying dreadnoughts ($15.00)
Heirs of Manucus Expansion - 3 New Space 1899 ships ($7.50)
Heirs of Uranus - 5 Large Space 1899 ships ($15.00)
Ship stands (clear or black) - $0.75 each


10mm Figures and Accessories

        Foot are $0.50 and cavalry are $1.00.  
        Other prices as marked.
TCA1    Carthaginian noble cavalry
TCA2    Carthaginian heavy spearman
TCA3    Carthaginian elephant with howdah and crew ($4.00)
TCA4    Carthaginian medium spearman with long shield
TCA5    Carthaginian officer
TCA6    Carthaginian standard bearer
TCA7    Carthaginian cavalry officer
TCA8    Carthaginian cavalry standard bearer
TCA9    Spanish medium cavalry
TCA10   Spanish light cavalry
TCA11   Spanish infantry
TCA12   Republican Roman Hastati or Principes
TCA13   Republican Roman Triarii or Marion Legionary
TCA14   Republican Roman velite
TCA15   Italian infantry
TCA16   Roman or Italian infantry officeer
TCA17   Roman or Italian standard bearer
TCA18   Roman heavy cavalry
TCA19   Italian cavalry
TCA20   Roman or Italian mounted commander
TCA21   Greek hoplite
TCA22   Greek peltast
TCA23   Greek officer
TCA24   Greek standard bearer
TCA25   Roman Hastati or Principes with sword, in mail armour
TCA26   Spanish Caetrati light infantry with javelin

        Imperial Rome And Her Enemies   
        Irregular types have up to 5 variations.
        Foot are $0.50 and cavalry are $1.00.  
        Other prices as marked.
TR1     Early Imperial Legionary advancing
TR2     Early Imperial infantry centurion
TR3     Early Imperial infantry signifier
TR4     Early Imperial infantry musician
TR5     Early Imperial auxiliary running
TR6     Early Imperial auxiliary archer firing
TR7     Early Imperial auxiliary heavy cavalry
TR8     Moorish light cavalry
TR9     Early Imperial cavalry commander/general
TR10    Early Imperial cavalry standard bearer
TR11    Gallic/Ancient British naked fanatic
TR12    Gallic/Ancient British warrior
TR13    Gallic/Ancient British archer
TR14    Gallic/Ancient British slinger
TR15    Gallic/Ancient British cavalry
TR16    Gallic/Ancient British chariot ($2.50)
TR17    Gallic medium/heavy cavalry
TR18    Gallic/Ancient British chief
TR19    Gallic/Ancient British standard bearer
TR20    Sarmatian heavy cavalry
TR21    Sarmatian extra heavy cavalry
TR22    Sarmatian infantryman
TR23    Sarmatian foot archer

        Dark Ages
        Foot are $0.50 and cavalry are $1.00.  
        Other prices as marked.
TDA1    Saxon huscarl swinging axe
TDA2    Saxon huscarl holding axe
TDA3    Saxon select fyrd spearman
TDA4    Saxon great fyrd spearman
TDA5    Generic foot officer
TDA5    Generic foot standard bearer
TDA7    Generic archer
TDA8    Generic crossbowman
TDA9    Kite shield spearman
TDA10   Norman heavy cavalry with lance
TDA11   Norman heavy cavalry with sword
TDA12   Norman heavy cavalry standard bearer
TDA13   Scottish or Irish light cavalry
TDA14   Scottish spearman advancing
TDA15   Scottish spearman standing
TDA16   Scottish Highlander/Irish Bonnacht with axe
TDA17   Gallowglaich infantry with axe
TDA18   Irish light infantry javelinman

        Medieval Range 
        Irregular types have up to 5 variations.
        Foot are $0.50 and cavalry are $1.00. 
        Other prices as marked
TC1     Arab/Turk light cavalry with bow
TC2     Arab/Turk light cavalry with lance
TC3     Arab/Turk heavy cavalry with lance/bow
TC4     Arab/Turk extra heavy cavalry with lance/bow
TC5     Arab/Turk cavalry officer
TC6     Arab/Turk cavalry standard bearer
TC7     Arab/Turk infantry spearman
TC8     Arab/Turk infantry archer
TC9     Arab/Turk infantry javelin/swordsman
TC10    Arab/Turk infantry 2-handed swordsman
TC11    Arab/Turk infantry officer
TC12    Arab/Turk infantry standard bearer
TC13    Arab/African heavy cavalry with lance
TC14    Arab/African camelry ($0.60)
TC15    Arab/Berber infantry kneeling firing bow
TC16    Arab/Berber infantry spearman
TC17    Arab/Turk heavy infantry/dismounted cavalry
TC18    Arab war elephant with 3 crew ($4.00)
TC19    Crusader/Feudal knight with lance
TC20    Crusader/Feudal knight with sword/mace
TC21    Crusader/Feudal knight with standard
TC22    Crusader/Feudal sergeant heavy cavalry
TC23    Turcopole light cavalry
TC24    Crusader/Feudal infantry spearman
TC25    Crusader/Feudal infantry crossbowman
TC26    Crusader/Feudal infantry bowman
TC27    Crusader/Feudal dismounted knight
TC28    Crusader/Feudal dismounted knight with flag
TC29    Crusader/Feudal Pilgrim infantry
TC30    Mongol light cavalry holding sabre
TC31    Mongol light cavalry shooting bow
TC32    Mongol heavy cavalry lancer
TC33    Mongol cavalry officer
TC34    Mongol cavalry standard bearer
TC35    Sung Chinese heavy cavalry
TC36    Sung Chinese light cavalry archer
TC37    Sung Chinese light cavalry javelinman 
TC38    Sung Chinese cavalry officer   
TC39    Sung Chinese cavalry standard bearer  
TC40    Sung Chinese/Mongol subject heavy infantry    
TC41    Sung Chinese/Mongol subject infantry spearman 
TC42    Sung Chinese/Mongol subject infantry crossbowman     
TC43    Sung Chinese/Mongol subject infantry archer   
TC44    Sung Chinese/Mongol subject infantry officer  
TC44    Sung Chinese/Mongol subject infantry standard bearer 
TC46    Sung Chinese/Mongol rocket launcher + crew ($2.00)
TC47    Sung Chinese infantry halberdier
TC48    Sung Chinese cavalry casualty figure
TC49    Sung Chinese infantry casualty figure
TC50    Hussite War Wagon ($3.00)
TC51    Team of 2 horses ($1.00)
TC52    Hussite flailman
TC53    Hussite crossbowman
TC54    Hussite handgunner
TC55    Plate armoured cavalry lancer

        Foot are $0.50 and cavalry are $1.00. 
        Other prices as marked 
TSAM1   Mounted Samurai with naginata
TSAM2   Mounted Samurai with bow
TSAM3   Samurai with sword
TSAM4   Samurai with naginata
TSAM5   Samurai firing bow
TSAM6   Ashigaru with naginata
TSAM7   Ashigaru firing bow
TSAM8   Ashigaru firing musket
TSAM9   Samurai standard bearer
TSAM10  Warrior monk
TSAM11  Light cannon and 2 crew ($1.25)

        English Civil War/30 Years War 
        Foot are $0.50 and cavalry are $1.00. 
        Other prices as marked 
TECW1   Pikeman receiving      
TECW2   Pikeman standing       
TECW3   Armoured pikeman receiving     
TECW4   Armoured pikeman standing      
TECW5   Musketeer firing
TECW6   Musketeer loading
TECW7   Musketeer standing
TECW8   Infantry officer
TECW9   Infantry drummer
TECW10  Dismounted dragoon
TECW11  Horse holder and horse
TECW12  Cavalry in hat
TECW13  Cavalry in helmet
TECW14  Armoured cavalry with sword and pistol
TECW15  Armoured cavalry with lance
TECW16  Dragoon with firearm
TECW17  Cavalry trumpeter
TECW18  Cavalry officer
TECW19  Artillery officer
TECW20  Artillerist with ram
TECW21  Artillerist with cannon ball
TECW22  Artillerist with bucket
TECW23  Saker cannon ($1.00)
TECW24  Culverin cannon ($1.00)
TECW25  Two-horse limber ($2.50)
TECW26  Scottish pikeman
TECW27  Scottish musketeer
TECW28  Scottish/Irish bowman
TECW29  Irish musketeer
TECW30  Scottish lancer cavalry

        18th Century
        Foot are $0.50 and cavalry are $1.00.
        Other prices as marked
TM1     Grenadier in mitre at the ready
TM2     Grenadier in mitre firing
TM3     Musketeer at the ready
TM4     Musketeer firing
TM5     Infantry pikeman/standard bearer
TM6     Infantry sergeant
TM7     Infantry drummer
TM8     Infantry officer
TM9     Artillerist with portfire
TM10    Artillerist with bucket
TM11    Artillerist with rammer
TM12    Artillerist with cannon ball
TM13    Cannon ($1.00)
TM14    Limber with one horse ($2.50)
TM15    Cavalry in tricorne 
TM16    Cavalry in tricorne guidon bearer
TM17    Cavalry in tricorne officer
TM18    Horse grenadier in mitre
TM19    Russian/Swedish infantry marching
TM20    Musketeer marching in tricorne
TM21    Grenadier marching in busby
TM22    Dismounted dragoon in stocking cap
TM23    Mounted dragoon in stocking cap
TM24    Hussar with carbine or sabre
TM25    Battalion gun ($1.00)
TM26    Ammo wagon ($2.50)
TM27    Later infantry advancing
TM28    Later infantry standard bearer
TM29    Later infantry drummer
TM30    Later infantry officer
TM31    Later grenadier in mitre
TM32    Later grenadier in busby
TM33    Light infantry in crested helmet
TM34    Later artillerist with portfire
TM35    Later artillerist with bucket
TM36    Later artillerist with rammer
TM37    Later artillerist with cannon ball
TM38    Later infantry marching
TM39    Dragoon in crested helmet
TM40    Ranger/Courer de Bois firing
TM41    Ranger/Courer de Bois loading
TM42    U.S. Militia man
TM43    Mohican Indian
TM44    Cavalry in Tarleton helmet
TM45    Mounted general
TM46    Canoe with 2 Mohican crew ($1.50)
TM47    Canoe with 2 Ranger crew ($1.50)
TM48    Croat light infantry
TM49    Highland regular infantry
TM50    Jacobite clansman with assorted weapons
TM51    Infantry casualty figure

        Foot are $0.50 and cavalry are $1.00. 
        Other prices as marked
TN1     French line infantry advancing
TN2     French flank company infantry advancing
TN3     French infantry NCO
TN4     French infantry drummer
TN5     French infantry standard bearer
TN6     French infantry officer
TN7     French artillerist with ball
TN8     French artillerist with rammer
TN9     French artillerist with trail spike
TN10    French artillerist officer
TN11    French cannon ($1.00)
TN12    Lancer cavalry
TN13    Dragoon cavalry
TN14    Chasseur cavalry
TN15    Russian line infantry advancing
TN16    Russian grenadier advancing
TN17    Russian infantry standard bearer
TN18    Russian infantry drummer
TN19    Russian infantry officer
TN20    Russian artillerist
TN21    Russian dragoon cavalry
TN22    Russian cuirassier/French carabineer cavalry
TN23    Russian artillery crew with ball or ram

        American Civil War
        Foot are $0.50 and cavalry are $1.00. 
        Other prices as marked
TACW1   Infantry in kepi charging
TACW2   Infantry in kepi advancing
TACW3   Infantry in kepi standing firing
TACW4   Infantry in kepi kneeling firing
TACW5   Infantry in kepi marching
TACW6   Infantry standard bearer in kepi
TACW7   Infantry drummer in kepi
TACW8   Infantry officer in kepi
TACW9   Artillery officer in kepi
TACW10  Artillerist with cannon ball in kepi
TACW11  Artillerist with rammer in kepi
TACW12  Artillerist with trail spike in kepi
TACW13  Cavalry in kepi holding carbine
TACW14  Cavalry in kepi holding sword or pistol
TACW15  Cavalry guidon bearer/lancer in kepi 
TACW16  Infantry in slouch hat charging
TACW17  Infantry in slouch hat advancing
TACW18  Infantry in slouch hat standing firing
TACW19  Infantry in slouch hat kneeling firing
TACW20  Infantry in slouch hat marching
TACW21  Infantry standard bearer in slouch hat
TACW22  Infantry drummer in slouch hat
TACW23  Infantry officer in slouch hat
TACW24  Artillery officer in slouch hat
TACW25  Artillerist with cannon ball in slouch hat
TACW26  Artillerist with rammer in slouch hat
TACW27  Artillerist with trail spike in slouch hat
TACW28  Cavalry in slouch hat holding carbine
TACW29  Cavalry in slouch hat holding sword or pistol
TACW30  Cavalry guidon bearer/lancer in slouch hat 
TACW31  Casualty figure on nice round base
TACW32  12 pdr Napoleon cannon ($1.00) 
TACW33  Limber with two horses and seated figure ($2.50)
TACW34  Caisson ($1.00)        
TACW35  Covered wagon with two horses and driver ($4.00)
TACW36  Extra draught horse ($0.50)    
TACW37  Zouave  
TACW38  Standing horse 
TACW39  Horse holder   
TACW40  Zouave firing  

        Plains Indians 
        Foot are $0.50 and cavalry are $1.00.  
        Other prices as marked.
TPI1    Mounted shooting bow   
TPI2    Mounted with lance     
TPI3    Mounted firing carbine 
TPI4    Mounted waving hand weapons    
TPI5    On foot firing bow     
TPI6    On foot with hand weapons
TPI7    On foot with carbine
TPI8    Squaw on foot

        All scenery - $5.00 each unless marked
TS1     Ancient/Dark Age round hut
TS2     Long hut
TS3     Half-timbered house
TS4     Large wood house
TS5     Small wood house
TS6     Brick town/farm house
TS7     80mm section of brick wall ($1.25)
TS8     40mm section of stone wall ($1.25)
TS9     Large gate with stone pillars ($1.25)
TS10    60mm section of shrubbed hedgerow ($1.25)
TS11    Large 3 section stone bridge ($12.50)
TS12    Destroyed bridge section ($4.00)
TS13    Large 3 section wood bridge ($8.50)
TS14    Destroyed wood brige section ($3.00)

        Prices as marked
TMS1    Two-wheeled cart ($2.50)
TMS2    Pack Horse ($1.00)
TMS3    Sheep ($0.50)
TMS4    Oxen ($0.75)
TMS5    Cow ($0.75)
TMS6    Horse ($0.75)
TMS7    Bison ($0.75)
TMS8    Lorry ($2.50)
TMS9    Elephant ($2.50)
TMS10   Camel ($0.75)
TMS11   Pack Camel ($1.25)
TMS12   Four wheeled covered cart with 2 horses or oxen and driver ($3.50)
TMS13   Four wheeled covered cart with solid wheels, 2 horses or oxen and driver ($3.50)
TMS14   Four wheeled large open cart with 2 horses or oxen and driver ($3.50)
TMS15   Four wheeled large open with solid wheels, 2 horses or oxen and driver ($3.50)
TMS16   Two-wheeled covered cart with solid wheels, horse of ox ($2.50)
TMS17   Dog ($0.50)
        100 piece Historical armies, your choice - $30.00

        Foot are $0.50 and cavalry are $1.00.  
        Other prices as marked.
TFAN1   Orc with hand weapons
TFAN2   Orc with bow
TFAN3   Orc chief
TFAN4   Orc standard bearer
TFAN5   Orc wolf rider
TFAN6   Orc wolf chariot and crew ($1.50)
TFAN7   Dwarf axeman
TFAN8   Dwarf crossbowman
TFAN9   Dwarf chief
TFAN10  Dwarf standard bearer
TFAN11  Dwarf on pony
TFAN12  Wood-elf bowman
TFAN13  Wood-elf spearman
TFAN14  High-elf bowman
TFAN15  High-elf spearman
TFAN16  High-elf swordsman
TFAN17  High-elf officer
TFAN18  High-elf standard bearer
TFAN19  High-elf cavalry
TFAN20  High-elf chariot with crew ($1.50)
TFAN21  Goblin with hand weapons
TFAN22  Goblin archer
TFAN23  Goblin officer
TFAN24  Goblin standard bearer
TFAN25  Goblin boar rider
TFAN26  Skeleton with hand weapons
TFAN27  Skeleton archer
TFAN28  Skeleton officer
TFAN29  Skeleton standard bearer
TFAN30  Skeleton cavalry
TFAN31  Skeleton chariot and crew ($1.50)
TFAN32  Lizard Man with hand weapons
TFAN33  Lizard Man archer
TFAN34  Lizard Man officer
TFAN35  Lizard Man standard bearer
TFAN36  Lizard Man reptile rider
TFAN37  Lizard Man reptile chariot and crew ($1.50)
TFAN38  Halfling with hand weapons
TFAN39  Halfling archer
TFAN40  Halfling personality
TFAN41  Wolf
TFAN42  Troll ($0.75)
TFAN43  Ogre ($0.75)
TFAN44  War mammoth - specify crew type ($4.00)
TFAN45  Wizard