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2mm Figures and Accessories

·         Ancients

·         Renaissance

·         Horse and Musket

·         20th Century

·         Terrain Features

·         Army Packs

·         Fantasy and Science Fiction


42mm Figures and Accessories

·         Generic Ancients

·         Medievals, Crusaders and Sarecens

·         Age of Marlborough

·         Seven Years War

·         American War of Independence

·         Indian Mutiny

·         Napoleonic Wars

·         Crimean War

·         American Civil War

·         Austro-Prussian War

·         Franco-Prussian War and World War I

·         Colonials

·         Balkan Wars

·         Spanish Civil War

·         World War II

·         Scenics

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2mm Figure and Accessories

All figures come in blocks.  The number of blocks in each pack is listed below.  
All packs are $0.75 unless otherwise marked.
                                                              # per pack
ABG1    Republican/Late Roman Legionaries w/oval shield 
        (2 rank/20 figures)                                          (3)
ABG2    Early Imperial Roman Legionaries w/oblong shield 
        (2 rank/20 figures)                                          (3)
ABG3    Regular Peltast/Auxiliary Infantry w/oval shield 
        (6 figures)                                                  (3) 
ABG4    Regular Auxiliary Cavalry w/oval shield (6 figures)          (2)
ABG5    Roman or similar General w/Vexillum Standard Bearer          (3) 
ABG6    Barbarian Infantry 'loosely grouped' with javelin & 
        shield (15 figures)                                          (2)
ABG7    Two Horse Light Chariot with warrior and driver              (3)
ABG8    Irregular Cavalry with javelin and shield (6 figures)        (2)
ABG9    Light Horse Archers (5 figures)                              (2)
ABG10   Light Cavalry with javelin and shield                        (2)
ABG11   Barbarian General w/Draco Windsock Standard Bearer           (3)
ABG12   Light Infantry Archers (6 figures)                           (3)
ABG13   Peltast/Auxiliary Infantry - regular spacing 
        (15 figures)                                                 (2)
ABG14   Lancer Cavalry (6 figures)                                   (2)
ABG15   Indian Elephant with 2 warriors astride                      (2)
ABG16   40 man Pike Block                                            (1)
ABG17   12 man Pike Block                                            (2)
ABG18   Hoplite Infantry advancing (spear overarm) 
        (2 rank/20 figures)                                          (3) 
ABG19   Four Horse Chariot and Crew                                  (2)
ABG20   Close Order Archers (2 rank/20 figures)                      (3)
ABG21   Elephant with howdah and crew                                (2)
ABG22   Cataphract Cavalry (8 figures)                               (2)
ABG23   Camelry (6 figures)                                          (2)
ABG24   Loose Order Bowmen - regular spacing (15 figures)            (2)
ABG25   Siege Engine and 4 crew                                      (1)

All figures come in blocks.  The number of blocks in each pack is listed below.  
All packs are $0.75 unless otherwise marked.
                                                             # per pack
RBG1    24 figure 1-1 pike/shot unit (12 pike/12 shot)               (1) 
RBG2    30 figure 2-3 pike/shot unit (12 pike/18 shot)               (1) 
RBG3    36 figure 1-2 pike/shot unit (12 pike/24 shot)               (1) 
RBG4    27 figure 4-3 Pike/shot unit (15 pike/12 shot)               (1) 
RBG5    33 figure 1-1 pike/shot unit (15 pike/18 shot)               (1) 
RBG6    39 figure 2-3 pike/shot unit (15 pike/24 shot)               (1) 
RBG7    45 figure 1-2 pike/shot unit (15 pike/30 shot)               (1) 
RBG8    Pike/shot "Hedgehog" formation                               (1) 
RBG9    Swiss/Lansknecht pike unit (40 pikes - 2 variants)           (1) 
RBG10   Tercio (100 figures 40 pike/60 shot)                         (1 for $2.25)
RBG11   Dismounted Dragoons - 5 figures                              (2) 
RBG12   3-rank Forlorn Hope - 15 figures                             (2) 
RBG13   Demi-lancers - 6 figures                                     (2) 
RBG14   Gendarmes - 6 figures                                        (2) 
RBG15   Winged Hussars - 6 figures                                   (2) 
RBG16   Royalist Cavalry - 8 figures                                 (2) 
RBG17   Royalist Cavalry -10 figures (5 x 2 ranks)                   (2) 
RBG18   Roundhead Cavalry - 8 figures                                (2) 
RBG19   Roundhead Cavalry - 10 figures (5 x 2 ranks)                 (2) 
RBG20   Armoured Pistoliers - 8 figures                              (2) 
RBG21   Armoured Pistoliers - 15 figures (5 x 3 ranks)               (2) 
RBG22   Dragoons - 6 figures                                         (2) 
RBG23   Mounted Arquebusiers - 6 figures                             (2) 
RBG24   Command - 3 figures                                          (2) 
RBG25   Command - 2 figures (2 variants)                             (2) 
RBG26   Light/Battery Gun                                            (2) 
RBG27   Organ Gun                                                    (2) 
RBG28   Medium Gun                                                   (2) 
RBG29   Large Renaissance Cannon                                     (2) 
RBG30   Bombard                                                      (2) 
RBG31   Armoured Wagon                                               (2) 
RBG32   Galloper Limber                                       (2) 
RBG33   15 figure Pike block                                         (2) 
RBG34   12 figure Pike block                                         (2) 
RBG35   6 horses and horseholder                                     (2)

"Horse and Musket Era" (1700-1875).
All figures come in blocks.  The number of blocks in each pack is listed below.  
All packs are $0.75 unless otherwise marked.
                                                              # per pack
BG1     Infantry in two ranks (20 figures)                           (3) 
BG2     Infantry in three ranks (24 figures)                         (3)
BG3     Skirmish infantry (5 figures)                                 (3) 
BG4     Loose order cavalry (carbines) (6 figures)                   (2) 
BG5     Close order cavalry (heavies) (8 figures)                    (2) 
BG6     Artillery battery and limber (single trail)                  (1) 
BG7     Divisional/corps command group (3 generals)                  (3) 
BG8     Horses and horse holder (6 figures)                          (2) 
BG9     Wagons                                                       (3) 
BG10    Lancers (6 figures)                                          (2) 
BG11    Loose order cavalry (sabers) (6 figures)                     (2) 
BG12    Brigade command with guidon (2 figures)                      (3) 
BG13    Cavalry brigade command (2 figures)                          (3) 
BG14    Infantry in two ranks (26 figures)                           (2) 
BG15    Infantry in three ranks (30 figures)                         (2) 
BG16    Infantry in three ranks (39 figures)                         (2) 
BG17    Infantry in two ranks (16 figures)                           (3) 
BG18    Cossacks (5 figures)                                         (2) 
BG19    Field artillery battery & limber (split trail)               (1) 
BG20    Mitrailleuse battery and limber                              (1) 
BG21    Covered wagons                                               (3) 
BG22    Ammunition caissons                                          (3) 
BG23    Loose order infantry (1O figures)                            (2) 
BG24    Army command group (4 figures)                               (1) 
BG25    Limber towing gun (limbered BG19)                            (2) 
BG26    Limber towing gun (limbered BG6)                             (2) 
BG27    Six horse limber                                             (2) 
BG28    Six horse limber towing gun                                  (2) 
BG29    Regiment in square                                           (2) 
BG30    Pontoon wagon                                                (2)
BG31    Infantry in 6 Ranks (48 figures)                             (3 for $1.50)
BG32    46 man block (in 3 ranks)                                    (3 for $1.50)   
BG33    56 man block (in 2 ranks)                                    (1)
BG34    78 man block (in 3 ranks)                                    (1) 
BG35    52 man march column block (in 4 files) 19mm long.            (2 for $1.50)
BG36    8 man cavalry march column block (in 2 files) 19mm long.     (3 for $1.50)
BG37    Foot Command group with flag (on arrow shaped base, 
        useful for denoting direction).                              (2)
BG38    Seperate flags (for attachment to flagless blocks)            (8)
BG39    BG1 without flag                                             (3)
BG40    BG2 without flag                                             (3)
BG41    BG14 without flag                                            (2)
BG42    BG15 without flag                                            (2)
BG43    BG16 without flag                                            (2)
BG44    BG17 without flag                                            (3)
BG45    BG31 without flag                                            (3 for $1.50)
BG46    BG32 without flag                                            (3 for $1.50)
BG47    BG33 without flag                                            (1)
BG48    BG34 without flag                                            (1)

2mm 20th CENTURY RANGE         Designed by Ian Kay
All figures come in blocks.  The number of blocks in each pack is listed below.  
All packs are $0.75 unless otherwise marked.
INFANTRY - suitable for any period/protagonist               # per pack     
IK1     Infantry section (8 Men)                                     (2) 
IK2     Two machine guns and crew/missile teams                      (3) 
IK3     Two mortars and crew/missile teams                           (3) 
IK4     HQ (4 men)                                                   (2) 
ARTILLERY - suitable for most periods/protagonists  
IKA1    Single trail gun, limber and crew                            (2) 
IKA2    Anti-tank gun and crew                                       (2) 
IKA3    88mm gun and crew                                            (2) 
IKA4    Large single trail howitzer and crew                         (1) 
IKA5    Large split trail howitzer and crew                          (1) 
IKA6    AA gun in sandbag emplacement and crew                       (2) 
VEHICLES - suitable for most periods/protagonists  
IKV1    Staff car/Jeep                                        (3) 
IKV2    Lorry                                                        (2) 
IKV3    Half-track                                                   (2)
IKV4    Armored car                                                  (2) 
IKV5    Open backed self-propelled gun                               (2) 
IKV6    Tank transporter                                             (1) 
IKV7    Petrol tanker                                                (1)     
IKV8    Large lorry                                                  (2)
IKGW1   British MKIV tank                                            (2) 
IKGW2   French Schneider tank                                        (2) 
IKGW3   British Whippet tank                                         (2) 
IKGW4   French Renault FT17 tank                                     (2) 
IKGW5   German A7V tank                                              (2) 
IKGW6   General purpose biplane                                      (1) 
WW2 GERMANS            
IKG1    Panzer III or IV tank                                        (2)  
IKG2    Stug III self-propelled gun                                  (2) 
IKG3    Panther tank                                                 (2) 
IKG4    Jagdpanther self-propelled gun                               (2) 
IKG5    Tiger I tank                                                 (2) 
IKG6    King Tiger tank                                              (2)
IKG7    Panzer III with skirts                                       (2)   
IKG8    Panzer IV with skirts                                        (2)
IKG9    Panzer I                                                     (2)
WW2 FRENCH - also use IKGW4  
IKF1    Hotchkiss light tank                                         (2) 
IKF2    Char B heavy tank                                            (2) 
IKF3    Char S medium tank                                           (2) 
IKI1    Carro Armato H13/40 Medium tank                              (2) 
IKI2    Semovente M41 self-propelled gun                             (2) 
IKI3    Carro Veloce CV33 tankette                                   (2) 
IKB1    Matilda tank                                                 (2) 
IKB2    Crusader tank                                                (2) 
IKB3    Churchill tank                                        (2) 
IKB4    Cromwell/Comet tank                                          (2) 
IKB5    Archer self-propelled gun                                    (2) 
IKB6    Bren carrier                                                 (2) 
IKR1    T34 tank                                                     (2) 
IKR2    SU100 Medium self-propelled gun                              (2) 
IKR3    Joseph Stalin II tank                                        (2) 
IKR4    ISU122 Heavy self-propelled gun                              (2) 
IKR5    T26 tank                                                     (2)
IKUS1   Sherman tank                                                 (2)
IKUS2   Grant/Lee tank                                               (2)  
IKUS3   Stuart light tank                                            (2)  
IKUS4   M7 self-propelled gun                                        (2)  
IKUS5   Chaffee light tank                                           (2)
IKUS6   Buffalo Landing Craft                                        (2)
IKUS7   M3 half track                                                (2)
IKUS8   M10 tank destroyer New                                        (2)
These models are generic, although with a little filing and clipping, 
specific types can be obtained.   
IKP1    Single engine fighter                                        (1)
IKP2    Twin engine fighter or bomber                                (1)
IKP3    Four engine bomber                                           (1 for $2.00)
IKP4    Aerial aircraft stand                                        (1)
IKP5    Ju-87 Stuka                                                  (1)
Also use IKMUS2 and IKMUS3
IKMB1   Challenger main battle tank                                   (2)
IKMB2   Chieftain tank                                               (2) 
IKMB3   Warrior armoured personnel carrier                           (2) 
IKMUS1  Abrams main battle tank                                       (2) 
IKMUS2  M109 self-propelled howitzer                                  (2) 
IKMUS3  General purpose armoured personnel carrier                   (2) 
IKMUS4  M60 tank                                                     (2) 
IKMUS5  Bradley infantry combat vehicle                              (2)     
IKMUS6  LAV 25 Armoured Car                                          (2)
IKMR1   T64/72/80 Main battle tank                                    (2) 
IKMR2   BTR armoured personnel carrier                                (2) 
IKMR3   Lorry with rocket battery                                     (2) 
IKMR4   T54/55/60 tank                                               (2) 
IKMR5   Large self-propelled gun/rocket launcher                     (2) 
IKMG1   Leopard main battle tank                                      (2) 
IKMG2   Marder armoured personnel carrier                            (2) 
IKMI1   Merkava main battle tank                                     (2) 
Also use IKP4   
IKMP1   Fighter-bomber                                               (1) 
IKMP2   Attack helicopter                                            (1 for $1.50) 
IKMP3   Transport helicopter                                         (1 for $1.50) 
IKMP4   Twin rotor transport helicopter                              (1 for $1.50) 
BOATS - suitable for most periods/protagonists
IKBO1   Landing Craft                                                (1 for $1.50)
IKBO2   Patrol Boat                                                  (1 for $2.00)
IKBO3   Gun Boat                                                     (1 for $3.00)
IKBO4   Monitor (18mm long)                                          (1 for $0.75)
IKBO5   Armed merchantman (36mm long)                                (1 for $1.50)
IKBO6   Destroyer (40mm long)                                        (1 for $1.50)
IKBO7   Corvette (33mm long)                                         (1 for $1.50)
IKBO8   Light cruiser (42mm long)                                    (1 for $1.50)
IKBO9   Cruiser (48mm long)                                          (1 for $4.00)
IKBO10  Battleship (65mm long)                                       (1 for $4.25)
IKBO11  Aircraft carrier (60mm long)                                 (1 for $4.25)
IKBO12  Submarine (48mm long)                                        (1 for $1.50)
IKBOA1  Medieval Cog Boat (hull 30mm long)                           (1 for $2.00)
IKBOA2  General purpose sail boat (hull 20mm long)                   (1 for $1.50)
IKBOA3  Small galley (hull 15mm long)                                (1 for $0.75)
IKBOA4  Large galley (hull 30mm long)                                (1 for $2.00)

A comprehensive range of terrain features to compliment the figure range and designed to provide 
strategic features for miniature battlefields five or six miles across!
BG101   4 Small Copses                                        $1.50 
BG102   3 Medium Copses                               $2.00 
BG103   2 Large Copses                                        $2.25 
BG104   2 Stone Bridges                               $0.75 
BG105   Courtyard Farm                                        $0.75 
BG106   Small Manor House                                     $0.75 
BG107   Roadside Cottages                                     $0.75 
BG108   Bridge with Riverbanks                                $0.75 
BG109   Chateau and Grounds                                   $2.00 
BG110   Hill Farm                                             $2.00 
BG111   Church on Hill                                        $2.25 
BG112   Windmill on Hill                                      $2.25 
BG113   Water Mill and Bridge                                 $2.25 
BG114   Small Village                                         $2.00 
BG115   Village & River Crossing                              $3.00 
BG116   Riverside Town                                        $4.00 
BG117   Large Town                                            $5.00
BG118   Castle Fortress                               $5.00
BG119   Small Wooded Hill                                     $2.00 
BG120   Large Wooded Hill                                     $2.25 
BG121   Small Ridge                                           $2.00 
BG122   Large Ridge                                           $2.25 
BG123   Wall Sections (4)                                     $2.00 
BG124   Hedge Sections (4)                                    $2.00 
BG125   Riverside Inn & Bridge                                $0.75 
BG126   Wooden Bridges (including Pontoon)(2)                 $0.75 
BG127   Large Wood                                            $2.25 
BG128   Small Redoubt (holds 1 BG6/19)                        $0.75 
BG129   Large Redoubt (holds 2 BG6/19)                        $1.50 
BG130   Army HQ Command Post                                  $0.75 
BG131   Grand Redoubt (holds 4 BG6/19)                        $2.25 
BG132   L-shaped Farmyard                                     $0.75 
BG133   Row of 4 Large Tents                                  $0.75 
BG134   Row of 6 Small Tents                                  $0.75 
BG135   Small Forest                                          $5.00 
BG136   Whopping Great Hill with wooded knolls                $5.00 
BG137   Large Town extension piece interlocks with BG116/117  $5.00
BG138   Hugomont Farm                                         $4.00 
BG139   18th Century Wooden Fort                              $5.00 
BG140   ACW Railway Station                                   $4.00 
BG141   18th Century Stone Foil                               $4.00 
BG142   Clump of Palm Trees (2)                               $0.75 
BG143   Row of Poplar Trees                                   $0.75 
BG144   Clump of Thatched Huts                                $2.00 
BG145   Iron Horse & Tender                                   $0.75 
BG146   Row of 3 Railway Carriages                            $0.75 
BG147   Straight Track (3)                                    $2.00 
BG148   Curved Track (3)                                      $2.00 
BG149   Right Hand Point (3)                                  $2.00 
BG150   Left Hand Point (3)                                   $2.00 
BG151   Embankment - Straight Track (2)                       $2.00 
BG152   Embankment - Curved Track (2)                         $2.00 
BG153   Incline - Straight Track( 2)                          $2.00 
BG154   Incline - Curved Track (2)                            $2.00 
BG155   Stone Railway Bridge                                  $0.75 
BG156   Middle-Eastern Village                                $2.25 
BG157   Roman Marching Fort                                   $4.00
BG158   Group of Arab tents                                   $1.50
BG159   4 Medieval tents                                      $0.75
BG160   Barbarian or native hill-top pallisaded village       $7.00
BG161   40mm length of crenilated fortress/city wall          $0.75
BG162   40mm length of crenilated fortress/city wall 
        with gate tower                               $1.50
BG163   Square crenilated fortress/city tower                 (2 for $0.75)
BG164   40mm length of Vauban-style fortress/city wall        $0.75
BG165   40mm length of Vauban-style fortress/city wall 
        with gate tower                               $1.50
BG166   Vauban-style bastion                                  $0.75
BG167   Vauban-style ravelin                                  $0.75
IKS1    Russian village/town                                  $4.00 
IKS2    Middle Eastern village/town                           $4.00 
IKS3    Factory site                                          $4.00 
IKS4    Row of terraced houses                                $4.00 
IKS5    Suburb or country town                                $4.00 
IKS6    Cathedral and surrounds                               $5.50 
IKS7    Large bridge                                          $2.00 
IKS8    Dockside area                                         $4.00 
IKS9    Contoured Fields with hedge boundaries                $2.25
IKS10   2 or 3 Storey house                                   $0.75
IKS11   5 storey apartment block (several can be stacked
        one on top of the other to make a bigger tower block) $1.50
IKS12   Ruined 5 storey apartment block                       $1.50
IKS13   Large factory/municipal building                      $2.00
IKS14   Ruined large factory/municipal building               $2.00
MISCELLANY - suitable for any period/protagonist
IKMI    Large pill box                                        $0.75 
IKM2    Two small pill boxes                                  $0.75 
IKM3    Trench section with duckboards 36mm long              $0.75 
IKM4    Two emplacements for hull down tanks                  $0.75 
IKM5    Tank traps 24mm long                                  $0.75 
IKM6    Train and goods wagons                                $2.25 
IKM7    Armoured train                                        $2.25 
IKM8    Railway gun                                           $1.50

All army packs contain 50 individual packs, appropriate to the army.
Price for any one army is $27.50.
Hoplite Greek
Achaemenid Persian
Republican Roman 
Early Imperial Roman
Ancient British
Sassanid Persian
Late Imperial Roman
Any Nationality  
Any Nationality
Post-Jena Prussian 
Union or Confederate 
Any Nationality
Any Nationality
British Desert
Russian Satellite
Logistics Pack (18th - Early 20th C.)         ($22.00)
Western, 20th Century or Armoured Train Set    ($16.00)
Scenic Pack (Horse & Musket)                  ($22.00)
Scenic Pack (Ancient)                         ($22.00)
Road & Tree Pack                              ($22.00)
Tree Pack                                     ($7.00)

2mm Fantasy and Science Fiction
All figures come in blocks.  The number of blocks in each pack is listed below.  
All packs are $0.75 unless otherwise marked.
Refight those epic battles you've always dreamed of with our new 2mm fantasy!!
IKF1    Dragon                                                       (1)
IKF2    Giant                                                        (1)
IKF3    Ent                                                          (1)
IKF4    Nazgul                                                       (1)
IKF5    War Mammoth                                                  (1) 
IKF6    Troll                                                        (1)
IKF7    Base of Wolves                                               (1)
IKF8    Orc/Goblin Inf Warband                                       (1) 
IKF9    Orc/Goblin Wolfriders                                        (2)
IKF10   Ore/Goblin Wolf Chariot                                      (1)
IKF11   Giant Eagle 'Swarm'                                          (1) 
IKF12   Hobbit adventures                                            (2)
IKSF1   Human MBT                                                    (1)
IKSF2   Human SPG                                                    (1)
IKSF3   Human APC                                                    (1)
IKSF4   Human Transport                                       (1)
IKSF5   Human Scout Vehicle                                          (1)
IKSF6   Human Jet Bikes                                       (1)
IKSF7   Alien MBT                                                    (1)
IKSF8   Alien SPG                                                    (1)
IKSF9   Alien APC                                                    (1)
IKSF10  Alien Transport                                       (1)
IKSF11  Alien Scout Vehicle                                          (1)
IKSF12  Alien Pod with Tentacles                                      (1)
IKSF13  Missile Complex with Bunkers                                  (1 for $3.00)
IKSF14  Large Town/Industrial Complex                                 (1 for $6.00)
IKSF15  Large Town with Dome                                         (1 for $6.00)
IKSF16  Radar Base with Dish and 'Golf Ball'                         (1 for $3.00)
IKSF17  Yobbo MBT                                                    (1)
IKSF18  Yobbo SPG                                                    (1)
IKSF19  Yobbo APC                                                    (1)
IKSF20  Yobbo Scout Car                                       (1)
IKSF21  Yobbo Lorry                                                  (1)
IKSF22  Yobbo Space Dozer                                            (1)
IKSF23  Infantry In Power Suit                                       (1)
IKSF24  Infantry Support Weapons                                      (1)
IKSF25  Pulse Cannon and Crew                                        (1)
IKSF26  Land Dreadnought                                             (1 for $2.25)
IKSF27  Four Legged Walker                                           (1 for $1.50)
IKSF28  Two Legged Walker                                            (1)
IKSF29  Drop Ship                                                    (1 for $4.50)


42mm Figures and Accessories

 Foot figures are $3.00 each and mounted figures are $7.00 each.  
 Other prices are marked.
 A range of figures clad in kilts with choice of heads and shields as below.  
 LWGA1  Spearman standing 
 LWGA2  Spearman advancing 
 LWGA3  Spearman throwing 
 LWGA4  Swordsman advancing 
 LWGA5  Archer firing 
 LWGA6  Archer loading 
 LWGA7  Egyptian 2 horse chariot ($20.00)
 LGWA8  Mycenian Greek 2 Horse Chariot ($20.00) – can order Hittite of Philistine version
 LGWA9  Cavalryman
 Heads - Egyptian, Egyptian wig, Egyptian elite, Philistine, Sea-people, Assyrian, Crested Assyrian, Horned Mycenian, Crested Mycenian, Aztec Jaguar, Aztec Eagle, Mayan Dragon, Mayan Feathered  
 Shields - Round-topped oblong, Round, Feathered Round 

 Foot figures are $3.00 each and mounted figures are $7.00 each.  
 Other prices are marked.
 LWM1   13th C. Mounted Knight with lance             
 LWM2   13th C. Dismounted Knight with mace    
 LWM3   13th C. Spearman       
 LWM4   13th C. Crossbowman       
 LWM5   Mounted Turcopole      
 LWM6   Saracen Foot Archer      
 LWM7   Saracen Foot Spearman      
 LWM8   Saracen Foot Swordsman    
 LWM9   Saracen Light Cavalry  
 LWM10  Saracen Heavy Cavalry  
 LWM11  14th/l5th C. Billman       
 LWM12  14th/l5th C. Long Bowman        
 LWM13  14th/15th C. Armored Pikeman     
 LWM14  14th/l5th C. Unarmored Pikeman    
 LWM15  14th/15th C. Mounted Knight with lance        
 LWM16  14th/l5th C. Dismounted Knight with sword         
 LWM17  Long Bowman loading (with separate heads)         
 LWM18  14th/l5th C. Handgunner/Crossbowman   
 LWM19  14th/15th C. Curror Cavalryman

 Foot figures are $3.00 each and mounted figures are $7.00 each.  
 Other prices are marked.
 MAP1   Infantry firing  
 MAP2   Infantry marching  
 MAP3   Grenadier marching  
 MAP4   Officer with spontoon  
 MAP5   Drummer  
 MAP6   Cavalryman  
 MAP7   Cavalry officer  
 MAP8   Mounted general  
 MAP9   Artilleryman  
 MAP10  Engineer  
 MAP11  Cannon ($8.00) 
 MAP12  Dismounted dragoon in stocking cap  
 MAP13  Jacobite clansman with axe or sword                                            
 MAP14  Mounted dragoon in stocking cap  
 MAP15  Mounted cuirassier in lobster helmet 

 Foot figures are $3.00 each and mounted figures are $7.00 each.  
 Other prices are marked.
 LWSY1  British Line Infantry advancing           
 LWSY2  British Grenadier in mitre advancing      
 LWSY3  French Line Infantry advancing   
 LWSY4  French Grenadier in fur hat advancing    
 LWSY5  Prussian Line Infantry advancing         
 LWSY6  Prussian Grenadier in mitre advancing    
 LWSY7  Prussian Infantry advancing musket at trail     
 LWSY8  Prussian Cuirassier Cavalry    
 LWSY9  Austrian Cuirassier Cavalry
 LWSY10 Prussian Dragoon Cavalry       
 LWSY11 Austrian Dragoon Cavalry       
 LWSY12 Hussar Cavalry         
 LWSY13 Prussian Fusilier advancing    
 LWSY14 Austrian Musketeer advancing   
 LWSY15 Austrian Grenadier advancing   
 LWSY16 Infantry Officer       
 LWSY17 Prussian Musketeer march attack       
 LWSY18 Prussian Grenadier march attack       
 LWSY19 Prussian Fusilier march attack        
 LWSY20 Prussian Gun plus two crew ($10.00)   
 LWSY21 Austrian Musketeer march attack       
 LWSY22 Austrian Grenadier march attack       
 LWSY23 Hungarian Musketeer march attack      
 LWSY24 Hungarian Grenadier march attack      
 LWSY25 Pandour Infantry advancing     
 LWSY26 Austrian gun plus 2 crew  ($10.00)    
 LWSY27 Drummer (select head type from:Prussian musketeer,fusileer,grenadier, or Austrian musketeer or grenadier)        
 LWSY28 Hussar in mirliton (with seperate sword arm) 
 LWSY29 Friekcorps infantry running    
 LWSY30 Freicorps bugler running       
 LWSY31 Freicorps officer running      
 LWSY32 Prussian Musketeer firing      
 LWSY33 Prussian Grenadier firing      
 LWSY34 Prussian Fusilier firing       
 LWSY35 Prussian Musketeer loading (ramming)  
 LWSY36 Prussian Grenadier loading (ramming)  
 LWSY37 Prussian Fusilier loading (ramming)   
 LWSY38 Prussian Musketeer loading (biting cartridge) 
 LWSY39 Prussian Grenadier loading (biting cartridge) 
 LWSY40 Prussian Fusilier loading (biting cartridge)  
 LWSY41 Prussian Musketeer kneeling at the ready      
 LWSY42 Prussian Grenadier kneeling at the ready      
 LWSY43 Prussian Fusilier kneeling at the ready       
 LWSY44 Prussian Musketeer Ensign      
 LWSY45 Prussian Grenadier Ensign      
 LWSY46 Prussian Fusilier Ensign       
 LWSY47 Generic (bareheaded) engineer with open hands 
 LWSY48 Austrian Musketeer firing      
 LWSY49 Hungarian Musketeer firing firing     
 LWSY50 Austrian Musketeer loading (ramming)  
 LWSY51 Hungarian Musketeer loading (ramming) 
 LWSY52 Austrian Musketeer loading (biting cartridge) 
 LWSY53 Hungarian Musketeer loading (biting cartridge)        
 LWSY54 Austrian Musketeer kneeling    
 LWSY55 Hungarian Musketeer kneeling   
 LWSY56 Austrian Ensign 
 LWSY57 Hungarian Ensign       

 Foot figures are $3.00 each and mounted figures are $7.00 each.  
 Other prices are marked.
 LWAW1  British Grenadier in busby advancing      
 LWAW2  Hessian or US Regular Infantry firing    
 LWAW3  Hessian Grenadier firing        
 LWAW4  Minute-Man Militia in waistcoat         
 LWAW5  Militia man in long coat        
 LWAW6  Ranger in buckskins advancing    
 LWAW7  Ranger in buckskins firing        
 LWAW8  Ranger, buckskins kneeling firing      
 LWAW9  Mohican with club        
 LWAW10 Mohican with musket      
 LWAW11 Mohican firing bow       
 LWAW12 Mohican firing musket      
 LWAW13 Mohican, buckskins advancing/musket   
 LWAW14 Mohican, buckskins firing musket        
 LWAW15 Mohican, buckskins kneeling firing musket         
 LWAW16 Militia, buckskins/tricorn advancing, musket   
 LWAW17 Militia, buckskins/tricorn firing musket          
 LWAW19 Militia, buckskins/tricorn kneeling firing musket       
 LWAW19 Militia, buckskins/stocking cap advancing, musket       
 LWAW20 Militia, buckskins/stocking cap firing musket     
 LWAW21 Militia, buckskins/stocking cap kneeling firing musket        
 LWAW22 Ranger, short jacket/bonnet advancing, musket     
 LWAW23 Ranger, short jacket/bonnet firing musket        
 LWAW24 Ranger, short jacket/bonnet loading musket     
 LWAW25 French Marine, short jacket advancing, musket     
 LWAW26 French Marine, short jacket firing musket        
 LWAW27 French Marine, short jacket loading musket      
 LWAW28 Militia, short jacket/tricorn advancing, musket          
 LWAW29 Militia, short jacket/tricorn firing musket    
 LWAW30 Militia, short jacket/tricorn loading musket  

 Foot figures are $3.00 each and mounted figures are $7.00 each.  
 Other prices are marked.
 LWIM1  Mutinous Sepoy  
 LWIM2  Insurgent Civilian       
 LWIM3  British Infantry advancing         
 LWIM4  British Infantry firing          
 LWIM5  Loyal Sikh Infantry      

 Foot figures are $3.00 each and mounted figures are $7.00 each.  
 Other prices are marked.
 LWNF1  Line infantry in march attack
 LWNF2  Flank company in march attack
 LWNF3  Infantry officer
 LWNF4  Infantry standard bearer
 LWNF5  Infantry Eagle Guard/Sergeant
 LWNF6  Old Guard infantry
 LWNF7  Young Guard infantry
 LWNF8  Old Guard officer
 LWNF9  Old Guard standard bearer
 LWNF10 Pioneer infantry
 LWNF11 Foot artillery and four crew   ($15.00)
 LWNF12 Four Horse limber and two outriders   ($20.00)
 LWNF13 Cuirassier cavalry trooper
 LWNF14 Cuirassier cavalry officer
 LWNF15 Cuirassier cavalry standard bearer
 LWNF16 Cuirassier cavalry bugler
 LWNF17 Hussar cavalry trooper *
 LWNF18 Hussar cavalry officer *
 LWNF19 Hussar cavalry standard bearer *
 LWNF20 Hussar cavalry bugler *
 LWNF21 Mounted general waving hat
 LWNF22 Lancer cavalry (with helmet or czapska)        
 LWNF23 Lancer cavalry officer  
 LWNF24 Lancer cavalry bugler   
 LWNF25 Lancer cavalry standard bearer
 LWNF26 Young Guard infantry advancing
 LWNF27 Line infantry marching
 * Generic Hussar, usable by all nations.      
 LWNB1  British light infantry at the ready   
 LWNB2  British line infantry standing firing 
 LWNB3  British line infantry kneeling Firing 
 LWNB4  British line infantry officer  
 LWNB5  British line infantry standard bearer 
 LWNB6  British line infantry sergeant 
 LWNB7  Highlander infantry    
 LWNB8  Highlander officer     
 LWNB9  Highlander standard bearer     
 LWNB10 Rifleman skirmishing   
 LWNB11 Pair of flank Company Epaulletes ($0.25)      
 LWNB12 Foot artillery and four crew   ($15.00)
 LWNB13 Four-horse limber and two outriders ($20.00)  
 LWNB14 Heavy cavalry trooper *        
 LWNB15 Heavy cavalry officer *
 LWNB16 Heavy cavalry standard bearer *       
 LWNB17 Heavy cavalry bugler * 
 LWNB18 Light dragoon cavalry trooper  #
 LWNB19 Light dragoon cavalry officer  #
 LWNB20 Light dragoon cavalry standard bearer #       
 LWNB21 Light dragoon cavalry bugler # 
 * Please state Household, Scots Grey or Heavy Dragoon head  
 # Also use as other nations' chasseur in shako. 

 Foot figures are $3.00 each and mounted figures are $7.00 each.  
 Other prices are marked.
 LWRC1  Infantry advancing in helmet     
 LWRC2  Infantry marching in cap       
 LWRC3  Infantry officer          
 LWRC4  Infantry standard bearer       
 LWRC5  Caucasus rifleman firing       
 LWRC6  Caucasus officer          
 LWRC7  Artillerist with ball     
 LWRC8  Artillerist with rammer/trail spike     
 LWRC9  Cannon  ($8.00)  
 LWRC10 Mounted Dragoon 
 LWRC11 Mounted Lancer 
 LWRC12 Mounted Hussar 
 LWBC1  Guards Infantry     
 LWBC2  Guards Infantry Officer         
 LWBC3  Guards Infantry Standard Bearer          
 (for other types use our Napoleonic British)  

 Foot figures are $3.00 each and mounted figures are $7.00 each.  
 Other prices are marked.
 LWAC1  Union Infantry advancing       
 LWAC2  Union Infantry standard bearer     
 LWAC3  Union Infantry Officer   
 LWAC4  Rebel Infantry advancing       
 LWAC5  Rebel Infantry standard bearer     
 LWAC6  Rebel Infantry Officer   
 LWAC7  Infantry in Kepi firing         
 LWAC8  Infantry in Slouch hat firing    
 LWAC9  Zouave Infantry advancing          
 LWAC10 Iron Brigade Infantry advancing          
 LWAC11 Union Cavalry with saber and carbine  
 LWAC12 Rebel Cavalry with saber and carbine  
 LWAC13 Mounted Officer in cape         
 LWAC14 Artillerist       
 LWAC15 Cannon  ($8.00) 

 Foot figures are $3.00 each and mounted figures are $7.00 each.  
 Other prices are marked.
 LWAP1  1860s Austrian Infantry          
 LWAP2  1860s Austrian Infantry Officer           
 LWAP3  1860s Austrian lnfantry Standard        
 LWAP4  l860s/70s Bavarian Infantry        
 LWAP5  l860s/70s Bavarian Infantry Officer       
 LWAP6  1860s/70s Bavarian Infantry Standard      

 Foot figures are $3.00 each and mounted figures are $7.00 each.  
 Other prices are marked.
 Unless otherwise stated, infantry wear the Picklehaube of the Franco-Prussian War to early 
 World War I 
 LWG1   Officer with sword   
 LWG2   Infantry marching   
 LWG3   Infantry standing firing   
 LWG4   Infantry kneeling firing   
 LWG5   Uhlan lancer cavalry   
 LWG6   Infantry standard bearer   
 LWG7   Uhlan cavalry officer   
 LWG8   Uhlan cavalry bugler   
 LWG9   Uhlan cavalry standard bearer   
 LWG10  Stormtrooper in coal-scuttle helmet   
 LWG11  Artillery officer   
 LWG12  Cuirassier cavalry trooper   
 LWG13  Cuirassier cavalry officer   
 LWG14  Cuirassier cavalry bugler   
 LWG15  Cuirassier cavalry standard bearer   
 LWG16  Dragoon cavalry trooper   
 LWG17  Hussar cavalry trooper   
 LWG18  Hussar cavalry officer   
 LWG19  Hussar cavalry bugler   
 LWG20  Hussar cavalry standard bearer   
 LWG21  Mounted general   
 LWG22  MG and crewman in Picklehaube   ($4.00)
 LWG23  MG and crewman in coal-scuttle helmet  ($4.00)  
 LWG24  Officer in coal-scuttle helmet   
 LWG25  Infantry marching in coal-scuttle helmet   
 LWG26  Infantry firing in coal-scuttle helmet   
 LWG27  Cavalry in coal-scuttle helmet 
 Unless otherwise stated, infantry are wearing kepi and are suitable for the Franco-Prussian 
 War to early World War I. 
 LWF1   Officer with sword  
 LWF2   Zouave marching  
 LWF3   Infantry standing firing  
 LWF4   Infantry kneeling firing  
 LWF5   Cuirassier cavalry  
 LWF6   Infantry standard bearer  
 LWF7   Cuirassier cavalry officer  
 LWF8   Cuirassier cavalry bugler  
 LWF9   Cuirassier cavalry standard bearer  
 LWF10  Guardsman in bearskin  
 LWF11  Artillery officer  
 LWF12  Chasseur cavalry trooper  
 LWF13  Chasseur cavalry officer  
 LWF14  Chasseur cavalry bugler  
 LWF15  Chasseur Cavalry standard bearer  
 LWF16  Infantry marching  
 LWF17  Dragoon cavalry trooper  
 LWF18  MG and crewman in kepi  ($4.00) 
 LWF19  MG and crewman in Adrian helmet  ($4.00) 
 LWF20  Officer in Adrian helmet  
 LWF21  Infantry marching in Adrian helmet  
 LWF22  Infantry firing in Adrian helmet  
 LWF23  Cavalry in Adrian helmet
 LWF24  Mitrailleuse and two crew ($10.00) 
 Unless otherwise stated figures wear the flat cap of early World War I. 
 LWB1   Infantry officer  
 LWB2   Infantry marching  
 LWB3   Infantry advancing  
 LWB4   Infantry firing prone  
 LWB5   Cavalry with carbine  
 LWB6   Cavalry officer  
 LWB7   Cavalry musician  
 LWB8   Cavalry guidon bearer  
 LWB9   Infantry firing Vickers MG ($4.00) 
 LWB10  Bomber throwing grenade  
 LWB11  MG and crewman in steel helmet ($4.00)  
 LWB12  Infantry officer in steel helmet  
 LWB13  Infantry marching in steel helmet  
 LWB14  Infantry advancing in steel helmet  
 LWB15  Infantry firing prone in steel helmet  
 LWB16  Engineer in steel helmet  
 LWB17  Highlander in Glengarry  
 LWB18  Cavalry in steel helmet                                                      

 Foot figures are $3.00 each and mounted figures are $7.00 each.  
 Other prices are marked.
 NCIA1  Colonial British Infantry marching
 NCIA2  Sepoy Infantry marching
 NCIA3  Boer Infantry standing
 NCIA4  Russian Infantry marching
 NCIA5  Sailor marching
 NCIA6  Artillerist
 NCIA7  Boxer Infantry
 NCIA8  Mahdist Infantry  
 NCIA9  Arab Infantry with rifle        
 NCIA10 Zulu Infantry    
 NCIA11 Ashanti Infantry           
 NCIA12 British Infantry advancing         
 NCIA13 British Officer 
 NCIA14 British Cavalry with carbine and saber        
 NCIA15 British infantry in home service helmet 

 Foot figures are $3.00 each and mounted figures are $7.00 each.  
 Other prices are marked.
 LWT1   Infantry firing     
 LWT2   Infantry Officer          
 LWT3   Infantry Standard Bearer       
 LWT4   Artillerists standing     
 LWT5   Artillerists/MG crew kneeling    
 LWT6   Artillerists/MG Officer         
 LWT7   Krupp field gun ($8.00)   
 LWT8   Machine gun    ($4.00)
 LWT9   Cavalry with saber       
 LWT10  Cavalry with lance       
 LWRB1  Infantry advancing       
 LWRB2  Reserve Infantry in fur hat      
 LWRB3  Infantry Officer          
 LWRB4  Infantry Standard bearer       
 LWRB5  Artillerists standing     
 LWRB6  Artillerists/MG crew kneeling    
 LWRB7  Artillerist/MG Officer   
 LWRB8  75mm field gun ($8.00) 
 LWRB9  Machine gun    ($4.00)
 LWRB10 Regular Cavalry 
 LWRB11 Cossack/Bashi-bazouk Cavalry     
 LWGR1  Infantry standing        
 LWGR2  Evzone Infantry standing       
 LWGR3  Evzone Infantry advancing          
 LWGR4  Officer   
 LWGR5  Standard Bearer     
 LWGR6  Artillerist/MG Crewman kneeling          
 LWGR7  Artillerist standing       
 LWGR8  Cavalryman      
 LWGR9  Wheeled Maxim MG (suitable for all Nations)   ($4.00)  
 LWGR10 Krupp Howitzer (suitable for all Nations)     ($8.00)

 Foot figures are $3.00 each and mounted figures are $7.00 each.  
 Other prices are marked.
 LWSC1  Regular/Civil Guard infantry in tunic 
 LWSC2  Regular/Civil Guard infantry in shirt sleeves   
 LWSC3  Moorish Infantry       
 LWSC4  Requatte/Basque/Assault Guard Infantry           
 LWSC5  Militia Infantry
 LWSC6  Militia Infantry woman
 LWSC7  Officer shooting pistol           
 LWSC8  Officer with binoculars           
 LWSC9  Regular Cavalry in shirt sleeves       
 LWSC10 Moorish Cavalry  
 LWSC11 Falangist/Seville Police Cavalry       
 LWSC12 Anarchist/Republican Cavalry    
 LWSC13 T26 Tank       ($26.00)        
 LWSC14 CV33 Tankette  ($17.00)
 LWSC15 Nun       
 LWSC16 Italian Infantry       
 Choice of heads - Isabolino cap, turban, fez, peaked cap, soft peaked cap, Republican regular cap, Adrian helmet, Spanish helmet, Civil Guard hat, bareheaded.  

 Foot figures are $3.00 each and mounted figures are $7.00 each.  
 Other prices are marked.
 LWRU1  Russian Infantry advancing with SMG      
 LWRU2  Russian Infantry firing SMG       
 LWRU3  Russian Infantry advancing with rifle 
 LWRU4  Russian Infantry firing rifle    
 LWRU5  Russian Infantry with LMG      
 LWRU6  Russian HMG with 2 Crew        ($10.00)
 LWRU7  Russian Infantry Officer        
 LWRU8  Russian Infantry advancing - open hands         
 LWRU9  Russian Infantry kneeling - open hands          
 LWRU10 Russian Weapons Pack - assorted AT/small arms ($3.00) 
 LWRU11 Russian Engineering/Artillery Pack - asstd. equipment ($3.00)
 LWRU12 Russian Mortar ($3.00)  
 LWRU13 Russian dead or wounded        
 LWRU14 Russian Regular Cavalry        
 LWRU15 Russian Cossack Cavalry        
 LWRU16 SA 64 Armored Car plus crewman ($21.00)
 LWRU17 Infantry kneeling firing SMG
 LWRU18 Infantry kneeling firing rifle
 LWRU19 Infantry kneeling firing panzerfaust
 LWRU20 Infantry throwing grenade
 LWRU21 Infantry with flamethrower
 LWRU22 Infantry prone firing rifle
 LWRU23 Infantry prone firing LMG
 LWGE1  German Infantry advancing with SMG     
 LWGE2  German Infantry firing SMG         
 LWGE3  German Infantry advancing with rifle      
 LWGE4  German Infantry firing rifle   
 LWGE5  German Infantry with assault rifle     
 LWGE6  German Infantry with LMG        
 LWGE7  German HMG with 2 Crew ($10.00)
 LWGE8  German Infantry Officer          
 LWGE9  German Infantry advancing - open hands          
 LWGE10 German Infantry kneeling - open hands    
 LWGE11 German Weapons Pack - assorted AT/small arms  ($3.00)  
 LWGE12 German Engineering/Artillery Pack - asstd. equipment ($3.00)   
 LWGE13 German Mortar  ($3.00)   
 LWGE14 German dead or wounded    
 LWGE15 German Regular Cavalry 
 LWGE16 Kubelwagen Staff/Rocco Car plus driver        ($21.00)       
 LWGE17 Landstrum man    
 LWGE18 SS Cavalry
 LWGE20 Motorcycle ($5.00)
 LWGE21 Motorcycle rider
 LWGE22 Infantry kneeling firing rifle
 LWGE23 Infantry kneeling firing panzerfaust
 LWGE24 Infantry in rubber suit with flamethrower
 LWGE25 Infantry kneeling firing SMG
 LWGE26 Infantry throwing grenade
 LWGE27 Infantry prone firing rifle
 LWGE28 Infantry prone firing LMG with loader ($5.00) 

 42mm or 54mm SCENICS
 All packs are $4.00 unless noted. 
 LWA1   3 x 2" section of rail fence                  
 LWA2   3 x 2" section of palisade                    
 LWA3   2 x 2 1/2" of plaster wall 1" high            
 LWA4   4 x wall pillar for the above                 
 LWA5   2 x gate with pillars                          
 LWA6   3 x barrels                                   
 LWA7   4 x Mealie bags/grain sacks                   
 LWA8   1 x animal roasting on spit                   
 LWA9   2 x explosion                                 
 LWA10  1 x Tree (Coniferous 5" high)          
 LWA11  1 x Tree (Deciduous 5" high)          
 LWA12  2 x 2" hedgerow section                       
 LWA13  1 x section of sandbags                       
 LWA14  1 x palm tree (5" high)                       
 LWA15  2 x stacked muskets and packs         
 LWA16  4 x chests
 LWA17  8 x stacks of cannonballs
 LWA18  10 x artillery shells
 LWA19  2 x small wheelbarrow
 LWA20  2 x gabion 1 1/4" high
 LWA21  2 x ladder
 LWA22  6 x muskets
 LWA23  6 x halbards/spears/axes
 LWA24  6 x assorted artillery tools
 LWA25  6 x assorted picks, shovels, etc
 LWA26  4 x spoked wheels
 LWA27  3 x assorted flags     
 LWA28  2 x sheep/lamb
 LWA29  1 x pack mule (42mm only)
 LWA30  1 x riderless horse (42 mm only)