20/25/28mm Figures and Accessories

This list was last updated on 26 August 2012.

20mm Figures and Accessories

Irregular Miniatures

·         Marlburians and Jacobites

·         French and Indian Wars

·         Napoleonics

·         American Civil War

·         Spanish Civil War

·         World War II

·         Modern Guerrillas

·         Scenics & Miscellaneous 

Tin Soldier

·         World War II Romanians

25/28mm Figures and Accessories

Irregular Miniatures

·         Biblicals

·         Greeks

·         Asiatics

·         Imperial Chinese

·         Sassanids and Byzantines

·         Celts and Romans

·         Crusades

·         Medievals

·         Renaissance

·         Marlburians

·         Seven Years War

·         Mohicans, Rangers and Militia

·         Napoleonics

·         American Civil War

·         Wild West Characters

·         19th Century Colonials

·         World War I

·         Modern Insurgents

·         Equipment 

·         Religious Rabble

·         Corrective Punishment

·         Personalities

·         Specialty Figures

·         Animals

·         Army Packs

·         Fantasy

·         Science Fiction

Tin Soldier

·         Classical Greeks

·         Thracians

·         Scythians

·         Achemenid Persians

·         Macedonians

·         Early Italian States

·         Etruscans

·         Samnites

·         Early Imperial Romans

·         Aztecs

·         Samurai

·         English Civil War

·         Napoleonic Spanish

·         The Great War: Gallipoli

·         Palestine and the Arab Revolt

·         Fantasy

Games Workshop

·         Warhammer 40K

·         Warhammer Fantasy Battles

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        20mm Marlburians and Jacobites
All packs are twelve foot or six mounted for $18.00.
Other prices as marked.        
NM1     Infantry marching in tricorne 
NM2     Grenadier marching in mitre
NM3     Grenadier marching in fur hat
NM4     Grenadier marching in `Protestant' mitre
NM5     Grenadier marching in stocking cap
NM6     Infantry Command (NCO, drummer, standard bearer, officer)
NM10    Cavalry trooper in tricorne
NM11    Cavalry trooper in tricorne plus breastplate 
NM12    Cavalry trooper in tricorne Lobster helmet
NM13    Dragoon in tricorne
NM14    Dragoon in stocking cap
NM15    Cavalry Command (officer, standard bearer, trumpeter)
NM18    Hussar
NM19    Artillery Crew (officer, with ball, with rammer, with trail spike) 
NM23    Field Gun ($3.00)
NM24    Galloper Gun ($2.75)
NM25    Two-horse Limber with outrider ($7.50)
NM26    Dismounted Dragoon in tricorne
NM27    Dismounted Dragoon in stocking cap
NM28    Horse Holder in tricorne
NM29    Horse Holder in stocking cap
NM30    Horse Grenadier in mitre
NM31    Horse Grenadier in fur cap
NM32    Russian/Swedish infantry in hat
NM33    Two-wheeled Supply Cart ($7.50)
NM34    Infantry firing in tricorne
NM35    Infantry in Pokalom/Karpus hat, firing
NM36    Infantry casualty figure
NM37    Clansman with sword (10 variations in dress, weapons etc)  
NM38    Humblie with axe (10 variations in dress, weapons etc) 

        20mm French and Indian Wars
All packs are twelve foot or six mounted for $18.00.
Other prices as marked.
NIW1    Mohican advancing with musket
NIW2    Mohican standing firing 
NIW3    Mohican kneeling firing 
NIW4    Mohican loading 
NIW5    Ranger in squirrel hat advancing with musket
NIW6    Ranger in squirrel hat standing firing 
NIW7    Ranger in squirrel hat kneeling firing 
NIW8    Ranger in squirrel hat loading 
NIW9    French marine in stocking cap advancing with musket
NIW10   French marine in stocking cap standing firing 
NIW11   French marine in stocking cap kneeling firing 
NIW12   French marine in stocking cap loading 
NIW13   Ranger in Glengary advancing with musket
NIW14   Ranger in Glengary standing firing 
NIW15   Ranger in Glengary kneeling firing 
NIW16   Ranger in Glengary loading 
NIW17   Militia in tricorne advancing with musket
NIW18   Militia in tricorne standing firing 
NIW19   Militia in tricorne kneeling firing 
NIW20   Militia in tricorne loading 
NIW21   French militia in tricorne advancing with musket
NIW22   French militia in tricorne standing firing 
NIW23   French militia in tricorne kneeling firing 
NIW24   French militia in tricorne loading 
NIW25   Officer shooting pistol
NIW26   Mohican shooting bow
NIW27   Mohican with tomahawk or club
NIW28   Mohican kneeling with musket
NIW29   Mohican dead or wounded
NIW30   Canoe with 4 Mohican crew ($9.00)
NIW30   Canoe with 4 ranger crew ($9.00)
NIW31   Ranger dead or wounded
NIW33   Mohican kneeling firing bow
NIW34   Ranger in squirrel hat kneeling at ready
NIW35   Militia in slouch hat advancing with musket
NIW36   Militia in slouch hat standing firing 
NIW37   Militia in slouch hat kneeling firing 
NIW38   Militia in slouch hat loading
NIW39   Militia in tricorne marching
NIW40   British regular advancing with musket
NIW41   British regular standing firing 
NIW42   British regular kneeling firing 
NIW43   British regular loading
NIW44   British light infantry advancing with musket
NIW45   British light infantry standing firing 
NIW46   British light infantry kneeling firing 
NIW47   British light infantry loading

        20mm Napoleonics       
All packs are twelve foot or six mounted for $18.00. 
Other prices as marked.        
FRENCH INFANTRY                
NFI1    Infantry marching in formal dress     
NFI2    Infantry marching in campaign dress   
NFI3    Infantry flank company in formal dress        
NFI4    Infantry flank company in campaign dress      
NFI5    Infantry command (NCO, drummer, standard bearer, officer)    
FRENCH ARTILLERY               
NFA1    Gun and crew (select 4, 8 or 12 pdr) ($10.00) 
NFA2    4 horse limber with 2 outriders       ($13.00)
NFC1    Colonel        
NFC2    Chasseur trooper       
NFC3    Chasseur elite company         
NFC4    Chasseur command (trumpeter, standard bearer, officer)       
NFC7    Hussar trooper  
NFC8    Hussar command (trumpeter, standard bearer, officer)  
NFC11   Cuirassier trooper     
NFC12   Cuirassier command (trumpeter, standard bearer, officer)      
BNI1    British infantry standing      
BNI2    British infantry command (officer, standard bearer, sergeant, drummer)      
BNI6    Rifleman firing 
BNI7    Rifleman kneeling firing       
BNI8    Rifleman loading       
BNI9    Rifleman officer       
BNI10   Highland infantry      
BNI11   Highland infantry command (officer, standard bearer, sergeant, piper)
BNI15   Sapper infantry
BNI16   Infantry casualties 
BNA1    Gun and crew (select 4, 8 or 12 pdr) ($10.00) 
NEN1    Infantry in bicorne
NEN2    Infantry command in bicorne (officer, standard bearer, sergeant, drummer)
NEN6    Sans Cullote infantry

        20mm American Civil War
All packs are twelve foot or six mounted for $18.00.
Other prices as marked.
NAC1    Infantry running with musket shouldered
NAC2    Infantry advancing
NAC3    Infantry standing firing
NAC4    Infantry kneeling firing
NAC5    Infantry loading
NAC6    Infantry command (officer, standard bearer, drummer, bugler)
NAC9    Cavalry in boots holding saber
NAC10   Cavalry in trousers holding carbine
NAC12   Cavalry command (guidon bearer, bugler, officer)
NAU1    Infantry running with musket shouldered
NAU2    Infantry advancing
NAU3    Infantry standing firing
NAU4    Infantry kneeling firing
NAU5    Infantry loading
NAU6    Infantry command (officer, standard bearer, drummer, bugler)
NAU9    Cavalry in boots holding saber
NAU10   Cavalry in trousers holding carbine
NAU12   Rush’s lancer
NAU13   Cavalry command (guidon bearer, bugler, officer)
NAM1    Zouave standing firing
NAM2    Zouave standing loading
NAM3    Dead figure
NAM4    Cannon and four crew ($10.00)
NAM5    4-Horse limber, 2 riders, 2 seated figures ($15.00)
NAM6    Caisson ($5.25)
NAM7    Snake fence (6 for $9.00)
NAM8    Stone fence (4 for $9.00)
NAM9    Large timber houses ($15.00)
NAM10   Small timbered house ($14.00)
NAM11   Zouave in turban, standing firing
NAM12   Zouave in turban, standing loading

        20mm Spanish Civil War
All packs are four foot or two mounted for $6.00.  Other prices as marked.
NCSW1   Cavalry commander in cap
NCSW2   Cavalry in cheesecutter cap
NCSW3   Cavalry in helmet
NCSW4   Moorish cavalry
NCSW5   Militiaman advancing
NCSW6   Militiaman standing firing
NCSW7   Militiaman kneeling firing
NCSW8   Militiaman brandishing weapon
NCSW9   Militiawoman 
NCSW10  Militia grenade thrower
NCSW11  Artillery crew
NCSW15  French 75mm gun ($6.00)
NCSW16  German 37mm ATG ($5.25)
NCSW17  Heavy Mortar (2 for $4.50)
NCSW18  Regular infantry advancing in shirt
NCSW19  Regular infantry advancing crouched
NCSW20  Regular infantry standing firing
NCSW21  Regular infantry kneeling
NCSW22  Regular infantry with SMG
NCSW23  Regular infantry with LMG in shirt
NCSW24  Regular infantry command
NCSW26  Moorish infantry advancing
NCSW27  Moorish infantry rifle slung
NCSW28  Moorish infantry kneeling firing
NCSW29  Moorish infantry standing firing
NCSW30  Moorish infantry with SMG
NCSW31  Moorish infantry with LMG
NCSW32  Moorish infantry command
NCSW33  Civil guard walking with rifle
NCSW34  Civil guard standing firing
NCSW35  Civil guard with SMG
NCSW36  Civil guard officer
NCSW37  2-wheeled ammunition limber ($5.25)
NCSW38  General purpose civilian lorry ($22.50)
NCSW40  Militia standard bearer
NCSW41  Commissar with pistol
NCSW42  Assault Guard/Carbinieri kneeling with rifle
NCSW43  Assault Guard/Carbinieri advancing with rifle
NCSW44  Assault Guard/Carbinieri with SMG
NCSW45  Assault Guard/Carbinieri with LMG
NCSW46  Assault Guard/Carbinieri officer
NCSW47  General's Moorish guard cavalry
NCSW48  Falangist cavalry
NCSW49  Seville mounted police volunteer
NCSW50  Volunteer cavalry in beret
NCSW51  Four Maxim MG ($9.00)
NCSW52  Four Hotchkiss 7mm MG ($6.00)
NCSW53  Four Fiat 8mm MG ($6.00)
NCSW54  MG crew in peaked cap
NCSW55  MG crew in Isabelino cap
NCSW56  MG crew in helmet
NCSW57  MG crew in Adrian helmet
NCSW58  MG crew in beret
NCSW59  Moorish MG crew in fez
NCSW60  Italian MG crew
NCSW61  MG or similar officer with binoculars in peaked cap
NCSW62  Extra LMG/HMG crewman in peaked cap
NCSW63  Extra LMG/HMG crewman in Isabelino cap
NCSW64  Extra Moorish LMG/HMG crewman 
NCSW65  Trubia 75 Spanish tank ($22.50)
NCSW66  Requette infantry charging with rifle
NCSW67  Requette infantry firing rifle
NCSW68  Requette infantry with SMG
NCSW69  Requette infantry with LMG
NCSW70  Requette infantry command
NCSW72  Spanish priests and nuns
NCSW74  Spanish peasants
NCSW76  Generic dead figure
NCSW77  Dead Moor figure
NCSW78  Figure falling wounded
NCSW79  Surrendering figure
NCSW80  7.7 cm Krupp field gun ($7.50)
NCSW81  British 18lb field gun ($6.00)
NCSW82  4-Horse limber with 2 outriders, 1 seated figure ($15.00)
NCSW83  Schneider tank  ($20.50)
NCSW84  International Brigade command
NCSW86  International Brigade rifleman
NCSW87  International Brigade rifleman firing
NCSW88  International Brigade SMG man
NCSW89  International Brigade LMG man
NCSW90  Lincoln Brigade rifleman
NCSW91  Lincoln Brigade SMG man
NCSW92  Lincoln Brigade LMG man
NCSW93  Thaelmann Brigade rifleman
NCSW94  Thaelmann Brigade SMG man
NCSW95  Thaelmann Brigade LMG man
NCSW96  Dimitrov Battalion rifleman
NCSW97  Dimitrov Battalion SMG man
NCSW98  Dimitrov Battalion LMG man
NCSW99  Dombrowski Battalion rifleman
NCSW100 Dombrowski Battalion SMG man
NCSW101 Dombrowski Battalion LMG man
NCSW102 Generic Brigade rifleman
NCSW103 Generic Brigade SMG man
NCSW104 Generic Brigade LMG man
NCSW105 Moorish artillery officer
NCSW106 Moorish artillery crew
NCSW110 Italian rifleman advancing
NCSW111 Italian rifleman firing
NCSW112 Italian SMG man
NCSW113 Italian LMG man
NCSW114 Italian officer
NCSW115 Italian Besaglieri infantry
NCSW116 Italian cavalry
NCSW117 Moorish infantry in chiba with rifle
NCSW118 Moorish infantry in chiba with SMG
NCSW119 Moorish infantry in chiba with LMG
NCSW120 Spanish infantry in cape with rifle
NCSW121 Spanish infantry in cape with SMG
NCSW122 Spanish infantry in cape with LMG
NCSW123 Spanish infantry in helmet with rifle
NCSW124 Spanish infantry in helmet with SMG
NCSW125 Spanish infantry in helmet with LMG
NCSW126 Republican regular infantry with rifle
NCSW127 Republican regular infantry firing rifle
NCSW128 Republican regular infantry with SMG
NCSW129 Republican regular infantry with LMG
NCSW130 Republican regular infantry command
NCSW132 Republican regular cavalry
NCSW133 Spanish mounted general

        20mm World War II
All packs are four foot or two mounted for $6.00.
Other prices as marked.
N1      Chetnik with pistol and Molotov Cocktail
N2      Chetnik LMG team
N4      Chetnik lady with SMG
N5      Chetnik firing rifle
N6      German policeman with Alsatian dog (2 for $4.50)
N7      German policeman with SMG
N8      German officer
N9      German LMG team
N10     German with SMG
N11     German advancing with rifle
N12     German in great coat, firing rifle
N13     German with panzerfaust
N14     Goliath demolition vehicle with controller ($3.00)
N15     Dead or wounded German
N16     General purpose dead or wounded figure in fatigues
N17     Surrendering figure in fatigues
N19     Western civilians (6 different for $9.00)
N25     Eastern civilians (6 different for $9.00)
N31     British officer
N32     British Bren gun team
N34     British infantry with SMG
N35     British infantry advancing with rifle
N36     British infantry firing rifle
N37     British infantry with Piat
N38     British dead or wounded
N39     French Resistance leader in MAC.
N40     French Resistance fighter LMG team
N42     French Resistance fighter with Thompson SMG
N43     French lady Resistance fighter with rifle
N44     Russian officer pointing
N45     Russian prone LMG team
N47     Russian prone with anti-tank rifle
N48     Russian advancing with SMG
N49     Russian advancing with Rifle
N50     Russian engineer with assorted tackle
N51     Russian sailor with rifle
N52     Russian dead or wounded
N54     British engineer/pioneer
N55     SS officer in smock
N56     SS LMG team
N58     SS SMG advancing
N59     SS rifleman advancing
N60     SS with assault rifle
N61     SS with panzerfaust and rifle
N62     US officer
N63     US infantry BAR team
N65     US infantry with Thompson SMG
N66     US infantry advancing with rifle
N67     US infantry marching with rifle
N68     US bazooka team
N70     US dead
N71     German cavalry
N72     SS cavalry
N73     Riderless horse picketed (2 for $4.50)
N74     Russian regular cavalry
N75     Cossack cavalry
N76     Dead or prone horse (2 for $4.50)
N77     Prone Cossack firing
N78     German HMG & 2 crew ($5.25)
N79     British HMG & 2 crew ($5.25)
N80     Russian HMG & 2 crew ($5.25)
N81     US HMG & 2 crew ($5.25)
N82     German Radio Man kneeling 
N83     British Radio Man kneeling 
N84     Russian Radio Man kneeling 
N85     US Radio Man kneeling
N86     German Mortar & 2 crew ($5.25)
N87     British Mortar & 2 crew ($5.25)
N88     Russian Mortar & 2 crew ($5.25)
N89     US Mortar & 2 crew ($5.25)
N90     Russian paratrooper advancing with SMG 
N91     Russian paratrooper advancing with rifle 
N92     Russian paratrooper firing LMG
N93     Russian paratrooper advancing with anti-tank rifle
N94     Russian paratrooper HMG & 2 crew ($5.25)
N95     Russian paratrooper Radio Man kneeling
N96     Russian paratrooper officer
N97     French infantry advancing 
N98     French infantry standing firing 
N99     French infantry with LMG 
N100    French HMG & 2 crew ($5.25)
N101    French mortar & 2 crew ($5.25)
N102    French infantry command (bugler, officer) 
N104    French cavalry 
N105    75mm field gun & 4 crew ($15.00)

        20mm Modern Guerrillas
All packs are four foot for $6.00.
Other prices as marked.
NMOD1   African guerrilla with AK47
NMOD2   African guerrilla firing AK47
NMOD3   African guerrilla with rifle
NMOD4   African guerrilla firing rifle
NMOD5   African guerrilla firing LMG
NMOD6   African guerrilla firing rocket
NMOD7   African guerrilla officer
NMOD8   Lightly dressed guerrilla with AK47
NMOD9   Lightly dressed guerrilla with rifle
NMOD10  Lightly dressed guerrilla with LMG
NMOD11  Lightly dressed guerrilla with rocket
NMOD12  Lightly dressed guerrilla officer

        20mm Scenics & Miscellaneous
Prices as marked.
20/1    Large half-timbered house ($6.75)     
20/2    Small half-timbered house ($6.00)     
20/3    Pack of gravestones ($3.00)    
20/4    Spanish house ($20.50)
20/5    Barricade with dead horse ($5.25)
20/6    Ruined Spanish house ($10.00)
20/7    Dead tree ($4.50)
20/8    Large timbered American house ($15.00)
20/9    Small timbered American house ($13.00)
20/10   Four wheeled wagon, 2 horses, driver ($16.50)
20/11   Four wheeled wagon with ox or horse, driver ($13.00)
20/12   2 wheeled Wagon with ox or horse & driver ($8.00)
20/13   Pontoon boat (80mm long) ($6.00)
20/14   Pontoon bridge section (60mm square) ($10.00)
20/15   4 wheeled, 2 horse flatbed Wagon, suitable for carrying pontoon boat with ox or horse & driver ($13.00)
$3.00 per pack unless marked otherwise.
NAN1    Three dogs
NAN2    Three sheep 
NAN3    Three goats 
NAN4    Three pigs 
NAN5    Two cows 
NAN6    Two dead cows 
NAN7    Stag and hind 
NAN8    Two buffalo 
NAN9    Two bison 
NAN10   Two mules 
NAN11   Pack Mule ($2.25)
NAN12   Two horses 
NAN13   Two oxen 
NAN14   Lion ($1.50)
NAN15   Tiger ($1.50)
NSP1    Scenery pack ($36.50)

        20mm World War II (Tin Soldier) 
All packs are three figures for $4.50.
ROM 4   Romanian LMG advancing
ROM 5   Romanian standing firing
ROM 6   Romanian officer raised hand
ROM 7   Romanian NCO pointing
ROM 8   Romanian advancing, soft cap
ROM 9   Romanian standing/advancing, helmet
ROM 10  Romanian machine gun crew and NCO

        25mm Biblicals 
Foot are 8 for $15.00 and mounted are 3 for $11.25   
Other figures are priced as marked    
ASS1    Assyrian heavy infantry with spear and shield  
ASS2    Assyrian heavy bowman     
ASS3    Assyrian heavy slinger   
ASS4    Assyrian guard infantry with spear and shield  
ASS5    Assyrian auxiliary infantry with spoor and shield      
ASS6    Assyrian auxiliary bowman         
ASS7    Assyrian infantry officers (6) and king (2) on foot      
ASS9    Assyrian lancer cavalry               
ASS10   Assyrian archer cavalry                
ASS11   Assyrian 4-horse chariot and crew     ($26.25)        
ASS12   Egyptian 2-horse chariot and crew with unarmored horses ($15.00)            
ASS13   Egyptian 2-horse chariot and crew with armored horses ($15.00)              
ASS14   Egyptian Pharaoh's chariot ($15.00)           
ASS15   Egyptian infantry spearman            
ASS16   Egyptian infantry archer              
ASS17   Egyptian infantry khopesh man         
ASS18   Egyptian infantry with 2-handed mace/axe              
ASS19   Egyptian light infantry javelinman            
ASS20   Egyptian scout light cavalry           
ASS21   Egyptian rower seated with open hands
ASS22   Egyptian trumpeter

        28mm Greeks
Foot are 8 for $15.00 and mounted are 3 for $11.25
Other figures are priced as marked
GRE1    Classical naked hoplite kneeling with spear 
GRE2    Classical naked hoplite advancing with spear 
GRE3    Classical naked hoplite standing with spear, shield held to front 
GRE4    Classical naked hoplite standing with spear, shield resting on ground 
GRE5    Early hoplite in bronze armour kneeling with spear 
GRE6    Early hoplite in bronze armour advancing with spear 
GRE7    Early hoplite in bronze armour standing with spear, shield held to front 
GRE8    Early hoplite in bronze armour standing with spear, shield resting on ground 
GRE9    Hoplite in leather armour kneeling with spear 
GRE10   Hoplite in leather armour advancing with spear 
GRE11   Hoplite in leather armour standing with spear, shield held to front 
GRE12   Hoplite in leather armour standing with spear, shield resting on ground
GRE13   Later unarmoured Hoplite kneeling with spear 
GRE14   Later unarmoured Hoplite advancing with spear 
GRE15   Later unarmoured Hoplite standing with spear, shield held to front 
GRE16   Later unarmoured Hoplite standing with spear, shield resting on ground 
GRE17   Peltast running with javelin 

        25mm Asiatics
Foot are 8 for $15.00 and mounted are 3 for $11.25
Other figures are priced as marked
        Tibetans (600 - 900 A.D.)
T1      Tibetan MC using bow or lance
T1a     Tibetan HC using bow or lance
T2      Tibetan EHC using bow or lance
T2a     Tibetan SHC using bow or lance
T3      Tibetan cavalry command
T5      Nepalese foot general, bareheaded, resting foot on helmet
T6      Nepalese archer firing, in summer dress
T6a     Nepalese archer firing, in winter dress
T6b     Nepalese javelinman, in summer dress
T7      Five wicker shields ($2.25) 
        Khmer (800 - 1500 A.D.)
T8      Elephant and driver, general in howdah w/parasol ($20.50)
T9      Elephant and driver, warrior astride ($20.50)
T10     Elephant and driver, warrior in howdah ($20.50)
T11     Maiden cavalry on dragon horse with command
T12     Male cavalry on dragon horse with command
T13     Maiden infantrywoman with spear with command
T14     Heavy infantryman standing with round shield
T14a    Heavy infantryman standing with long shield
T15     Heavy infantryman running with round shield
T15a    Heavy infantryman running with long shield
T16     Irregular infantry with javelins or axe
T17     Irregular archer firing or drawing arrow
T17a    Regular archer firing
T18     Foot command (officer, standard bearer, drummer, chime player)
T19a    Crossbowman
T19b    Handgunner
        Burmese (600 - 1300 A.D.)
T20     Burmese elephant with driver and six crew ($22.50)
T21     Extra crew figures for elephant
T22     Burmese mounted command (general, standard bearer, officer) 
T25     Burmese MC with sword or spear 
T25a    Burmese MC with sword or spear in quilt armor
T26     Burmese LC with javelins or sword
T27     Burmese LMI in quilt armor advancing w/ sword or spear
T28     Burmese crossbowman firing or loading
T28a    Burmese crossbowman firing or loading in quilt armor
T29     Burmese archer firing or loading
T29a    Burmese archer firing or loading in quilt armor
T30     Burmese escort infantry with bow
T30a    Burmese escort infantry with javelin
T31     Burmese infantry command (officer, standard bearer)
T32     Five shields ($2.00)
        Indians (1000 B.C. - 500 A.D.)
T33     Indian general astride elephant, with driver and parasol bearer ($20.50)
T34     Indian elephant with driver and two crew ($20.50)
T35     Two horse heavy chariot with driver, two crew ($17.00)
T36     Four horse heavy chariot, two drivers, four crew ($26.25)
T37     Indian MC with spear or sword
T37a    Indian HC with spear or sword
T38     Indian cavalry command (officer, standard bearer)
T39     Kushan EHC with lance or sword
T40     Indian longbowman firing
T40a    Later bowman in tee shirt
T41     Indian longbowman wielding sword
T41a    Later swordsman
T42     Indian shielded javelinman
T42a    Later javelinman
T43     Indian heavy infantry with longbow
T43a    Indian heavy infantry with shield and javelin
T44     Bactrian Greek hoplite with assorted helmets
T45     Indian infantry command (officer, standard bearer, musician)

        25mm Imperial Chinese (200 B.C. - 1800 A.D.) 
Foot are 8 for $15.00 and mounted are 3 for $11.25
Other figures are priced as marked
Y1a     Three Kingdoms regular extra-heavy cavalry
Y1b     T'ang regular extra-heavy cavalry
Y1c     Ming regular extra-heavy cavalry
Y1d     Regular cataphract cavalry
Y2a     Han/Three Kingdoms regular heavy cavalry
Y2b     T'ang regular heavy cavalry
Y2c     Sung regular heavy cavalry
Y2d     Ming/Manchou regular heavy cavalry
Y3a     Early heavy cavalry command
Y3c     Later heavy cavalry command
Y4a     Han regular light cavalry crossbowman
Y4b     Regular light cavalry archer
Y4c     Regular light cavalry javelinman/lancer
Y4d     Regular light cavalry officer
Y5a     Han halberdier
Y5b     T'ang guard infantry
Y5c     Sung guard infantry
Y5d     Ming halberdier
Y5e     Armored Ming infantry
Y6a     Han levy spearman
Y6b     T'ang levy spearman
Y6c     Sung levy spearman
Y6d     Ming/Manchou levy spearman
Y6e     Armored Ming/Manchou levy spearman
Y7a     Han levy crossbowman
Y7b     T'ang levy crossbowman
Y7c     Sung levy crossbowman
Y7d     Ming levy crossbowman
Y7e     Armored Ming levy crossbowman
Y8a     Han levy archer
Y8b     T'ang levy archer
Y8c     Sung levy archer
Y8d     Ming levy archer
Y8e     Armored Ming levy archer
Y9a     Han convict infantry
Y9b     Han swordsman with 2 side arms
Y9c     Han 2-handed swordsman
Y9d     Tribal infantry
Y10a    Handgunner/arquebusier
Y10b    Later militia spearman
Y10c    Later imperial guard crossbowman
Y10d    Manchou tigerman
Y11a    Early infantry command
Y11c    Later infantry command
Y12a    Han 4-horse chariot with general ($22.50)
Y12b    Han 4-horse chariot ($22.50)
Y12c    T'ang 4-horse chariot with general ($22.50)
Y13a    Han 2-horse chariot ($15.00)
        Early means up to T'ang.  Later means Sung and after.

        25mm Sassanids and Byzantines
Foot are 8 for $15.00 and mounted are 3 for $11.25
Other figures are priced as marked
        Sassanids (220 - 700 A.D.)
SB1     Early clibanarii holding lance, sword or bow
SB2     Later clibanarii holding lance underarm
SB3     Later clibanarii holding lance overarm
SB4     Cataphract with lance, sword or pointing
SB5     Cavalry command
SB7     Subject or allied light cavalry using bow or javelin
SB9     Mercenary infantry archer with bow or drawn sword
SB10    Mercenary infantry slinger firing or loading
SB11    Daylami infantry with javelin or sword
SB12    Levy infantry with spear or spear and dagger
SB13    Infantry officer with standard
SB14    Elephant with driver and three crew ($20.50)
        Belisarian (Early) & Heraclean (Maurikian) Byzantines (475 - 650 A.D.)
SB15    Belisarian kataphraktoi
SB15a   Belisarian kataphraktoi using bow
SB15b   Belisarian kataphraktoi on half-armored horse
SB16    Heraclean kataphraktoi on half-armored horse
SB16a   Heraclean kataphraktoi on unarmored horse
SB16b   Heraclean kataphraktoi using bow (specify horse type)
SB17    Trapeziatoi with lance and javelin or sword
SB18    Belisarian cavalry command
SB18a   Heraclean cavalry command
SB21    Hun noble HC using lance, bow or sword
SB22    Hun LC using bow, javelin, sword or lasso
SB23    Gepid HC holding lance or sword
SB24    Moor LC with javelins
SB25    Belisarian skutatoi javelinman
SB25a   Belisarian skutatoi with spear
SB25b   Belisarian HI skutatoi spearman
SB26    Heraclean skutatoi spearman
SB26a   Heraclean skutatoi throwing javelin
SB26b   Heraclean HI skutatoi spearman
SB26c   Heraclean skutatoi archer
SB27    Psiloi bowman
SB27a   Psiloi javelinman
SB27b   Psiloi slinger
SB27c   Psiloi crossbowman
SB28    Isaurian archer loading
SB28a   Isaurian archer firing
SB28b   Isaurian archer with drawn sword
SB29    Belisarian infantry officer
SB29a   Heraclean infantry officer

        25mm Celts and Romans
Foot are 8 for $15.00 and mounted are 3 for $11.25
Other figures are priced as marked
        Scots Irish (50 B.C. - 850 A.D.)
IP1     Lower class warrior with javelins
IP2     Upper class warrior with javelin or sword
IP3     Skirmisher with sword or javelin
IP3a    Skirmisher with sling
IP4     Frankish mercenary with francesca, sword or angon
IP5     Chief with sword, spear or axe, arms folded
IP6     General and driver in 2 horse chariot ($13.00)
IP7     Champion holding severed head with driver in 2 horse chariot ($13.00)
IP8     Warrior and driver in 2 horse chariot ($13.00)
        Norse-Irish (850 A.D. - 1300 A.D.)
IP9     Bonnacht with axe, axe and shield, spear and shield
IP10    Gallowglaich with axe or axe and javelin
IP11    Ostman with axe and shield
IP12    Viking swinging axe with shield on back
IP13    Viking bondi advancing with spear
IP13b   Viking bondi axeman
IP14    Viking archer firing or with bow and javelin
IP15    Viking berserk with two side arms, axe or chewing shield
IP16    Viking chief with axe or spear
IP17    Welsh longbowman firing
IP17a   Welsh heavy longbowman firing
        Picts/Caledonians (75 A.D. - 850 A.D.)
IP18    Pict LC throwing javelin
IP18a   Pict cavalry with mail and helmet
IP19    Early Pict spearman wearing cloak or hooded cloak
IP20    Later Pict spearman holding spear underarm
IP21    Naked fanatic with javelins or sword
IP22    Kneeling Pict archer firing or loading
IP22a   Pict crossbowman
IP23    Saxon noble spearman
IP24    Saxon peasant spearman with spear or dagger
IP25    Pictish chief with sword or spear
IP26    Pictish general and driver in 2 horse chariot ($13.00)
IP26a   Pictish warrior and driver in 2 horse chariot ($13.00)
        Gauls/British (400 B.C. - 75 A.D.)
IP27    Gallic MC with sword or spear
IP27a   Gallic HC with birdcrest helmet
IP28    British LC with javelins or sword
IP29    Gallic/British warrior advancing with sword or javelin
IP30    Gallic/British warrior charging or wounded
IP31    Gallic/British slinger firing or loading
IP32    Gallic/British skirmisher with javelins
IP33    Gallic archer firing
IP34    Gallic/British naked fanatic with sword, axe or javelin
IP35    Gallic/British general with severed head in 2 horse chariot ($13.00) 
IP36    Gallic/British warrior in two-horse chariot ($13.00)
IP37    Mounted Roman ally general, pointing
IP38    Roman auxiliary HC with spear
IP39    Roman auxiliary LHI with javelin
IP39a   Roman auxiliary LHI with sling and javelin
IP40    Gallic/British foot command
        Early Imperial Romans (25 B.C. - 193 A.D.)
IP41    Legionary standing with parallel edged shield
IP42    Legionary advancing with parallel edged shield
IP43    Legionary throwing, parallel edged shield
IP44    Auxiliary archer in western dress
IP44a   Auxiliary archer in eastern dress
IP45    Praetorian standing or saluting
IP46    Legionary command
IP48    Gladiator with sword or spear
IP48a   Extra heavy gladiator with sword or spear
IP49    Cavalry command
IP51    Cataphract with lance
IP52    Auxiliary HC with assorted shields
IP52c   Praetorian heavy cavalry
IP53    Sarmatian HC using lance or bow
IP53a   Sarmatian HC using lance or bow, on armored horse
        Republican (Camillan) Romans (275 -105 B.C.)
IP55    Roman heavy cavalry
IP56    Italian medium cavalry
IP56a   Italian heavy cavalry
IP57    Spanish long shield cavalry
IP57a   Spanish round shield cavalry
IP58    Roman cavalry command
IP60    Velite with spear and javelin
IP60a   Velite with javelin and shield
IP61    Roman hastati
IP62    Roman principes
IP63    Roman triarii
IP64    Italian allied LMI
IP64a   Italian allied LHI
IP65    Spanish scutarii charging with sword or spear
IP66    Spanish caetrati throwing javelin or waving sword
IP67    Numidian javelinman
IP67a   Numidian archer
IP67b   Numidian slinger
IP68    Cretan archer firing forwards or upwards
IP69    Roman infantry command
IP70    Elephant with driver and two crew in howdah ($20.50)
        Early Germans (200 B.C. - 200 A.D.)
IP71    German infantry, naked with javelins
IP72    German infantry in loin cloth with javelins
IP73    German infantry axeman
IP74    German infantry archer
IP75    German infantry chief/standard bearer
IP76    German cavalry

        25mm Crusades Range
Foot are 8 for $15.00 and mounted are 3 for $11.25
Other figures are priced as marked
        Seljuk Turks (1000 - 1300 A.D.)
C1      Seljuk/Syrian LC using bow, sword or javelin
C2      Seljuk HC using lance, mace or sword
C2a     Seljuk HC using lance, mace or sword, on barded horse
C3      Syrian HC using lance or sword
C3a     Syrian HC using lance or sword, on barded horse
C4      Seljuk cavalry command
C4a     Seljuk cavalry command on barded horse
C7      Seljuk foot archer firing or loading
C8      Seljuk infantry javelinman standing
C9      Seljuk infantry spearman at rest
C10     Seljuk infantry officer waving fist
        Fatmid Arabs (960 - 1171 A.D.)
C11     Fatmid HC using lance or sword
C11a    Fatmid HC using lance or sword on barded horse
C12     Fatmid cavalry command
C12a    Fatmid cavalry command on barded horse
C15     Fatmid infantry with spear or spear and javelin
C16     Sudanese ghulam infantry in long robe with bow
C17     Fatmid infantry command
C19     Bedouin LC with lance, cane lance or sword
C20     Turkoman LC using bow, saber or javelin
C57     Arab javelinman running with sword or javelin
C58     Arab swordsman charging swinging sword
C59     Sudanese spearman advancing
C59a    Sudanese spearman advancing in quilt armor
C60     Sudanese archer kneeling firing
C60a    Sudanese archer kneeling firing in quilt armor
        Franks (1096 - 1298)
C21     Frankish early knight HC with lance, sword or mace
C22     Frankish MC sergeant with lance or sword
C23     Mounted later Frankish knight with lance or sword
C24     Mounted knight Templar with lance or sword
C25     Mounted knight Hospittaller with lance or sword
C26     Mounted turcopole using bow, javelin or sword
C27     Mounted Frankish knight command
C28     Armenian HC with lance or sword
C30     Frankish medium spearman
C30a    Frankish heavy spearman
C31     Frankish medium crossbowman
C31a    Frankish heavy crossbowman
C32     Syrian bowman firing, loading or with drawn sword
C33     Frankish infantry command
C55     Frankish dismounted knight with lance, mace or sword
        Ayyubids (1171 - 1250 A.D.)
C34     Ayyubid HC with lance or sword
C34a    Ayyubid HC with lance or sword on barded horse
C35     Kwarizmian LC mamluk using saber, bow or javelin
C36     Syrian HC using lance or sword
C36a    Syrian HC using lance or sword, on barded horse
C37     Ayyubid cavalry command
C37a    Ayyubid cavalry command on barded horse
C40     Ayyubid crossbowman
C40a    Ayyubid heavy infantry crossbowman
C41     Assassin charging with dagger, sword or spear
C42     Fatmid infantry officer waving fist or with sword
C43     Trumpeter on camel ($5.25)
C43a    Drummer on camel ($5.25)
C44     Arab caravan guard in lamelar armor
C45     Arab naffatun throwing pot of incendiaries
C46     Kurd javelinman running with spear or sword
        Mamluks (1250 - 1500)
C47     Mamluk LC using mace, bow, sword or spear
C49     Mamluk cavalry command
C49a    Mamluk cavalry command on barded horse
C51     Mamluk HC with lance or mace and lance
C51a    Mamluk HC with lance or mace and lance on barded horse
C53     Mamluk tarbardar axeman
C54     Pack camel (3 for $15.75)
C56     Kneeling camel (3 for $9.00)
C72     Arab Muslim war elephant with driver and two crew astride ($20.50)
C73     Arab camel rider with javelin and shield (3 for $15.75)
C73a    Arab camel rider with bow (3 for $15.75)
C74     Georgian HC with lance and shield or using bow
C75     Ghulam HC with lance, bow or saber
C76     Muslim armored infantry w/spear, bow and shield
        Mongols (1200 - 1500)
C61     Mongol LC/MC using bow, saber, javelin or lasso
C63     Mongol HC using lance, bow or saber
C63a    Mongol HC using lance, bow or saber on armored horse
C64     Mongol cavalry command
C64a    Mongol cavalry command on armored horse
C67     Chinese auxiliary bowman firing or loading
C68     Korean auxiliary infantry with spear and shield
C68a    Korean auxiliary infantry using bow, propped shield
C68b    Korean auxiliary heavy infantry spearman
C68c    Korean auxiliary heavy infantry bowman
C69     Mongol naccara drummer on camel ($5.25)
C70     Ilkhanid or Moghul LC using bow or saber
C71     Ilkhanid or Moghul HC using lance, mace or bow

        25mm Medieval Range
Foot are 8 for $15.00 and mounted are 3 for $11.25
Other figures are priced as marked
        Carolingians, Lombards & Normans (500-1100)
M1      Frankish heavy cavalry using spear or sword
M2      Frankish medium cavalry retainer using spear or sword
M3      Lombard heavy cavalry with lance or sword
M4      Lombard medium cavalry retainer with lance or sword
M5      Norman heavy cavalry with lance, mace or sword
M6      Norman medium cavalry retainer with lance or sword
M7      Breton heavy cavalry throwing javelin
M7a     Breton heavy cavalry throwing javelin on armored horse
M8      Breton light cavalry throwing javelin or waving sword
M9      Frankish cavalry command
M9a     Lombard cavalry command
M9b     Norman cavalry command
M12     Medium infantry spearman with round shield
M12a    Heavy infantry spearman with round shield
M13     Medium infantry spearman with kite shield
M13a    Heavy infantry spearman with kite shield
M14     Archer firing or loading, with shield
M15     Crossbowman firing or loading
M16     Staff slinger firing or loading
M17     Infantry command
M18     Swabian heavy infantry charging with 2-handed sword
M19     Slav infantry with javelins or sword
M20     Magyar LC using bow, javelin or sword
        Feudals (1100 - 1300)
M21     12th C. mounted knight with lance, sword, mace or axe
M23     13th C. mounted knight with lance, sword, mace or axe
M25     Later 13th century knight with lance, sword or mace
M27     12th Century knight command
M27a    13th Century knight command
M29     Mounted heavy crossbowman
M31     Mounted MC sergeant or hobilar with lance or mace
M32     Mounted HC sergeant with mace or lance
M33     Dismounted 12th century knight with sword or mace
M34     Dismounted 13th century knight with sword, axe or mace
M35     Unarmored infantry advancing w/spear, kite/round shield
M36     Infantry in tunic or gambeson with axe, bill or flail
M37     Infantry archer in tunic or gambeson, firing
M38     Infantry crossbowman in tunic of gambeson, firing
M39     Heavy infantry advancing with spear or sword
M40     Heavy infantry with axe, bill, hammer or fauchard
M41     Heavy infantry archer firing
M42     Heavy infantry crossbowman firing
M43     Infantry command
M44     Peasant infantry with assorted farm implements
M45     Ribauld infantry with assorted baggage, spear and shield
M46     Lowland spearman holding spear underarm
M47     Scottish spearman holding spear underarm
M48     Mounted Teutonic knight with lance, mace or sword
M49     11-12th century Russian or Polish HC with lance and axe
M50     13th Century Polish knight charging with lance or sword
M51     Lithuanian LC using spear or bow
M52     Prussian tribesman with bow or axe
M53     Polish or Russian infantry in armor with spear and axe
M54     Kazak LC using bow or saber
        Middle Ages (1400-1500)
M55     15th Century knight with lance, mace, axe or sword
M55a    Dismounted 15th C. knight with lance, mace, axe or sword
M58     Mounted hobilar in gambeson with lance or sword
M58a    Dismounted hobilar in gambeson with lance or sword
M59     Mounted currour with lance or sword
M59a    Dismounted currour with lance or sword
M60     Mounted knight command
M60a    Dismounted knight command
M62     Longbowman firing, loading with maul or hammer
M62a    Heavy longbowman firing, loading with maul or hammer
M64     Heavy billman charging with bill, maul or flail
M65     Heavy billman standing with assorted weapons
M66     Irish kern running with javelins or dagger
M67     Irish LC with javelin or sword
M68     Heavy infantry crossbowman firing or loading
M69     Handgunner firing or with handgun on rest
M70     Pavise (8 for $15.00)
M70a    Spiked pavise (8 for $15.00)
M71     Peasant with improvised weapons
M72     Foot command
M82     European mounted page, trumpeter and herald
M73     Granadine jinete LC throwing javelin
M74     Granadine mounted knight in Christian armor
M75     Granadine mounted knight in Arab armor
M76     Granadine mounted knight command
M78     Granadine infantry spearman with vieled face
M79     Granadine infantry archer firing or loading
M80     Granadine infantry crossbowman firing or loading
M81     Granadine infantry command
M83     Hussite noble with lance
M83a    Hussite noble super heavy cavalry with lance
M84     Hussite gentry cavalry lancer
M84a    Hussite gentry cavalry with crossbow
M85     Hussite cavalry command
M87     Hussite infantry with flail, halberd or spear
M88     Hussite crossbowmen and handgunners firing
M88a    Hussite heavy crossbowman and handgunners firing
M90     Hussite infantry command
M91     Timurid or Turkoman light cavalry firing bow
M92     Timurid or Turkoman light cavalry holding bow
M93     Timurid or Turkoman light cavalry holding javelin
M94     Timurid heavy cavalry with lance held underarm
M95     Timurid heavy cavalry with lance held overarm
M96     Timurid heavy cavalry holding bow
M97     Timurid cavalry command (standard bearer, horn player, drummer)
M100    Timurid camel drummer ($5.25)
M101    Timurid infantry archer
M102    Timurid infantry handgunner
M103    Timurid elephant with crew ($20.50)
M104    Hostage/prisoner
M105    Stampeding cattle (4 for $12.00)

        25mm Renaissance
Foot are 8 for $15.00 and mounted are 3 for $11.25
Other figures are priced as marked
        Late 1400's and Early 1500's
R1      Guard halberdier in scalloped skirt and puffed sleeves
R2      Handgunner in tight hose and puffed sleeves
R3      Crossbowman in tight hose and puffed sleeves
R4      Pikeman advancing in tight hose and puffed sleeves
R5      Front rank pikeman, pike leveled, in 3/4 plate
R6      Infantry officer
R7      Arquebusier in slimline tights and puff sleeves
R8      Crossbowman in slimline tights and puff sleeves
R9      Pikeman, pike upright, in slimline tights and puff sleeves
R10     Arquebusier in plunderhosen
R11     Crossbowman in plunderhosen
R12     Two-handed swordsman in plunderhosen
R13     Pikeman advancing in plunderhosen
R14     Halberdier in fluted breastplate and plunderhosen
R15     Two-handed swordsman in fluted breastplate and plunderhosen
R16     Front rank pikeman, pike leveled, in fluted breastplate and plunderhosen
R17     Officer
        Early-Mid 1500's Europeans
R18     Polearm man in tight jacket, puff sleeves, knickerbockers and hose
R19     Arquebusier in tight jacket, puff sleeves, knickerbockers and hose
R20     Pikeman advancing in tight jacket, puff sleeves, knickerbockers and hose
R21     Sword and buckler man in 3/4 plate and pantaloons
R22     Front rank pikeman, pike leveled, in 3/4 plate and pantaloons
R23     Officer
        Late 1500's Europeans
R24     Musketeer in buff coat, slash sleeves and pantaloons
R25     Pikeman receiving, pike slanted, in breastplate over buff coat
R26     Front rank pikeman, pike leveled, in breastplate with tassets
R27     Archer in English jack over buff coat
R28     Polearm man in English jack over buff coat
R29     Officer
        1600 - 1660 Europeans
R30     Musketeer using sword and carrying musket, in tabard
R31     Musketeer in buff coat and stocking hose
R32     Pikeman, pike upright, in buff coat and stocking hose
R33     Musketeer in breastplate over buff coat
R34     Pikeman receiving, pike slanted, in breastplate over buff coat
R35     Front rank pikeman, pike leveled, in breastplate with tassets
R36     Scottish highlander
R37     Scottish pikeman
R38     Scottish musketeer
R39     Dismounted dragoon
R40     Officer
        Cavalry 1480 - 1600
R41     Gendarme charging in full plate
R42     Gendarme charging in full plate with skirts
R43     Cuirassier in 3/4 plate, firing pistol
R44     Cuirassier in 3/4 plate with tassets, charging with sword
R45     Early officers/generals
R47     Reiter pistolier in buff coat and chainmail sleeves, shooting pistol
R48     Reiter pistolier in buff coat and chainmail sleeves, charging with sword
R49     Heavy/medium cavalry in hat, buff coat and long boots, shooting pistols
R50     Heavy/medium cavalry in helmet, buff coat and long boots, charging w/sword
R51     Heavy/medium cavalry in helmet, breastplate and long boots, shooting pistols
R52     Heavy/medium cavalry in hat, breastplate and long boots, charging with sword
R53     Heavy/medium cavalry in hat, buff coat and pantaloons, charging with sword
R54     Heavy/medium cavalry in helmet, buff coat and pantaloons, charging w/lance
R55     Heavy/medium cavalry in breastplate and pantaloons, with lance
R56     Lancer in full mail coat, charging
R57     Later officers/generals
        Ottoman Turks 1400 - 1606
R59     Irregular infantry with bow
R60     Irregular infantry with arquebus
R61     Irregular infantry with saber and buckler
R62     Irregular infantry with spear and shield
R63     Infantry command
R65     Jannisary bowman
R66     Jannisary arquebusier
R67     Jannisary polearm man
R68     Jannisary command
R70     Household spahi cavalry
R71     Unarmoured spahi cavalry
R72     Armored spahi cavalry
R73     Cavalry command
R75     Deli light cavalryman
R77     Tartar light cavalry
R78     Islamic Persian heavy cavalry
R79     Islamic Persian extra-heavy cavalry
R80     Persian foot archer
R87     Polish/Russian musketeer with axe
R88     Polish/Russian pikeman
R89     Polish/Russian officer
R90     Polish Pancerni armoured Cossack cavalry
R91     Polish winged hussar cavalry
R92     Cossack cavalry with lance, bow and shield
R93     Wallacian light cavalry with bow
R94     Bolcan light cavalry with lance and shield

        25mm Marlburians
Foot are 8 for $15.00 and mounted are 3 for $11.25
Other figures are priced as marked
Suitable for any nation, with the right paint job.  
Most figures have slight variations to give a more 'human' feel.     
LM1     Infantry advancing with musket shouldered
LM2     Infantry advancing with musket at ready
LM3     Infantry firing musket
LM4     Infantry kneeling firing musket
LM5     Infantry loading musket
LM6     Grenadier in mitre advancing with musket shouldered
LM7     Grenadier in mitre advancing with musket at ready
LM8     Grenadier in mitre firing musket
LM9     Grenadier in fur cap advancing with musket shouldered
LM10    Grenadier in fur cap advancing with musket at ready
LM11    Grenadier in fur cap firing musket
LM12    Infantry command (NCO, officer, standard bearer, drummer)
LM16    Line horse in tricorne
LM17    Line horse in tricorne and breast plate
LM18    Line horse in lobster pot helmet
LM19    Horse grenadier in mitre
LM20    Horse grenadier in fur cap
LM21    Dragoon in tricorne
LM22    Dragoon in stocking cap
LM23    Hussar  
LM24    Cavalry command (officer, musician, standard bearer)  
LM27    Artillery crew (officer, ball, ram, trail spike)      
LM31    Field gun      ($7.50)
LM32    Galloper gun   ($6.75)
LM33    Small mortar   (3 for $4.50)
LM34    Limber, 2 horses and outrider  ($9.75)
LM35    Infantry marching in Russian/Swedish hat      

        25mm Seven Years War
Foot are 8 for $15.00 and mounted are 3 for $11.25
Other figures are priced as marked
SYWP1   Musketeer marching
SYWP2   Musketeer command (NCO, drummer, ensign, officer)
SYWP6   Grenadier marching
SYWP7   Grenadier command (NCO, drummer, ensign, officer)
SYWP11  Fusilier marching
SYWP12  Fusilier command (NCO, drummer, ensign, officer)
SYWP16  Jaeger infantry advancing
SYWP17  Cuirassier Cavalry
SYWP18  Dragoon cavalry
SYWP18  Hussar cavalry in mirliton
SYWP19  Uhlan/Bosniak lancer cavalry
SYWP20  Cavalry command (bugler, ensign, officer)
SYWF1   Line infantry
SYWA1   Austrian musketeer marching
SYWA2   Austrian musketeer command (NCO, drummer, standard bearer, officer)
SYWA6   Austrian grenadier marching

        25mm MOHICANS, RANGERS and MILITIA    
Foot are 8 for $15.00 and mounted are 3 for $11.25   
Other figures are priced as marked    
MAW1    Mohican advancing with musket    
MAW2    Mohican kneeling with musket      
MAW3    Mohican firing musket    
MAW4    Mohican with bow          
MAW5    Mohican advancing with hand weapons   
MAW6    Mohican running with hand weapons       
MAW7    Ranger advancing       
MAW8    Ranger firing    
MAW9    Ranger kneeling firing  
MAW10   Ranging loading 
MAW11   French Colonial Infantry/Marine advancing        
MAW12   French Colonial Infantry/Marine firing          
MAW13   French Colonial Infantry/Marine kneeling      
MAW14   French Colonial Infantry/Marine loading          
MAW15   Mohican in buckskins advancing  
MAW16   Mohican in buckskins firing    
MAW17   Mohican in buckskins kneeling, firing   
MAW18   Mohican in buckskins loading      
MAW19   Ranger in buckskins and Glengary advancing       
MAW20   Ranger in buckskins and Glengary firing       
MAW21   Ranger in buckskins and Glengary kneeling     
MAW22   Ranger in buckskins and Glengary loading         
MAW23   Militia in buckskins and tricorne advancing      
MAW24   Militia in buckskins and tricorne firing       
MAW25   Militia in buckskins and tricorne kneeling    
MAW26   Militia In buckskins and tricorne loading     
MAW27   French Militia in stocking cap advancing         
MAW28   French Militia in stocking cap firing   
MAW29   French Militia in stocking cap kneeling       
MAW30   French Militia in stocking cap loading         
MAW31   Officer in tricorne shooting pistol   
MAW32a  Canoe with four ranger crew ($15.00)  
MAW32b  Canoe with four Mohican crew ($15.00)    

        25mm Napoleonics Range 
Foot are 8 for $15.00 and mounted are 3 for $11.25   
Other figures are priced as marked    
Separate epaulettes will be provided on request for figures required as flank companies.     
        BRITISH INFANTRY       
LBN1    Infantry attacking     
LBN2    Infantry defending     
LBN3    Infantry kneeling, defending   
LBN4    Infantry firing
LBN5    Infantry kneeling, firing
LBN6    Infantry standing to attention
LBN7    Infantry command (officer, NCO, drummer, standard bearer)
LBN11   Rifleman kneeling
LBN12   Rifleman prone
LBN13   Highlander attacking
LBN14   Highlander command (officer, NCO, drummer, standard bearer)
LBN18   Dead or wounded infantry
LBN19   Sapper
LBN20   Highlander firing
LBNC1   Mounted general
LBNC2   Light dragoon in tarleton
LBNC3   Light dragoon command in tarleton (officer, trumpeter)
LBNC5   Light dragoon in shako
LBNC6   Light dragoon command in shako (officer, trumpeter)
LBNC8   Portuguese Cavalry 
LBNC9   Hussar in busby 
LBNC10  Hussar command (trumpeter, officer)
LBNC12  Heavy dragoon in bicorne 
LBNC13  Heavy dragoon command in bicorne (trumpeter, officer) 
LBNC15  Heavy dragoon in helmet 
LBNC16  Heavy dragoon command in helmet (trumpeter, officer)
LBNC18  Scots Grey 
LBNC19  Scots grey command (trumpeter, officer) 
LBNC21  Lifeguard 
LBNC22  Lifeguard command (trumpeter, officer)
LBNA1   61b gun plus 4 foot artillery crew ($17.00)
LBNA2   4 horse limber with 2 foot artillery outriders ($26.25)
LBNA3   6lb gun plus 4 horse artillery crew ($17.00)
LBNA4   6 horse limber with 3 horse artillery outriders ($33.75)
LBNA5   Rocket plus 4 crew ($17.00)
LFN1    Infantry standing firing
LFN2    Infantry kneeling firing
LFN3    Infantry running
LFN4    Infantry marching
LFN5    Infantry attacking
LFN6    Infantry command (officer, NCO, drummer, standard bearer)
LFNC1   Mounted general
LFNC2   Line lancer
LFNC3   Line lancer command (officer, trumpeter, guidon bearer)
LFNC6   Hussar trooper
LFNC7   Hussar command (trumpeter, quidon bearer, officer)
LFNC10  Chasseur a cheval 
LFNC11  Chasseur a cheval command (trumpeter, guidon bearer, officer) 
LFNC14  Dragoon 
LFNC15  Dragoon command (trumpeter, guidon bearer, officer) 
LFNC18  Cuirassier 
LFNC19  Cuirassier command (trumpeter, guidon bearer, officer) 
LFNC22  Carabinier 
LFNC23  Carabinier command (trumpeter, guidon bearer, officer) 
LFNA1   81b gun plus 4 foot artillery crew ($17.00)
LFNA2   4 horse limber with 2 foot artillery outriders ($26.25) 

        25mm American Civil War
Foot are 8 for $15.00 and mounted are 3 for $11.25.
Other prices as marked.
BACW1   Infantry marching in slouch hat
BACW2   Infantry marching in kepi
BACW3   Infantry advancing in slouch hat
BACW4   Infantry advancing in kepi
BACW5   Infantry attacking in slouch hat
BACW6   Infantry attacking in kepi
BACW7   Infantry command in slouch hat
BACW8   Infantry command in kepi
BACW17  Infantry standing firing in slouch hat
BACW18  Infantry standing firing in kepi
BACW19  Infantry kneeling firing in slouch hat
BACW20  Infantry kneeling firing in kepi
BACW21  Casualty figure in slouch hat
BACW22  Casualty figure in kepi
BACW23  Ammunition box  (4 for $9.00)
BACW24  Napoleon gun and 4 crew in slouch hat  ($17.00)
BACW25  Napoleon gun and 4 crew in kepi  ($17.00)
BACW26  4-Horse limber and 2 outriders in slouch hat  ($26.25)
BACW27  4-Horse limber and 2 outriders in kepi  ($26.25)
BACW28  Cavalry in slouch hat
BACW29  Cavalry in kepi
BACW30  Cavalry lancer/guidon bearer
BACW31  Cavalry officer/general
BACW32  Zouave infantry advancing
BACW33  Iron Brigade infantry advancing
BACW34  2.5 section of stone fence (4 for $12.00)
BACW35  2.5 section of snake fence (4 for $9.00)
BACW36  2 section of rail fence (4 for $9.00)

        28mm Wild West Characters
Foot are $2.25 each.
Other prices as marked.
COW1    Apache boy     
COW2    Apache girl    
COW3    Apache woman   
COW4    Apache old woman       
COW5    Indian advancing with rifle    
COW6    Indian firing rifle    
COW7    Indian firing bow      
COW8    Indian running with knife      
COW9    Mexican running with scythe    
COW10   Mexican with spade and knife   
COW11   Mexican running, open hands    
COW12   Chinese walking with machete   
COW13   Chinese with rifle     
COW14   Chinese running, open hands    
COW15   Cowboy shooting revolver       
COW16   Cowboy with rifle      
COW17   Cowboy, open hands     
COW18   Cowboy wounded in bandages and sling, with revolver   
COW19   Woman with rifle       
COW20   Busty woman!   
COW21   Woman with baby 
COW22   Rifle (3 for $2.25)    
COW23   Mexican hat (3 for $2.25)      

        25mm 19th Century Colonials
Foot are 8 for $15.00 and mounted are 3 for $11.25.
Other prices as marked.
COL1    Zulu warrior with assaegi or knobkerry
COL2    Zulu with firearm 
COL3    Dead Zulu
COL4    Pack Elephant ($18.75)
COL5    Afghan with firearm
COL6    Afghan with sword
COL7    Abyssinian with firearm 
COL8    Abyssinian with sword
COL9    Askari firing rifle 
COL10   British or similar infantry at the ready
COL11   British or similar infantry marching
COL12   British or similar infantry officer
COL13   Askari infantry advancing
COL14   Abyssinian infantry command
COL18   Abyssinian Galla horsemen
COL19   Abyssinian armored Galla horsemen
COL20   Dervish infantry with sword
COL21   Mahdist infantry with sword
COL22   Mahdist infantry with rifle
COL23   Mahdist cavalry with lance or sword
COL24   Mahdist camelry with lance or sword (3 for $15.75)
COL25   Boxer infantry with assorted weapons
COL26   British Highland infantry attacking
COL27   British Highland infantry firing
COL28   Later British infantry at the ready
COL29   Later British infantry kneeling
COL30   Later British infantry standing firing
COL31   British cavalry with lance or saber
COL32   British gun with four crew ($17.00)

        25mm World War 1 Range
Foot are 8 for $15.00 and mounted are 3 for $11.25
Other figures are priced as marked
Fl      Late infantry standing with rifle
F2      Late infantry firing rifle
F3      Late infantry charging with rifle
F4      Late heavy MG with two crew (3 for $15.75)
F5      Early infantry standing with rifle
F6      Early infantry firing rifle
F7      Early infantry charging with rifle
F8      Early heavy MG with two crew (3 for $15.75)
F9      Cuirassier cavalry
F10     Chasseur cavalry
Gl      Late officer advancing with pistol
G2      Late officer pointing with pistol
G3      Late infantry advancing with full pack
G4      Late infantry firing with full pack
G5      Late infantry advancing with light equipment
G6      Late heavy MG with two crew (3 for $15.75)
G7      Early infantry officer with pistol
G8      Early infantry firing
G9      Early infantry firing in flat cap
G10     Early infantry firing crouched
G11     Early infantry advancing with pack
G12     Early infantry advancing with light equipment
G13     Early infantry advancing in cap
G14     Early heavy MG with two crew (3 for $15.75)
G15     Uhlan cavalry
G16     Cuirassier/Dragoon cavalry
G17     Stormtrooper throwing grenade
Bl      Early or late officer with pistol
B2      Late officer with pistol
B3      Late infantry advancing with full pack
B4      Late infantry advancing with small pack
B5      Late infantry firing
B6      Late heavy MG with two crew (3 for $15.75)
B7      Early infantry advancing with full pack
B8      Early infantry advancing with small pack
B9      Early infantry firing
B10     Early heavy MG with two crew (3 for $15.75)
          For British cavalry use WR7 
WR1     Officer pointing
WR2     Infantry kneeling firing
WR3     Infantry standing firing
WR4     Infantry marching
WR5     Siberian infantry attacking
WR6     Cossack cavalry
WR7     Regular cavalry
WR8     Heavy MG with two crew (3 for $15.75)
WT1     Officer with pistol
WT2     Infantry advancing
WT3     Infantry standing firing
WT4     Infantry kneeling at the ready
WT5     Heavy MG with crew (3 for $15.75)
WT6     Cavalry with lance or saber
WC1     British infantry advancing
WC2     British cavalry with saber
WC3     British camel corps (3 for $15.75)
WC4     British MG with crew (3 for $15.75)
WC5     British officer
WC6     ANZAC infantry charging
WC7     ANZAC cavalry with carbine
WC8     ANZAC MG with crew (3 for $15.75)
WC9     Indian infantry advancing
WC10    Indian cavalry with lance
WC11    Indian MG with crew (3 for $15.75)
WA1     Infantry with rifle
WA2     Infantry with sword
WA3     Cavalry with sword and rifle
WA4     Camelry with sword and rifle (3 for $15.75)
WG1a    Krupp 7.7 cm gun with German crew ($17.00)
WG1b    Krupp 7.7 cm gun with Turkish crew ($17.00)
WG2a    18 Pdr gun with British crew ($17.00)
WG2b    18 Pdr gun with ANZAC crew ($17.00)
WG2c    18 Pdr gun with Indian crew ($17.00)
WG3     75mm Gun with French crew ($17.00)
WG4     76mm Gun with Russian crew ($17.00)
WG5     Generic 4-horse limber with 2 outriders ($26.25)
WG6     Two-wheeled limber without horses ($6.75)
WG7     Generic lorry ($30.00)

        28mm Modern Insurgents
Foot are $2.25 each.
Other prices as marked. 
MOD1    Insurgent firing pistol        
MOD2    Insurgent walking with rifle   
MOD3    Insurgent walking with AK47    
MOD4    Insurgent running with AK47    
MOD5    Insurgent firing AK47 from hip 
MOD6    Insurgent firing AK47 from shoulder   
MOD7    Insurgent running with RPG     
MOD8    Insurgent firing RPG   
MOD9    Insurgent woman standing with AK47    
MOD10   Insurgent child firing AK47    
MODE1   Rifle (3 for $2.25)    
MODE2   AK47 (3 for $2.25)
MODE3   RPG (3 for $2.25)

        25mm Equipment et al. 
Prices as marked
25/1    Battering ram in 6-wheeled, covered penthouse ($18.75)
25/2    General purpose penthouse ($15.00)
25/3    Two scaling ladders, ten fascines and one ram ($7.50)
25/4    Five 2 long palisade sections ($8.25)
25/5    Civilian work party with spades, axe or hammer ($11.25)
25/6    Four two-wheeled archer's mantlets ($7.50)
25/7    Wheeled siege tower with hide cladding ($45.00)
25/8    Two tar-daubed flaming pigs ($2.75)
25/9    5 pushing, pulling and carrying in western dress ($11.25)
25/10   5 pushing, pulling and carrying in eastern dress ($11.25)
25/11   Twenty wheels, 4 large spoked, 8 large solid, 8 small solid ($7.50)
25/12   6 frontage of emplaced stakes ($6.00)
25/13   Angry bear ($2.50)
25/14   Four-wheeled Asiatic battlewagon ($15.00)
25/15   Yoke of two oxen ($5.25)
25/16   3 climbing figures, 2 sitting figures, in Western dress for storming parties, drivers ($11.25)
25/17   3 climbing figures, 2 sitting figures, in Eastern dress for storming parties, drivers ($11.25)
25/18   10 frontage of plashed wood edge ($8.25)
25/19   Stockade section with raised earth rampart ($7.50) 
25/20   Corner section of stockade with earth rampart ($2.50)
25/21   Hussite war wagon with high wooden side ($15.00)
25/22   Hussite war wagon with high, pierced wooden side ($15.00)
25/23   Hussite war wagon, high wooden side with panels ($15.00)
25/24   Three figures carrying torches and buckets, two suitable for carrying ram or ladder, in Western dress ($11.25)
25/25   Three figures carrying torches and buckets, two suitable for carrying ram or ladder, in Eastern dress ($11.25)
25/26   Two-wheeled ox cart with ox and load ($13.00)
25/27   Four wheel cart with team of two horses ($18.75)
25/28   Three each barrels, baskets, bags and chest ($6.00)
25/29   Three Asiatic bow armed crew for 25/14 ($6.75)
25/30   Three Hussite crew w/crossbow, handgun and flail ($6.75)
25/31   Five women camp followers in western dress ($11.25)
25/32   Five women camp followers in eastern dress ($11.25)
25/33   Three 2 sections of chevaux de frise ($7.50)
25/34   Stacks of cannon balls, grain sacks, buckets and man w/wheelbarrow ($6.00)
25/35   6 dead/wounded bodies, stretcher and bearers ($17.00)
25/36   Five artillerist in western dress ($11.25)
25/37   Five artillerist in eastern dress ($11.25)
25/38   Ballista light bolt-shooter ($3.00)
25/39   Ten mina onager stone-thrower ($7.50)
25/40   Large counter-weighted trebuchet ($18.75)
25/41   Large 15th century bombard ($13.00)
25/42   Medieval gunners, assorted figures ($9.75)
25/43   Team of two horses, with harnessing ($6.75)
25/44   Team of four horses, with harnessing ($10.50)
25/45   Stockade gateway with two opening doors ($9.75)
25/46   Medieval organ gun ($7.50)
25/47   Chinese rocket launcher ($7.50)
25/48   Four-wheeled camel cart with driver ($15.00)
25/49   Two pack mules, attendant and child ($10.50)
25/50   Two pack horses, attendant and child ($10.50)
25/51   Pack yak and attendant ($6.00)
25/52   Bactrian pack camel and attendant ($6.00)
25/53   Cauldron on tripod ($6.00)
25/54   Large wooden table with four chairs ($7.50)
25/55   Large bed ($6.00)
25/56   Large four-wheeled four horse medieval wagon with driver ($26.25)
25/57   Bombard suitable for mounting in 25/56 ($7.50)
25/58   Four medieval bombard crew with ammunition ($7.50)
25/59   Twenty spoked wheels, 8 small,4 medium,8 large ($7.50)
25/60   Plough, ox and ploughman ($6.00)
25/61   Early Renaissance cannon ($7.50)
25/62   Later Renaissance galloper/battery gun ($5.25)
25/63   Renaissance medium cannon ($6.75)
25/64   Renaissance culverin ($9.75)
25/65   Four early Renaissance gun crew ($9.75)
25/66   Four later Renaissance gun crew ($9.75)
25/67   Four Turkish artillerymen ($9.75)
25/68   Four Chinese artillerymen ($9.75)
25/69   Late Renaissance limber ($2.25)
25/70   Large gabion ($2.75)
25/71   Crow, crew and victim ($7.50)
25/72   Two vats of boiling oil and crew ($6.75)
25/73   Knight and sergeant grappling ($2.75)
25/74   Wall top and walkway ($10.50)
25/75   Knight's tent ($9.75)
25/76   Mongol Yurt ($8.25)
25/77   Very large four-wheeled four horse wagon with driver ($33.75)
25/78   Small four-wheeled two horse wagon ($20.50)
25/79   Palm tree ($6.75)
25/80   Large palm tree ($7.50)
25/81   Leafless deciduous tree ($7.50)
25/82   Large leafless deciduous tree ($9.75)
25/83   1” section of wattle fence ($2.25)
25/84   Five sections of wattle fence ($8.25)
25/85   Set of 4 cacti ($17.00)
25/86   Horse drawn 2-wheeled cart with load ($13.00)
25/87   Totem Pole ($8.25)
25/88   Very Large Bombard ($18.75)
25/89   Camp Pack - Great for DBA/DBM.  Please state nationality and era. ($30.00)
25/90   4 wheeled, 1 horse wagon, with driver ($15.00)
25/91   Pontoon boat (80mm long) ($6.00)
25/92   Pontoon bridge section (60mm square) ($9.75)
25/93   4 wheeled, 2 horse flatbed wagon, suitable for carrying pontoon boat ($15.00)
25/94   Early renaissance medium cannon ($10.50)
25/95   Early renaissance heavy cannon ($10.50)

        25mm Religious Rabble
$11.25 per pack, other prices as marked
RR1     Druids, screaming women, sacrificial goat and fires
RR2     Irish saint ($2.25)
RR3     Jewish priests and trumpeters
RR4     Carroccio shrine drawn by 4 oxen with 2 crew ($22.50)
RR5     Group of crusades pilgrims
RR6     Women, slaves, elderly and children in western dress
RR7     Women, slaves, elderly and children in eastern dress
RR8     Women, slaves, elderly and children in medieval dress
RR9     Group of Buddhist monks
RR10    Jester, page, dancing bear and bear master

        25mm Corrective Punishment Range
Prices as marked
CP1     Gallows with corpse ($7.50)
CP2     Stocks with ruffian ($3.00)
CP3     Pillory with unfortunate ($3.00)
CP4     Axeman, victim, block and basket ($6.00)
CP5     Heretic burning at the stake ($6.00)
CP6     Guillotine ($7.50)
CP7     Rack with victim ($6.75)
CP8     Dunking stool with hag ($6.75)
CP9     Iron maiden ($6.00)
CP10    Prisoner hanging by chains from wall ($6.75)

        25mm Personalities Range
Foot figures are $2.25 and mounted figures are $4.50
Other figures are priced as marked
P1      Dead horse with carrion bird ($2.50)
P2      Dead housed horse ($2.50)
P9      William Wallace (Highland leader)
P10     Wounded Teutonic knight on foot
P12     Medieval lady, sidesaddle on horse (l piece casting)
P13     Medieval lady on foot
P14     Medieval merchant on foot
P15     Medieval civilian on foot
P16     Child running
P17     Child playing
P18     Medieval pipes player
P19     Medieval drummer
P20     Medieval trumpeter
P21     Medieval bishop on horse
P22     Medieval bishop on foot
P23     Medieval guitarist
P24     Captive in chains
P25     Medieval ruffian
P26     Roman senator
P27     Roman civilian
P28     Roman lady
P29     Gypsy dancing girl
P30     Eastern belly dancer
P31     Arab holy man
P33     Extrovert Viking general on foot
P35     Earl of Warwick (1451) on horse
P37     African chief on foot
P38     King Arthur on horse
P43     Slave carrying sack
P44     Slave carrying box
P50     Zenobia on camel ($5.25)
P63     Four Piece Pop Group – The Sherpas - Janice (rhythm guitar), Charlie (lead guitar), 
        John (bass guitar), Ian (drums)  ($15.00)
P64     Ninja
Foot are 8 for $15.00 and mounted are 3 for $11.25 
P3      Black Sea Sarmatian cavalry charging (1 piece casting)
P4      Black Sea infantry javelinman
P5      Black Sea Greek militia infantry spearman
P6      Galwegian/Irish warrior with sword, axe and javelin
P7      Galwegian/Irish warrior with sword or axe
P8      Galwegian/Irish warrior slouching with sword or axe
P11     Dismounted Tibetan cataphract
P32     Arab unarmoured cavalry
P34     Catalan Almaguvar infantry
P36     Low countries pikeman at rest
P39     Medieval Siamese infantryman
P40     Palmyran cataphract charging (1 piece casting) 
P41     Palmyran volunteer light cavalry
P42     Palmyran infantry archer
P45     Mounted Renaissance genitor
P46     Palmyran regular light cavalry
P47     Mounted Granadine crossbowman
P48     Bleyme heavy cavalryman
P49     Bleyme extra-heavy cavalryman
P51     Palmyran dismounted cataphract
P52     Seleucid dismounted cataphract
P53     Granadine heavy infantryman
P54     Carthaginian citizen spearman
P55     Achemenid Persian Immortal firing bow
P56     Achemenid Persian Immortal with spear and shield
P57     Carthaginian heavy spearman
P58     Libyan/Carthaginian heavy cavalry
P59     Midianite camel with two riders (3 for $18.00)
P60     Midianite foot javelinman
P61     Midianite foot slinger
P62     Midianite foot archer

        25mm Specialty Figures
Foot figures are $2.25 and mounted figures are $4.50
Other figures are priced as marked
GL1     Eastern Retarius       
GL2     Gladiator with sword and shield       
GL3     Gladiator with spear and shield
GL4     Revolting slave with improvised weapons
GL5     Thracian
GL6     Retarius
GL7     Contra Retarius
GL8     Myrmillo
GL9     Velite
GL10    Dimacharius
GL11    Hoplomachus
GL12    Lady Gladiator
GLS     Ludi Set – one of each gladiator      ($25.00)       
        EMERGENCY SERVICES             
EMS1    Fireman in helmet        
EMS2    Nurse    
EMS3    Policeman in helmet    
EMS4    Policeman in peaked cap        
EMS5    Policewoman    
        LES GIRLS              
17 assorted females in various positions, stages of undress ($30.00) 

        25mm Animals
All are $2.50 unless otherwise marked
AN1     Dog, cat and rabbit 
AN2     Two sheep 
AN3     Two cows ($5.25)
AN4     Pony walking 
AN5a    Horse trotting 
AN5b    Horse trotting with bridal and rein 
AN6a    Horse standing 
AN6a    Horse standing with bridal and rein 
AN7     Lion 
AN8     Bison 
AN9a    Bactrian camel ($3.00)
AN9b    Dromedary camel ($3.00)
AN10    Elephant ($10.00)
AN11    Two pigs 
AN12    Two donkeys ($3.00)
AN13    Two goats 
AN14    Gorilla 
AN15    Two wolves 
AN16    Eight assorted poultry 
AN17    Tiger 
AN18    Giraffe ($3.00)
AN19    Water buffalo 
AN20    Stag and hind ($5.25)
AN21    Mule 
AN22    Yak ($2.75)
AN23    African Elephant ($11.00)
AN24    Crocodile
AN25    Wild Boar 
AN26    Two vultures with wings spread ($3.00)
AN27    Two eagles with wings spread ($3.00)
AN28    Two buzzards perched ($3.00)
AN29    Two bases of rats ($3.00)
AN30    Shire horse ($2.50)
AN31    Two pheasants ($3.00)
AN32    Rhinoceros ($5.25)
AN33    Hippopotamus ($5.25) 
AN34    Ostrich ($2.25)
AN35    Gazelle/antelope ($3.00)
AN36    Kangaroo ($4.50)
AN37    Wolfhound ($2.25)
AN38    Highland cattle ($2.75)
AN39    Longhorn cattle ($2.75)

        28mm Army Packs
Renaissance Starter Packs                                    
Each pack contains 1 'Brigade' of 40-50 infantry, 5 skirmishers, 1 gun and crew, 1 unit 
of 12 cavalry, a General and two aides. Priced at $165.00.                                  
Swiss - Burgundian - Italian - Early English Tudor - Early Spanish - Later Spanish -
French - Landsknecht - Imperialist 30 Years War - Swedish 30 Years War - Dutch -    
English Civil War - New Model Army - Ottoman Turk - Ming Chinese - Manchou Chinese                          
An easy and cheap way to try a new period. These packs comprise two opposing forces 
and a set of rules.  Priced at $240.00.                                     
Ancient/medieval - any two armies with DBA rules                                    
Renaissance - any two armies with DBR rules                                 
Napoleonic - French v. British with Principles of War Napoleonic rules                               
American Civil War - Union v. Confederate with our own fast play ACW rules  
Colonials - any two armies with the Colonial Age rules       
WWI - any two armies with our own fast play WWI rules 
Fantasy - any two races with Hordes of the Things rules      
The Devil is Here – WWI Battlepack $95.00 

All packs $7.50 except where noted
F1      Four female fighters ($9.00)
F2      Four fighters standing ($9.00)
F3      Four fighters kneeling ($9.00)
F4      Four thieves ($9.00)
F5      Four magic users ($9.00)
F6      Four monks ($9.00)
F7      Four fat monks ($9.00)
F8      Four clerics ($9.00)
F9      5 assorted cutting weapons ($2.25)
F10     5 assorted concusive weapons ($2.25)
F11     5 assorted shields ($2.25)
F12     5 assorted magical items ($2.25)
F13     Four assorted unarmoured goblins ($6.75)
F14     Four assorted unarmoured goblins ($6.75)
F15     Four assorted armored goblins
F16     Four assorted command figures 
F17     Two wolves with riders
F18     Wolf drawn chariot ($17.00)
F19     Four assorted archers
F20     Four assorted spearmen
F21     Four assorted swordsmen
F22     Four assorted command figures ($9.75)
F23     Two cavalry
F24     Chariot ($20.50)
        Dark Elves
F25     Four assorted witches in armor, using swords
F26     Four assorted crossbowmen
F27     Four assorted swordsmen in armor
F28     Four assorted command figures ($9.75)
F29     Lizard drawn chariot with witch crew ($20.50)
F30     Lizard drawn chariot with dark elf crew ($20.50)
F57     Two cavalry on giant lizards ($9.75)
F31     Four assorted unarmoured dwarves ($6.75)
F32     Four assorted armored dwarves ($6.75)
F33     Four assorted crossbowmen ($6.75)
F34     Four assorted spearmen ($6.75)
F35     Four assorted command figures
F58     Two assorted mounted dwarves
F36     Four assorted spearmen
F37     Four assorted crossbowmen
F38     Four assorted archers
F39     Four assorted orcs with hand weapons
F40     Four assorted command figures ($8.25)
F41     Two wolves with riders ($8.25)
        Adventurer Knights
F42     Four assorted knights with swords ($6.75)
F43     Four assorted knights with hand weapons ($6.75)
F44     Two mounted knights with swords
F45     Two mounted knights with lances
F59     Hero of the skull cult on dinosaur ($15.00)
F60     Four human adventurers ($9.00)
F46     Wolf (3 for $8.25)
F47     Ogre ($6.75)
F48     Giant
F49     Troll (3 for $9.00)
F50     Zombie (3 for $6.75)
F56     Giant lizard (3 for $9.00)
F61     Huge winged fire demon ($45.00)
F62     Four ratmen running ($9.00)
F63     Three large skeleton swordsmen ($9.00) 
        Engine Crew
F51     Four goblin crew ($6.75)
F52     Four elf crew
F53     Four dark elf crew
F54     Four dwarf crew ($6.75)
F55     Four orc crew ($6.75)
Note:  Use engines from the equipment range   

All figures are $3.00 except where marked
SF1     Officer with pistol
SF2     Advancing with hand blaster
SF3     Firing hand blaster
SF4     Firing heavy blaster ($4.50)
SF5     Heavy blaster ammo carrier
SF6     Scout on hover bike ($9.75)
SF7     Officer 
SF8     Advancing with hand blaster
SF9     Firing hand blaster
SF10    Firing heavy blaster ($4.50)
SF11    Heavy blaster loader
SF12    Scout walker  ($13.00)
SF13    Maintenance robot ($2.75)
SF14    Battle robot ($9.75)
SF15    Officer ($2.75)
SF16    Advancing with disrupter ($2.75)
SF17    Firing Disrupter ($2.75)
SF18    Advancing with disrupter and backpack grenade launcher 
SF18a   Spice-lice add-on wings (10 for $7.50)
SF19    Chieftain with pistol ($2.75)
SF20    Advancing with carbine ($2.75)
SF21    Firing carbine from hip ($2.75)
SF22    Kneeling firing disrupter ($2.75)
SF23    Girl with stunner and hand computer ($2.75)
        RAY MEN
SF24    Officer ($2.75)
SF25    Advancing with laser ($2.75)
SF26    Firing laser ($2.75)
SF27    Firing heavy weapon  
SF31    Riding chicken walker beast ($8.25)
SF28    Orc with disruptor ($2.75)
SF29    Elf with laser ($2.75)
SF30    Dwarf with blaster ($2.75)
SF31    Rhinomonster ($9.75)
SF32    Skinner creature ($4.50)
SF33    Skinner creature riding Mammoth ($9.75)
        Carnivorous Walking Plants 
SF34    Large Griffid ($4.50)
SF35    Medium Griffid ($4.50)
SF36    De-capetated Griffid ($1.50)
SF37    Rat gnawing on human hand! ($0.75)

        25mm Classical Greeks (Tin Soldier)
Foot are 4 for $9.00, riders are 3 for $6.75 and horses are 3 for $7.50
Description (V5 = 5 Helmet Variants, V6 = 6 Helmet Variants) Provided randomly.     
G1      Senior offier (Theban) Boeotian helmet. Cloak. Spear  
G2      Senior officer. transverse Corinthian helmet. Cloak. Spear   
G3      Senior officer. pushed back Corinthian helmet. Cloak. Spear  
G4      Senior officer (Spartan) cloak and staff of office    
G5      Herald with symbol of office   
G6      Piper playing twin pipes       
G7      Trumpeter playing      
G8      Officer. (Theban) Boeotian helmet. Cloak. Spear.      
G9      Officer (Athenian) Corinthian helmet . Cloak. Spear   
G10     Officer. (Spartan) pilos crested helmet. Cloak. Spear 
G11     Officer. pushed back Corinthian helmet. Cloak. Spear  
G12     Slinger. Sling. Small.round/crescent pelta shield (V5)       
G14     Cretan archer. Barehead. Small round shield   
G15     Archer. Tunic. (V5) 
G18     Javelinman. Javelin and mix of small round/crescent pelta shield (V5)       
G22     Athenian hamippos. Light infantry Pilos helmet. Sword, javelin       
G23     Akiritan light infantry. Pilos helmet. Sword. Javelin        
G24     Athenian prodromos cavalry, Boeotian helmet, spear
G25     Athenian prodromos cavalry, Pilos helmet, spear
G26     Thessalian cavalry, Pilos helmet, spear
G27     Thessalian cavalry, Sun hat, spear
G28     Thessalian cavalry, Boeotian helmet, spear
G29     Thessalian cavalry, Thracian helmet, spear
G30     Athenian cavalry, Sun hat, spear
G31     Athenian cavalry, Boeotian helmet, spear
All figures are supplied with separate spear, sword and hoplon shield.
Some hoplon shields are fitted with an apron to deflect or absorb the
force of arrows etc. giving added protection to the body below the
shield. Each of the following codes G32 - G47 is supplied with a
separate head. Choose the head type you require from the following list:
A       Boetian helmet (Favoured by Thebans and Boeotians)
B       Pilos helmet (Favoured by the Spartans and Pelopponesians)
C       Crested Pilos helmet
D       Transverse crested Pilos helmet
E       Transverse crested Corinthian helmet (used all over Greece)
F       Corinthian pushed back on head
G       Corinthian crested helmet
H       Chalcidian helmet
I       Thracian helmet
J       Barehead
e.g. G32c would be linen cuirass, at ease, crested pilos helmet
HOPLITES AT EASES/RESERVE POSITION. (Shield can be fixed to arm)
G32     Linen cuirass and greaves      
G33     Linen and scale armour, greaves       
G34     Exomis tunic (worn over left shoulder), no greaves    
G35     Muscled cuirass and greaves    
G36     Linen cuirass and greaves      
G37     Linen and scale armour, greaves       
G38     Exomis tunic (worn over left shoulder), no greaves    
G39     Muscled cuirass and greaves    
HOPLITES ADVANCING. Spear in underarm horizontal position
G40     Linen cuirass and greaves      
G41     Linen and scale armour, greaves       
G42     Exomis tunic (worn over left shoulder), no greaves    
G43     Muscled cuirass and greaves    
HOPLITES ATTACKING. Spear in overarm thrusting position)
G44     Linen cuirass and greaves      
G45     Linen and scale armour, greaves       
G46     Exomis tunic (worn over left shoulder), no greaves    
G47     Muscled cuirass and greaves    
PELTASTS (In exomis tunic, supplied with javelin, mix of round/crescent
 shields and random helmets)
G54     Peltast as ease (V6)   
G55     Peltast advancing (V6) 
G56     Peltast thrusting underarm (V6)       
G57     Peltast throwing javelin (V6)
G58     Ballista artillery with 2 man crew  ($12.00)
G59     Lithobolos artillery with 2 man crew  ($13.75)
GH1     Walking horse, saddle blanket  
GH2     Galloping horse, bareback      
G48     Centaur, Greek helmet and spear ($4.25)       
G49     Hydra, many headed monster ($8.75)    
G50     Chimera, lion headed monster ($4.25)  
G51     Minotaur carrying labrys axe ($5.25)  
G52     Griffin ($8.75)
G53     Satyr (or Pan) ($2.50) 

        25mm Thracians (Tin Soldier) 
Foot are 4 for $9.00
TR1     Archer in foxskin cap
TR2     Archer in helmet
TR3     Javelinman in foxskin cap with shield
TR4     Javelinman in helmet with shield
TR5     Peltast in helmet with sword
TR6     Peltast in helmet with javelin
TR7     Peltast attacking with sword
TR8     Peltast attacking with javelin
TR9     Peltast in helmet and cloak with romphia
TR10    Peltast with helmet and cloak with javelin

        25mm Scythians (Tin Soldier) 
Foot are 4 for $9.00, riders are 3 for $6.75 and horses are 3 for $7.50
Other figures are priced as marked
SCY1    Noblewoman horse archer
SCY2    King on half-armored horse (1 for $4.75)
SCY3    Nobleman wearing scale and leather armor
SCY4    Noble heavy cavalry
SCY5    Mounted warrior in leather and fur
SCY6    Mounted warrior in leather armor
SCY7    Horse archer shooting
SCY8    Heavy cavalry with scale shoulder armor
SCY9    Armored noble in Greek helmet
SCY10   Horse archer in leather and fur
SCY11   Horse archer in leather
SCY12   Foot archer shooting
SCY13   Foot archer
SCY14   Foot javelinman
SCY15   Pontic Greek hoplite
SCYH1   Horse with decorated trappings
SCYH2   Horse with decorated trappings
SCYH3   Half-armored horse

        25mm Achemenid Persians (Tin Soldier)
Foot are 4 for $9.00, riders are 3 for $6.75 and horses are 3 for $7.50
Other figures are priced as marked
AP1     Immortal (later), hoplon and "apple butt" spear 
AP2     Immortal (later), takabara and "apple butt" spear 
AP3     Immortal standard bearer with standard (large square) and hoplon 
AP4     Cardaces infantry, hoplon and spear 
AP5     Cardaces infantry, sparabarra and spear (levy infantry) 
AP6     Infantry officer, sword and hoplon 
AP7     Cardaces standard bearer with disc standard and hoplon 
AP8     Archer 1oading 
AP9     Archer firing 
AP1O    Javelinman with javelin and takabara shield 
AP1Oa   Cardaces infantry attacking with hoplon and spear
AP11    Sparabarra infantry, quilted cuirass, sparabara and spear 
AP12    Sparabarra standard bearer, disc standard 
AP13    Archer in linen armour, loading 
AP14    Archer in linen armour, firing 
AP1S    Aethiopian marine with bow, javelin and takabara 
AP16    Immortal in tiara, "violin shield" and "apple butt" spear 
AP17    Immortal in tiara, sparabara shield and "apple butt" spear 
AP18    Immortal in fluted headdress, "violin shield" and "apple butt" spear 
AP19    Immortal in fluted headdress, sparabara shield and "apple butt" spear 
AP20    Immortal in scale armour attacking, "apple butt" spear, bow and takabara 
AP21    Pontic/colonist levy hoplite 
AP22    King/General with staff of office  
AP23    Heavy cavalry (1ater Immortal) with spear 
AP24    Heavy cavalry (later Immortal) attacking with spear 
AP25    Heavy cava1ry in quilted corselet, spear 
AP26    Persian armoured cavalry with spear 
AP27    Persian armoured cavalry with standard (small square) 
AP28    Heavy cavalry in quilted corselet with disc standard 
APH1    Persian horse decorated saddlecloth type 1 
APH2    Persian horse decorated saddlec1oth type 2 
APH3    Persian half armoured horse
APCH1   Two-horse chariot with driver and archer ($13.75)
APCH2   Four-horse chariot with driver and archer  ($13.00)
APCH3   Four-horse chariot with driver and King/General  ($13.00)
APCH4   Four-horse scythed chariot with driver ($13.00)  

        25mm Macedonians (Tin Soldier)
Foot are 4 for $9.00, riders are 3 for $6.75 and horses are 3 for $7.50
Other figures are priced as marked
MAC1    Armoured Phalangite advancing
MAC2    Armoured Eastern/Successor pikeman in trousers
MAC3    Infantry Command (General, Officer 2xStandard Bearer)
MAC5    Large Vexillum type standard
MAC7    Hypaspist in cuirass advancing with javelin and hoplon shield
MAC8    Hypaspist standing in Exomis tunic with javelin and shield
MAC9    Hypaspist attacking in Exomis tunic with javelin and shield
MAC10   Armoured Phalangite with pike upright
MAC11   Royal Guard Phalangite with pike upright
MAC12   Successor/Hellenistic infantry command (2xOfficer, 2xStandard Bearer)
MAC14   Archer in cuirass
MAC15   Unarmoured archer
MAC16   Lithobolos artillery(stone/bolt shooter) with 2 man crew  ($12.00)
MAC17   Successor/Hellenistic war elephant with tower and 3 crew ($25.00)
MAC18   Companian cavalryman
MAC19   Companian cavalry command (2xOfficer, 1xStandard Bearer)
MAC21   Greek/Thessalian cavalryman in cuirass
MAC22   Greek/Thessalian cavalry officer
MAC23   Hypaspist in cuirass with hoplon shield throwing javelin
MAC24   Hellenistic/Successor ballista with 2 man crew  ($10.50)
GH1     Walking saddle blanket
GH2     Galloping bareback

        25mm Early Italian States (Tin Soldier) 
Foot are 4 for $9.00 and mounted are 2 for $9.50
Other figures are priced as marked
IT1     Samnite unarmoured infantry with oval shield
IT2     Samnite unarmoured infantry with small round shield
IT3     Samnite standard bearer
IT4     Samnite officer
IT5     Samnite armored infantry with triple disc breastplate
IT6     Samnite armored infantry with square breastplate
IT7     Campanian hoplite with triple disc breastplate
IT8     Campanian hoplite in cloak
IT9     Campanian standard bearer
IT10    Campanian officer
IT11    Samnite unarmoured infantry with oval shield, in reserve
IT11a   Samnite unarmoured infantry w/round shield, in reserve
IT12    Samnite armored infantry with wicker shield, in reserve
IT12a   Samnite armored infantry with hoplon shield, in reserve
IT13    Campanian hoplite in cloak, in reserve
IT14    Etruscan hoplite with pilum
IT15    Etruscan slinger/javelinman
IT16    Etruscan hoplite in lamelar armor with spear
IT17    Etruscan light infantry archer
IT18    Etruscan hoplite in scale armor with spear
ITC1    Campanian/Oscan cavalry wearing breastplate with shield
ITC2    Campanian/Oscan cavalry wearing triple disc breastplate
ITC3    Campanian/Oscan cavalry unarmoured
        Specify armored or unarmoured horse

        25mm Etruscans (Tin Soldier) 
Foot are 4 for $9.00
ET1     Senior officer
ET2     Officer
ET3     Archer
ET4     Volscian infantry 
ET5     Volscian infantry attacking
ET6     Hoplite in lamellar armour, Etruscan helmet, at ease
ET7     Hoplite in lamellar armour, Etruscan helmet, advancing
ET8     Hoplite in lamellar armour, Etruscan helmet, attacking overarm
ET9     Hoplite in lamellar armour, Etruscan helmet, attacking underarm
ET10    Hoplite in linen cuirass, thigh armour, Etruscan helmet, at ease
ET11    Hoplite in linen cuirass, thigh armour, Etruscan helmet, advancing
ET12    Hoplite in linen cuirass, thigh armour, Etruscan helmet, attacking overarm
ET13    Hoplite in linen cuirass, thigh armour, Etruscan helmet, attacking underarm
ET14    Hoplite in lamellar armour, Greek helmet, at ease
ET15    Hoplite in lamellar armour, Greek helmet, advancing
ET16    Hoplite in lamellar armour, Greek helmet, attacking overarm
ET17    Hoplite in lamellar armour, Greek helmet, attacking underarm
ET18    Hoplite in linen cuirass, Etruscan helmet, at ease
ET19    Hoplite in linen cuirass, Etruscan helmet, advancing
ET20    Hoplite in linen cuirass, Etruscan helmet, attacking overarm
ET21    Hoplite in linen cuirass, Etruscan helmet, attacking underarm

        25mm Samnites (Tin Soldier) 
Foot are 4 for $9.00, riders are 3 for $6.75 and horses are 3 for $7.50
SAM1    Hoplite in tunic, standing/reserve
SAM2    Hoplite in tunic, attacking underarm
SAM3    Hoplite in triple disc cuirass, standing/reserve
SAM4    Hoplite in triple disc cuirass, attacking underarm
SAM5    Hoplite muscled cuirass, standing/reserve
SAM6    Hoplite muscled cuirass, attacking underarm
SAM7    Hoplite square cuirass, standing/reserve
SAM8    Hoplite square cuirass, attacking underarm
SAM9    Samnite general
SAM10   Samnite officer
SAM11   Samnite large standard
SAM12   Samnite cockeral standard
SAM13   Samnite cavalry
SAM14   Campanian cavalry
SAMH1   Bareback horse

        25mm Early Imperial Romans (Tin Soldier)
Foot are 4 for $9.00, riders are 3 for $6.75 and horses are 3 for $7.50
Other figures are priced as marked
IMP1    Legionary advancing with pilum
IMP2    Legionary advancing with gladius
IMP3    Legionary throwing pilum
IMP4    Legionary attacking with gladius
IMP5    Praetorian advancing with pilum
IMP6    Praetorian advancing with gladius
IMP7    Infantry Command (2xOfficer, Musician, Standard Bearer)
IMP10   Auxilliary infantry advancing with spear
IMP11   Auxilliary infantry advancing with gladius
IMP12   Auxilliary throwing  spear
IMP13   Roman cavalryman with spear and shield
IMP14   Western auxilliary archer loading
IMP15   Western auxilliary archer firing
IMP16   Eastern auxilliary archer loading
IMP17   Eastern auxilliary archer firing
IMP18   Ballista artillery with 2 man crew  ($12.00)
IMP19   Lithobolos artillery with 2 man crew  ($13.75)
IMPH1   Horse trotting 

        25mm Aztecs (Tin Soldier) 
Foot figures are 4 for $9.00
Other prices as marked
AZ1     Army Command
AZ3     Priest
AZ4     Eagle Knight
AZ5     Captains (Knights and Veterans)
AZ6     Jaguar Knight
AZ8     Arrow Knight
AZ10    Quachic Veteran
AZ12    Apprentice Warrior
AZ13    Otomi
AZ14    Peasant with Maquahaitl
AZ15    Peasant with Lance
AZ16    Peasant Archer
AZ17    Peasant Slinger
AZ18    Weapons Pack - Lance ($2.00)
AZ19    Weapons Pack - Maquahaitl ($2.00)
AZ20    Assorted Standards ($2.50)

        25mm Samurai (Tin Soldier) 
Foot figures are 4 for $9.00 and mounted figures are 2 for $9.50
Other prices as marked
REX1    Foot command
REX2    Mounted Command
REX4    Samurai with Naginata/Monk General
REX5    Mounted Samurai Archer
REX6    Samurai Archer
REX7    Mounted Samurai
REX8    Samurai with Sword
REX9    Ashigaru thrusting overhead
REX10   Ashigaru attacking
REX11   Ashigaru archer firing
REX13   Warrior monk
REX14   Samurai with Naginata/Yari attacking
REX15   Female Samurai with Yari/Naginata
REX16   Peasants
REX18   Ninja
REX19   Martial Arts Monk
REX20   Weapons pack - Naginata ($2.00)
REX21   Weapons pack - Yari ($2.00)
REX22   Weapons pack - Sword ($2.00)   
REX23   Weapons pack - Sheathed Sword ($2.00) 

        25mm English Civil War (Tin Soldier) 
Foot figures are 4 for $9.00
ECW1    Musketeer standing firing in wool cap, barefoot
ECW2    Musketeer standing firing with rest in peaked cap
ECW3    Musketeer kneeling firing in helmet, barefoot
ECW4    Musketeer standing loading in wide brim soft hat
ECW5    Musketeer kneeling loading in soft hat
ECW6    Musketeer standing, musket at 45, in soft hat, barefoot
ECW7    Officer/sergeant pointing with pike
ECW8    Drummer boy
ECW9    Officer with drawn sword
ECW10   Officer/standard bearer with sword extended
ECW11   Musketeer marching
ECW12   Pikeman/standard bearer advancing in helmet
ECW13   Pikeman in heavy winter dress, pike upright
ECW14   Pikeman wearing blanket, hat tied down, pike upright
ECW15   Pikeman advancing in armor and helmet, pike upright
ECW16   Musketeer walking with cradled musket, in hooded cape

        25mm Napoleonic Spanish (Tin Soldier)         
Foot figures are 4 for $9.00 and mounted figures are 2 for $9.50     
NSP1    Fusilier Advancing (Bicorne)     
NSP2    Fusilier Advancing (Bare Head)   
NSP3    Fusilier Advancing (Bandaged Head)      
NSP4    Fusilier Officer Saber on Shoulder      
NSP5    Fusilier Drummer Advancing       
NSP6    Fusilier Standard Bearer         
NSP7    Grenadier Advancing      
NSP8    Grenadier Officer Saber on Shoulder     
NSP9    Grenadier Standard Bearer        
NSP10   Grenadier Drummer        
NSP11   Standard Pole, Spear Point and Ribbons (2) ($2.50)      
NSP12   Fusilier Infantry Marching     
NSP13   Artillery crew (4 different figures)    
NSPC1   Dragoon Trooper Sword on Shoulder       
NSPC2   Line Cavalry Trooper, Hands On Reins    
NSPC3   Dragoon/Line Cavalry Standard Bearer    
NSPC4   Dragoon/Line Cavalry Trumpeter   
NSPC5   Dragoon/Line Cavalry Officer     

        25mm The Great War: Gallipoli (Tin Soldier) 
Foot figures are 4 for $9.00, cavalry are 2 figures for $9.50.
Other figures are priced as marked
ANZ1    Advancing in shorts, soft hat
ANZ2    Charging in shorts, flat cap with curtain
ANZ3    Lunging low, sun hat
ANZ4    Lunging high in trousers, slouch hat
ANZ5    Advancing in crouching position
ANZ6    Standing firing in shorts, soft hat
ANZ7    NCO pointing in trousers, soft hat
ANZ8    Throwing grenade in shorts, flat cap, no shirt
ANZ9    Officer advancing in flat cap with raised pistol
ANZ10   Casualty
ANZ11   Machine gun with two crew ($6.75)
TK1     Advancing walking
TK2     Advancing
TK3     Drawing bolt rifle
TK4     Running charging
TK5     Standing firing
TK6     Lunging, bayoneting
TK7     NCO pointing
TK8     Throwing grenade
TK9     Officer leading charge
TK10    Casualty
TK11    Machine gun with two crew ($6.75)
TK12    Infantry walking
TK13    Infantry advancing
TK14    Infantry drawing rifle bolt
TK15    Infantry running/charging
TK16    Infantry standing firing
TK17    Infantry lunging/bayoneting
TK18    NCO pointing
TK19    Infantry throwing grenade
TK20    Infantry officer
TK21    Dismounted cavalry advancing
TK22    Cavalry officer with sword
TK23    Cavalryman with lance upright
TK24    Cavalryman with lowered lance
TK25    Cavalryman with drawn sword
TK26    Three Turkish staff officers ($6.75)
TK27    Artillery crew
TK32    Mounted general

        25mm Palestine and the Arab Revolt (Tin Soldier) 
Foot figures are 4 for $9.00, mounted are 2 for $9.50
Camel riders are 2 for $10.00 
Other figures are priced as marked
        ARAB FOOT
PA1     T.E. Lawrence with pistol and on camel ($8.00)
PA2     Arab regular infantry advancing
PA3     Arab mounted infantry advancing dismounted
PA4     Arab irregular infantry standing firing
PA5     Arab irregular infantry advancing
PA6     Arab irregular infantry with raised sword
PA7     Arab irregular infantry with standard/lance
PA8     Arab irregular infantry with raised rifle
PA9     Arab machine gun with 2 crew  ($6.75)
PA10    Arab lying dead
PA12    Arab irregular with sword
PA13    Arab irregular with rifle
PA14    Arab irregular with standard/lance
PA15    Arab irregular with rifle
PA16    Arab irregular with sword
PA17    Arab irregular with standard/lance
PA18    Arab irregular with raised rifle
PA19    Sherdan regular mounted infantry (mule rider)
PB1     Officer advancing
PB2     Infantry advancing
PB3     Infantry charging
PB4     Infantry standing firing
PB5     Infantry lying dead
PB6     Trooper riding camel
PB7     Dismounted trooper advancing
PB8     Artillery crew
PB12    Machine gun with two crew ($6.75)
PB13    Mounted officer with pistol
PB14    Mounted trooper holding rifle
PB15    Mounted trooper with separate sword arm
PB16    General officer 
PB17    Dismounted cavalry officer
PB18    Dismounted cavalry trooper
PLH1    Mounted officer with pistol
PLH2    Mounted trooper holding rifle
PLH3    Mounted trooper with sword
PLH4    Mounted trooper with sword bayonet
PLH5    Dismounted officer
PLH6    Dismounted trooper advancing
PLH7    Dismounted trooper standing firing
PLH8    Trooper lying dead
PLH9    Lewis gun team firing ($6.75)
PNZ1    Mounted Rifles trooper
PNZ2    Dismounted trooper advancing
PIN1    Mounted Indian lancer
PIN2    Indian cavalry
PIN3    Infantry standing firing
PIN4    Infantry advancing
PIN5    Machine gun with two crew ($6.75)
GM1     Officer leading attack
GM2     Trench raider, grenadier throwing
GM3     Trench raider, infantry advancing
GM4     Machine gun and two crew ($6.75)
        1917 GERMAN INFANTRY
GM5     Infantry advancing
GM6     Infantry standing firing
GM7     Officer with pistol
        1916 GERMAN INFANTRY
GM8     Infantry advancing
GM9     Infantry standing firing
GM10    Officer with pistol
PART1   British Vickers 18lb field gun ($15.00)
PART2   Krupp Turkish howitzer 1904 ($15.00)
PART3   Krupp mountain gun 1904 ($12.50)

        25mm FANTASY (Tin Soldier) 
        (all packs priced as noted)
DF1     Warsledge w/reptile driver pulled by giant sloth ($7.50)
DF2     Reptile leader carried on throne by 2 retainers ($5.25)
DF3     Reptile command pack 3 figures ($5.50)
DF4     4 Reptile warriors ($7.50)
DF5     4 Reptile warriors ($7.50)
DF6     2 Ninja Swordsmen ($3.00)
DF7     3 Orc warriors ($5.50)
DF8     3 Orc warriors ($5.50)
DF9     3 Orc warriors ($5.50)
DF10    3 Orc warriors ($5.50)
DF13    Winged she-devil ($3.00)
DF14    3 Dwarven Fighters ($5.50)
DF15    3 Dwarven Fighters ($5.50)
DF16    4 Gladiators ($5.50)
DF17    3 Warrior monks ($5.50)
DF18    4 Warriors of the Undead ($5.50)
DF19    4 Warriors of the Undead ($5.50)
DF20    2 Fighters in heavy plate armor ($3.00)
DF21    Eastern warlord and 2 bodyguards ($5.50)
DF22    Dwarf leader ($3.00)
DF25    Evil sorcerer ($3.00)
DF26    Evil wizard with sacrificial knife ($3.00)
DF27    Evil spell caster ($3.00)
DF28    Evil magician/sorcerer with spell book ($3.00)
DF30    Adventurer ($3.00)
DF33    Tavern wench/female poisoner ($3.00)
DF38    3 Goodly wizards ($5.50)
DF39    3 Evil wizards ($5.50)
DF40    The barbarian, Conan type ($3.00)
DF41    Grace Jones ($3.00)
DF42    Barbarian holding severed head ($3.00)
DF43    2 Warriors in plate and chain ($3.00)
DF44    4 Warriors with longbow ($5.50)
DF45    Warrior of the Sun God ($2.00)
DF46    Shield maiden with sword and spear ($3.00)
DF47    Anti-hero armored ($3.00)
DF48    Oriental female fighter ($1.25)
DF49    Villagers group one ($5.50)
DF50    Villagers group two ($5.50)
DF51    Donkey laden with equipment ($3.00)
DF52    Goodly cleric ($3.00)
DF53    Evil cleric ($3.00)
DF54    Druid ($3.00)
DF55    Priest of the Sun Gods ($3.00)
DF56    2 Fighter clerics ($3.00)
DF57    3 Cat warriors ($5.50)
DF59    4 Thieves ($5.50)
DF60    Monk with staff ($3.00)
DF61    Martial arts monk ($2.00)
DF63    Female berserk ($3.00)
DF64    Male berserk ($3.00)
DF65    2 Samurai warriors ($3.00)
DF66    2 Ashigaru warriors ($3.00)
DF67    2 Rangers ($3.00)
DF68    2 Paladins in armor ($3.00)
DF69    Ninja ($2.00)
DF70    3 Assorted assassins ($5.50)
DF72    Elven hero with sword and bow ($2.00)
DF73    Dwarf hero with axe ($2.00)
DF74    4 Haflings ($3.00)
DF81    Ballista and 3 artillery Orcs ($5.50)
DF82    Goblin command, 3 figures ($5.50)
DF83    3 Goblin spearmen ($3.00)
DF84    3 Armored Orc crossbowmen ($5.50)
DF85    3 Goblin slingers ($3.00)
DF86    3 Goblin guard halberdiers ($3.00)
DF87    Goblin guard standard bearer ($2.00)
DF88    3 Orc spearmen ($5.50)
DF89    3 Orc archers ($5.50)
DF90    Bugbear ($5.50)
DF91    Centaur ($5.50)
DF92    Chimera ($5.50)
DF93    Minotaur ($5.50)
DF94    Were Dingo ($3.00)
DF95    Ogre Magi ($5.50)
DF96    Gargoyle ($3.00)
DF97    Giant Wolf ($3.00)
DF99    Giant Cobra ($3.00)
DF102   Griffin ($8.75)
DF103   Hydra ($8.75)
DF104   Satyr/Pan ($2.00)
DF105   Himalayan Snow Demon ($3.00)
DF106   Orc general ($3.00)
DF107   Wolf mounted Orc archer ($5.50)
DF108   Wolf mounted Orc cavalry ($5.50)
DF109   3 Goblin heavy infantry swordsmen ($3.00)
DF110   City guard with sword and shield ($2.00)
DF111   Spell worker ($2.00)
DF112   Minotaur ($3.00)
DF113   Reptile warrior with spear ($2.00)
DF114   Mercenary/Raider, axe, dagger, slung shield ($2.00)
DF115   Mercenary/Raider, sword and shield ($2.00)
DF116   Mercenary/Raider, polearm and shield ($2.00)
DF117   Mercenary/Raider, unarmoured ($2.00)
DF118   Winged serpent ($3.00)

        28mm WARHAMMER 40K (Games Workshop)
These figures are available by special order. 
        (all packs priced as noted)


Warhammer 40k Rulebook (English)     



40k Apocalypse Book                    



40k Battle Missions English             



40k Expansion Cities Of Death          



Planetstrike English                   



Planetary Empires                      



Wh 40k Psychic Powers (English)      



Apocalypse Templates                   



Warhammer 40k Munitorum Templates    



Warhammer 40k Munitorum Dice         



Warhammer 40k Battlefield Objectives 



Warhammer 40k Munitorum Vehicle Markers



Warhammer 40k Munitorum Tape Measure 



Codex Blood Angels English             



Blood Angels Battleforce               



Blood Angels Death Company             



Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard          



Blood Angels Baal Predator             



Stormraven Gunship                     



Blood Angels Furioso Dreadnought       



Commander Dante                        



Astorath The Grim                      



Imperial Guard Catachan Jungle Fighters



Imperial Guard Hellhound               



Catachan Heavy Weapon Squad            



Imperial Guard Catachan Command Squad  



Imperial Guard Catachan Battleforce    



Chaos Space Marines                    



Chaos Marine Bike                      



Khorne Berzerkers                      



Chaos Space Marine Rhino               



Chaos Terminator Lord                  



Chaos Space Marine Predator            



Chaos Space Marine Land Raider         



Chaos Terminators                      



Chaos Space Marine Defiler             



Possessed Chaos Space Marines           



Chaos Spawn                            



Chaos Space Marine Attack Squad        



Chaos Space Marine Vindicator          



Chaos Space Marine Nurgle Daemon Prince



Death Guard Plague Marines             



Abaddon The Despoiler                  



Huron Blackheart                       



Codex Dark Angels                      



Dark Angels Company Veteran Squad      



Dark Angels Ravenwing Battleforce      



Dark Angels Bike Squad                 






Dark Angels Company Master             



Codex Dark Eldar (English)             



Dark Eldar Battleforce                  



Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors           



Dark Eldar Wyches                      



Dark Eldar Hellions                    



Dark Eldar Raider                       



Dark Eldar Talos Pain Engine           



Dark Eldar Reavers                     



Dark Eldar Ravager                     



Dark Eldar Scourges                    



Dark Eldar Razorwing Jetfighter        



Dark Eldar Venom                       



Dark Eldar Incubi                      



Dark Eldar Mandrakes                   



Dark Eldar Wracks                      



Dark Eldar Archon                      



Dark Eldar Succubus                    



Dark Eldar Haemonculus                 



Urien Rakarth                          



Dark Eldar Lelith Hesperax             



Dark Eldar Ur-Ghul                      



Dark Eldar Medusae                     



Codex Eldar                            



Eldar Jetbike                          



Eldar Vyper Jet Bike                    



Eldar Falcon Grav Tank                 



Eldar Guardians                        



Eldar Battleforce                      



Eldar Fire Prism / Night Spinner       



Eldar Support Weapon                   



Eldar Dire Avengers                    



Eldar Wraithlord                       



Eldar War Walker                       



Eldar Wave Serpent                     



Eldar Farseer And Warlock Bodyguard    



Eldar Rangers