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Irregular Miniatures Biblicals

All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00

            Other prices as marked
FEG1    Chariot with unarmored horses ($7.50)
FEG2    Chariot with armored horses ($7.50)
FEG3    Pharoh's chariot ($7.50)
FEG4    Mounted scout with bow
FEG5    Archer shooting
FEG6    Archer loading
FEG7    Spearman
FEG8    Light javelinman
FEG9    Mace/axeman
FEG10  Knopesh-man
FEG11  Foot command (officer, standard bearer, drummer)
FEG14  Libyan javelinman




Irregular Miniatures Macedonian and Punic Wars

            All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00
            Other prices as marked
RC1      Roman Principes holding sword
RC2      Roman Hastati holding pilum
RC3      Roman Triari kneeling with spear
RC4      Roman early Velite with spear and javelin
RC5      Roman later Velite with javelin and shield
RC6      Roman infantry command (officer, standard bearer)
RC8      Roman heavy cavalry
RC9      Roman cavalry command (officer, standard bearer, general)
RC12    Indian general & parasol bearer on elephant ($7.50)
RC13    Indian warriors on elephant ($7.50)
RC14    Indian 4 horse, 6 crew heavy chariot ($10.50)
RC15    Indian 2 horse, 3 crew heavy chariot ($7.50)
RC16    Indian medium cavalry
RC17    Indian heavy cavalry
RC18    Indian cavalry command (officer, standard bearer)
RC20    Indian longbowman
RC21    Indian javelinman
RC22    Indian infantry command (officer, standard Bearer, musician)
RC25    Scythian horse archer
RC26    Scythian extra heavy cavalry
RC27    Scythian infantry axeman
RC28    Thracian heavy cavalry
RC29    Thracian light cavalry
RC30    Thracian infantry
RC31    Greek hoplite infantry
RC32    Hellenistic peltast infantry
RC33    Macedonian/Successor pikeman
RC34    Macedonian Hypaspist
RC35    Hellenistic/Cretan archer
RC36    Hellenistic javelinman
RC37    Helenistic slinger
RC38    Asiatic levy archer
RC39    Macedonian specialist crossbowman
RC40    Hellenistic infantry command (officer, standard bearer)
RC42    Hellenistic heavy cavalry javelinman
RC43    Hellenistic light cavalry javelinman
RC44    Macedonian/Hellenistic Companion cavalry
RC45    Hellenistic extra heavy cavalryman
RC46    Hellenistic super heavy cavalryman
RC47    Bactrian Greek heavy cavalryman
RC48    Bactrian Greek extra heavy cavalryman
RC49    Hellenistic cavalry command (officer, standard bearer, general)
RC52    Macedonian elephant with crew astride ($7.50)
RC53    Successor elephant with howdah and three crew ($10.50)
RC54    Scythed 4 horse chariot and driver ($8.25)
RC55    Hellenistic Theuropori/later peltast infantry
RC56    Helenistic Prodromoi lancer cavalry
RC57    Cartheginian heavy cavalry
RC58    Cartheginian/Punic trained Numidian infantry spearman
RC59    Lybian/Numidian heavy cavalry
RC60    Lybian Carthaginian sacred band spearman
RC61    Lybian heavy infantry spearman
RC62    Lybian/Numidian javelinman
RC63    Lybian/Numidian archer
RC64    Lybian or similar slinger
RC65    Spanish long shield heavy cavalryman
RC66    Spanish round shield light cavalryman
RC67    Spanish Scutari infantry
RC68    Spanish Cetrati infantry
RC69    Carthaginian or ally infantry command (officer, standard bearer)
RC71    Carthaginian or ally cavalry command (officer, standard bearer, general)
RC74    Carthaginian 4 horse chariot with 3 crew ($9.75)
RC75    Carthaginian elephant with 3 crew ($9.75)
RC76    Celtic 2 horse light chariot with 2 crew ($6.75)
RC77    Celtic heavy cavalry
RC78    Celtic light cavalry
RC79    Celtic naked infantry
RC80    Celtic semi-naked infantry
RC81    Celtic clothed infantry
RC82    Celtic slinger
RC83    Celtic archer
RC84    Celtic infantry command (officer, standard bearer)
RC86    Italian hoplite-style infantry
RC87    Italian infantry javelinman
RC88    Italian cavalry
RC89    Macabean Jewish infantry spearman
RC90    Macabean Jewish extra heavy cavalry
RC91    Macabean Jewish light cavalry
RC92    Achaemenid Persian heavy cavalry
RC93    Achaemenid Persian extra heavy cavalry
RC94    Arab camel with 2 riders (3 for $6.75)
RC95    Achaemenid Persian Immortal infantry
RC96    Achaemenid Persian Sparabara infantry spearman
RC97    Achaemenid Persian archer infantry
RC98    Achaemenid Persian Kardaka infantry
RC99    Arab/African style levy archer
RC100  Levy javelinman
RC101  Persian cavalry command (officer, standard bearer)
RC103  Persian infantry command (officer, standard bearer, general)
RC106  Later Greek hoplite
RC107  Marian Roman legionary standing with pilum
RC108  Marian or similar Roman legionary standing with spear
RC109  Imitation legionary
RC110  Marian foot command (officer, standard Bearer)




Irregular Miniatures Imperial Rome and Her Enemies

            All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00           
IR1       Early Imperial Roman legionary advancing
IR2       Early Imperial Roman legionary advancing with pilum
IR3       Praetorian guardsman
IR4       Auxiliary infantry
IR5       Auxiliary archer
IR6       Roman infantry command (Centurion, Signifier, Aquilifer, Musician)
IR10     Auxiliary heavy cavalry
IR11     Cavalry command (Standard Bearer, Officer)
IR13     Cataphract cavalry
IR14     Sarmatian heavy cavalry
IR15     Sarmatian extra-heavy cavalry
IR16     Dacian/Sarmatian infantry with javelin
IR17     Dacian infantry with 2-handed rhomphia
IR18     Dacian/German cavalry
IR19     German infantry
IR20     German/Dacian/Sarmatian infantry command (Chief, Standard Bearer)
IR22     Parthian cataphract cavalry
IR23     Parthian horse archer
IR24     Blemeye cavalry



Irregular Miniatures Palmyrans and Romans

                        All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00                       
                        Other prices as marked                 
PR1      Palmyran cataphract lancer charging
PR2      Palmyran cataphract command (officer, standard bearer)
PR4      Palmyran regular light cavalry with javelin, bow, shield
PR5      Palmyran irregular volunteer cavalry with bow
PR6      Palmyran light cavalry command (officer, standard bearer)
PR8      Palmyran irregular camelry (3 for $6.75)
PR9      Queen Zenobia & standard bearer on camel (2 for $4.50)
PR11    Palmyran regular infantry archer
PR12    Palmyran irregular infantry archer
PR13    Two Palmyran light bolt shooters with 2 crew each ($5.50)
PR14    Palmyran infantry command (officer, standard bearer)
PR16    Mid/late medium infantry Roman legionary
PR17    Mid/late medium Roman auxillary with javelin, shield
PR18    Roman infantry command (officer, standard bearer)
PR20    Roman heavy cavalry
PR21    Moorish light cavalry
PR22    Roman cavalry command (officer, standard bearer, general)
PR25    Palestinian clubman
PR26    Palmyran heavy infantryman
PR27    Sassanid early clibinarii
PR28    Sassanid cataphract
PR29    Sassanid cavalry command (officer, standard bearer)
PR31    Sassanid allied light cavalry
PR32    Sassanid levy infantry
PR33    Two Sassanid bolt shooters with 2 crew each ($5.50)
PR34    Sassanid elephant with howdah and crew ($9.75)




Irregular Miniatures Arabs and Turks

            All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00           
            Other prices as marked
AB1      Spearman standing
AB2      Archer loading
AB3      Slinger crouched loading
AB4      Swordsman advancing
AB5      Arab/Daylami/Kurd javelinman running
AB6      Andalusian or Berber infantry
AB7      Berber infantry with sword or javelin
AB8      Berber/Sudanese infantry with sword or javelin
AB9      Berber/Sudanese infantry with sword
AB10    Berber/Sudanese infantry with javelin
AB11    Berber/Sudanese archer kneeling
AB12    Berber/Sudanese infantry with long spear
AB13    Syrian infantry with glaive
AB14    Naffatan throwing naptha pot
AB15    Ghaznavid heavy infantry advancing
AB16    Crossbowman advancing
AB17    Handgunner firing
AB18    Infantry command (officer, standard bearer)
AB20    Camelry with bow (3 for $6.75)
AB21    Camelry with spear (3 for $6.75)
AB22    Light cavalry with javelin or spear
AB23    Light/medium cavalry with lance
AB24    Heavy cavalry in mail with lance
AB25    Extra heavy cavalry in mail with lance
AB26    Heavy cavalry with lance in quilt or scale armour
AB27    Extra heavy cavalry with lance in quilt or scale armour
AB28    Heavy cavalry in mail with lance
AB29    Extra heavy cavalry in mail with lance
AB30    Mounted crossbowman
AB31    Arab/Khorassanian horse archer
AB32    Persian/Khorassanian extra heavy cavalry
AB33    Cavalry command (officer, standard bearer, general)
AB34    Extra heavy cavalry command (officer, standard bearer, general)
AB38    Elephant with driver and two warriors astride ($7.50)
AB39    Turkoman or Turk light cavalry




Irregular Miniatures Asiatics

            All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00
            Other prices as marked
AS1      Mongol medium cavalry with lance and bow
AS2      Mongol heavy cavalry with lance and bow
AS3      Mongol heavy cavalry with slung lance, firing bow
AS4      Mongol medium cavalry firing bow
AS5      Mongol light cavalry with sabre or bow
AS6      Mongol light cavalry firing bow
AS7      Mongol mounted command (officer, standard bearer)
AS9      Mongol extra heavy cavalry with lance, bow, shield
AS10    Mongol general and general's standard bearer
AS12    Keshik/Mangudai light cavalry with sabre
AS13    Naccara drummer on camel (3 for $6.75)
AS14    Armenian auxiliary knight with lance, shield
AS15    Turkish horse archer
AS16    Rocket launcher with three crew ($5.25)
AS17    Two bolt shooters with two crew each ($5.50)
AS18    Sung Chinese heavy cavalry with javelin
AS19    Sung Chinese light cavalry with javelin
AS20    Sung Chinese light cavalry with bow
AS21    Chinese cavalry command (officer, standard bearer)
AS23    Sung Chinese infantry spearman kneeling
AS24    Sung Chinese infantry crossbowman shooting
AS25    Sung Chinese infantry archer standing
AS26    Sung Chinese heavy infantry with sword or javelin
AS27    Chinese infantry command (officer, standard bearer)
AS29    Nomadic tented wagon ($8.25)
AS30    Dismounted Mongol cavalryman




Irregular Miniatures Dark Ages

            All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00
            Other prices as marked
V1        Viking Huscarl
V2        Viking Bondi spearman
V3        Viking Bondi archer
V4        Viking Berserk
V5        Viking/Saxon Command (officer, standard bearer)
V7        Saxon Huscarl
V8        Saxon select fyrd spearman
V9        Saxon fyrd spearman
V10      Saxon clubman
V11      Rus heavy axeman
V12      Rus spearman
V13      Rus/Slav archer
V14      Slav javalinman
V15      Belisarian Byzantine Boukellaroi lancer
V16      Belisarian Byzantine Kavallaroi archer
V17      Belisarian Byzantine Skutatoi
V18      Maurikian Byzantine Kavallaroi lancer
V19      Maurikian Byzantine Kavallaroi archer
V20      Byzantine mounted command (officer, standard bearer)
V22      Byzantine Trapezatoi light cavlry
V23      Byzantine Skutatoi spearman (7th-10th C.)
V24      Byzantine Skutatoi archer
V25      Byzantine Skoutatoi (10th-13th C.)
V26      Byzantine Psiloi archer
V27      Byzantine Psiloi javelinman
V28      Byzantine infantry command (officer, standard bearer)
V30      Thematic Byzantine Kavallaroio lancer
V31      Thematic Byzantine Kavallaroio archer
V32      Nikephorian Byzantine Kataphraktoi
V33      Nikephorian/later Tagmatic Kavallaroio
V34      Byzantine mounted general
V35      Byzantine Greek fire siphoneer
V36      General with parasol on elephant ($7.50)
V37      Warrior on elephant ($7.50)
V38      Artillery and crew on elephant ($7.50)
V39      Male cavalry on dragon horse with standard bearer
V41      Female cavalry on dragon horse with standard bearer
V43      Long shield heavy infantry
V44      Round shield heavy infantry
V45      Maiden guard infantry
V46      Javalin infantry
V47      Axe-armed infantry
V48      Archer infantry
V49      Infantry command (officer, standard bearer, Musician)
V52      Khmer crossbowman
V53      Thai general on elephant ($7.50)
V54      Thai cavalry
V55      Thai spearman
V56      Pack elephant ($7.50)
V57      Burmese elephant with 6 crew ($10.50)
V58      Burmese elephant escort infantry
V59      Burmese cavalry with javelins
V60      Burmese infantry spearmen
V61      Burmese infantry bowmen
V62      Burmese infantry crossbowmen
V63      Burmese infantry command (officer, standard bearer)
V65      Tibetan super heavy cavalry
V66      Tibetan heavy cavalry
V67      Tibetan medium cavalry
V68      Tibetan cavalry command (officer, standard bearer)
V70      Tibetan infantry
V71      Nepalese infantry archer
V72      Korean cavalry
V73      Korean infantry spearmen
V74      Korean infantry archer
V75      Gothic/Lombard heavy cavalry
V76      Gothic/Lombard medium cavalry
V77      Gothic/Lombard cavalry command (officer, standard bearer)
V79      Gothic/Lombard infantry archer
V80      Gothic infantry spearmen
V81      Norman heavy cavalry
V82      Norman medium cavalry
V83      Norman cavalry command (officer, standard bearer)
V85      Norman infantry spearmen
V86      Norman infantry archer
V87      Norman infantry crossbowmen
V88      Norman infantry command (officer, standard bearer)
V90      Dark Age priets/monks
V91      Unarmoured spearman with kite shield



Irregular Miniatures Medievals

            All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00           

HR1      Later knight charging
HR2      Hungarian hussar at rest
HR3      Hungarian or Serbian hussar with lance
HR4      Hungarian szekeler with lance
HR5      Asiatic auxiliary light cavalry charging
HR6      Later cavalry command (officer, standard bearer, general)
HR9      Hungarian infantry bowman
HR10    Infantry handgunner
HR11    Infantry pavaisier with spear
HR12    Infantry command (officer, standard bearer)
HR14    Heavy infantry axeman
HR15    Heavy infantry longbowman firing
HR16    Medium infantry longbowman loading
HR17    Medium infantry crossbowman
HR18    Heavy or extra heavy front rank pikeman
HR19    Medium infantry pikeman
HR20    Heavy billman
HR21    14th century knight
HR22    Curror/Hobilar cavalry
HR23    Dismounted 14th century knight
HR24    Dismounted curror/hobilar
HR25    Welsh knifeman
HR26    Mounted longbowman
HR27    Mounted crossbowman
HR28    Pavaise
HR29    Irish/Scottish light cavalry
HR30    Irish/Scottish infantry
HR31    Scottish spearman
HR32    Highlander
HR33    General purpose archer
HR34    General purpose javelinman
HR35    General purpose slinger
HR36    General purpose staff slinger
HR37    Spanish knight
HR38    Genitor/light cavalry
HR39    Almaguvar infantry
HR40    Prussian tribesman
HR41    Polish/Russian/Prussian spearman
HR42    Lithuanian light cavalry
HR43    Polish/Russian heavy cavalry
HR44    Polish/Russian knight
HR45    Hussite heavy cavalry
HR46    Hussite flail infantry
HR47    Hussite crossbowman
HR48    Hussite Handgunner
HR49    13th century knight
HR50    Dismounted 13th century knight command (officer, standard bearer)
HR51    Military order knight
HR52    Dismounted military order knight
HR53    13th Century knight command (officer, standard bearer)
HR56    12th century knight/later sergeant
HR57    Turkopole cavalry
HR58    13th century spearman
HR59    13th century crossbowman           
HR60    Gallowglaich with axe



Irregular Miniatures Samurai

            All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00
FSA1    Samurai cavalry with sword or naginata
FSA2    Samurai cavalry with bow
FSA3    Samurai cavalry command (standard bearer, officer)
FSA5    Foot samurai with sword
FSA6    Foot samurai with bow
FSA7    Foot samurai with naginata
FSA8    Ashigaru advancing with naginata
FSA9    Ashigaru standing with naginata
FSA10  Ashigaru firing bow
FSA11  Foot samurai command (standard bearer, officer)
FSA13  Town militia
FSA14  Stampeding cattle (8 for $8.00)
FSA15  Ashigaru standing with yari
FSA16  Ashigaru standing firing arquebus
FSA17  Ashigaru kneeling firing arquebus
FSA18  Warrior monks
FSA19  Ninja
FSA20  Camp screen sections (3 for $8.00)




Irregular Miniatures Renaissance Range 1600 – 1700

            All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00
            Other prices as marked
SR1      Polish Drab infantry with musket
SR2      Polish Drab infantry firing muket resting on axe
SR3      Polish halberdier
SR4      Polish Lisowski cossack holding arquebus
SR5      Polish Pancerni cavalryman holding axe
SR6      Polish winged hussar
SR7      Early Polish knight
SR8      Cossack cavalryman using lance or bow
SR9      Cossack infantry halberdier/axeman
SR10    Serbian/Croat light cavalryman
SR11    Pikeman in breastplate advancing
SR12    Pikeman in breastplate standing
SR13    Musketeer in buff coat firing
SR14    Musketeer in buff coat loading
SR15    Halberdier officer
SR16    Cuirassier in 3/4 plate armour, holding sword
SR17    Mounted carabinier
SR18    Cavalryman in pot helmet and buff coat
SR19    Cavalryman in hat and buff coat
SR20    Armoured lancer
SR21    Scottish pikeman
SR22    Scottish infantry with claymore
SR23    Scottish musketeer
SR24    Dismounted dragoon
SR25    Horse holder with standing horse
SR26    Mounted command (officer, standard bearer, general)
SR29    Infantry command (officer, standard bearer)
SR31    Unarmored pikeman standing
SR32    Janissary with bow
SR33    Janissary with arquebusp




Irregular Miniatures Moghul Indian/Persian Range 1600 – 1800

            All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00           

            Other prices as marked
MIP1    General and attendants in armoured elephant ($7.50)
MIP2    Elephant with crew and jingal light gun ($7.50)
MIP3    Elephant with crew using missile weapons ($7.50)
MIP4    Camel mounted Zambuck gunner (3 for $6.75)
MIP5    Indian/Persian extra heavy cavalry lancer
MIP6    Indian/Persian heavy cavalry lancer
MIP7    Indian/Persian light cavalry with bow
MIP8    Indian/Persian cavalry command (officer, standard bearer)
MIP10   Indian/Persian matchlock man
MIP11   Indian/Persian foot archer
MIP12   Indian/Persian Ghazi infantry
MIP13   Indian rocketeer with pack camel (3 for $6.75)
MIP14   Indian/Persian infantry command (officer, standard bearer)
MIP16   Sepoy infantry
MIP17   Hindu longbowman
MIP18   Mounted kettle drummer




Irregular Miniatures League Of Augsberg 1685-1700 AD

            Most figures have up to five variations.
            All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00

            Other prices as marked
LA1      Musketeer standing with musket grounded
LA2      Musketeer standing with musket shouldered
LA3      Musketeer standing firing
LA4      Musketeer standing loading
LA5      Pikeman standing with pike upright
LA6      Pikeman standing with pike sloped
LA7      Horse Trooper with sword
LA8      Horse Trooper in lobster helmet
LA9      Dragoon Trooper with firearm
LA10    Infantry Command (officer, standard bearer, drummer, sergeant)
LA14    Cavalry Command (officer, standard bearer, trumpetor)
LA17    Infantry Grenadier
LA18    Dismounted Dragoon
LA19    Horse holder with horse
LA20    Civilian with assorted weapons
LA21    Jacobite rebel with assorted weapons
LA22    Irish rebel with assorted weapons
LA23    Artillery Crew (officer, ball, ramrod, bucket)
LA27    Cannon (3 for $6.75)
LA28    Limber with two horses (3 for $8.00)
LA29    Musketeer in later equipment standing
LA30    Musketeer in later equipment firing
LA31    Musketeer in later equipment loading
LA32    Mounted General




Irregular Miniatures Marlburians 1700-1720 AD

This range uses the masters from our League of Augsberg range with the
appropriate changes in headgear and equipment. Most figures have up to
five variations.
            All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00

            Other prices as marked
MA1     Musketeer standing with musket grounded
MA2     Musketeer standing with musket shouldered
MA3     Musketeer standing firing
MA4     Musketeer standing loading
MA5     Musketeer marching
MA6     Pikeman standing with pike upright
MA7     Pikeman standing with pike sloped
MA8     Horse trooper with sword
MA9     Dragoon trooper with firearm
MA10   Infantry command (officer, standard bearer, drummer, sergeant)
MA14   Cavalry command (officer, standard bearer, trumpetor)
MA17   Infantry Grenadier in mitre
MA18   Infantry Grenadier in fur hat
MA19   Dismounted dragoon
MA20   Horse holder with horse
MA21   Artillery crew (Officer, Ball, Ramrod, Bucket)
MA25   Cannon (3 for $6.75)
MA26   Limber with two horses (3 for $8.00)
MA27   Battalion gun (6 for $8.00)
MA28   Mortar (6 for $8.00)
MA29   Engineer with assorted tools
MA30   Hussar cavalryman


Irregular Miniatures Great Northern War

            All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00 
GNWR1             Infantry marching in Pokalom hat (flaps up)
GNWR2             Infantry marching in Pokalom hat (flaps down)
GNWR3             Pikeman marching in Pokalom hat
GNWR4             Infantry command in Pokalom hat (officer, drummer)
GNWR6             Guard grenadier in leather helmet
GNWR7             Guard grenadier command (standard bearer, drummer, officer)
GNWR10           Bombadier firing hand mortar on axe rest
GNWR11           Mounted dragoon in Pokalom hat
GNWR12           Mounted dragoon command (standard bearer, officer)
GNWS1             Musketeer advancing in Karpus hat
GNWS2             Pikeman advancing in Karpus hat
GNWS3             Command in Karpus hat (drummer, officer)
GNWS5             Mounted dragoon in Karpus hat
GNWS6             Mounted dragoon command (standard bearer, officer)
GNWS8             Cuirassier charging in tricorne and turnbacks
GNWS9             Musketeer advancing in tricorne and turnbacks
GNWS10           Pikeman advancing in tricorne and turnbacks
GNWS11           Infantry command in tricorne and turnbacks (drummer, officer)
GNWS13           Musketeer charging in tricorne and turnbacks
GNWS14          Pikeman charging in tricorne and turnback




Irregular Miniatures French & Indian War/AWI Range

            All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00           
            Other prices as marked
AWI1    Mohican throwing tomahawk
AWI2    Mohican advancing with tomahawk, club or knife
AWI3    Mohican running with tomahawk, club or knife
AWI4    Mohican firing bow
AWI5    Mohican with musket
AWI6    Ranger firing musket
AWI7    Ranger advancing wlth musket and knife
AWI8    Ranger loading musket
AWI9    French Coureur de bois firing musket
AWI10  French Coureur de bois advancing with musket and knife
AWI11  French Coureur de bois loading musket
AWI12  U.S. militia man in buckskin firing musket
AWI13  U.S. militia man in buckskin loading musket
AWI14  U.S. militia man in long coat holding musket
AWI15  U.S. militia man in turnback coat, kneeling, firing musket
AWI16  U.S. militia man in rags, running with musket
AWI17  U.S. militia man in rags, standing with musket
AWI18  U.S. Green Mountain boy firing musket
AWI19  U.S. Green Mountain boy loading musket
AWI20  U.S. militia infantry command (officer, standard bearer, drummer)
AWI23  Green Mountain boy/ regular American infantry marching
AWI24  Green Mountain boy/ regular American infantry advancing
AWI25  Cavalry charging in tarleton
AWI26  Cavalry command charging in tarleton (officer, standard bearer, trumpetor)
AWI29  Cavalry charging in crested helmet
AWI30  Cavalry charging in crested helmet command (officer, standard bearer, trumpetor)
AWI33  Three Grasshopper guns and crew ($8.00)
AWI34  Field gun and crew ($4.50)
AWI35  British grenadier
AWI36  British line infantry
AWI37  German grenadier
AWI38  German line infantry
AWI39  British light infantry
AWI40  Foot officers and mounted generals
AWI41  Highland line infantry
AWI42  Highland grenadier
AWI44  Three canoes with 2 Indian crew each ($8.00)
AWI45  Three canoes with 2 Ranger crew each ($8.00)
AWI46  Three rafts, loads and Ranger crews ($8.00)
AWI47  French marine firing musket
AWI48  French marine loading musket




Irregular Miniatures Napoleonics Range

            All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00           
            Other prices as marked
FR1      Fusilier
FR2      Voltigeur
FR3      Grenadier
FR4      Foot command (officer, standard bearer, drummer)
FR7      Sapper
FR8      Mounted Officer
FRC1    Guard horse grenadier
FRC2    Guard horse grenadier command (officer, trumpetor, standard bearer)
FRC5    Guard empress dragoon
FRC6    Guard empress dragoon command (officer, trumpetor, standard bearer)
FRC9    Line carabinier
FRC10  Line carabinier command (officer, trumpetor, standard bearer)
FRC13  Line dragoon
FRC14  Elite company dragoon
FRC15  Dragoon command (officer, trumpetor, standard bearer)
FRC18  Polish lancer
FRC19  Polish lancer command (officer, trumpetor, standard bearer)
FRC22  Cuirassier
FRC23  Cuirassier command (officer, trumpetor, standard bearer)
FRC26  Chasseur a Cheval
FRC27  Chasseur a Cheval command (officer, trumpetor, standard bearer)
FRC30  Line lancer
FRC31  Line lancer command (officer, trumpetor)
FRC33  Hussar
FRC34  Hussar command (officer, trumpetor)
FRA1    Gun and 4 crew (select 4, 8 or 12 pdr) (4.50)
FRA2    Pile of stacked muskets and packs (6 for $4.50)
FRA3    4 Horse limber with 2 outriders ($7.50)
FRA4    2 Horse limber with 1 outrider ($5.25)
FRA5    6 Horse limber with 3 outriders ($9.75)
SBN1    Infantry at the ready
SBN2    Infantry kneeling at the ready
SBN3    Infantry command (NCO, drummer, standard bearer, officer)
SBN7    Light infantry advancing
SBN8    Light infantry bugler
SBN9    Rifleman skirmishing
SBN10  Rifleman command (bugler, officer)
SBN12  Highlander infantry attacking
SBN13  Highlander command (NCO, drummer, standard bearer, officer)
SBN17  Mounted general
SBN18  Light dragoon in shako charging
SBN19  Light dragoon command (trumpetor, officer)
SBN21  Heavy dragoon in helmet
SBN22  Heavy dragoon command (trumpetor, officer)
SBN24  Hussar charging
SBN25  Hussar command (trumpetor, officer)
SBN27  Scots Greys charging
SBN28  Scots Greys command (trumpetor, officer)
SBN30  Household cavalry standing
SBN31  Household cavalry command (trumpetor, officer)
SBN33  Foot artillery 6lbr and crew ($4.50)
SBN34  Horse artillery 9lbr and crew ($4.50)
SBN35  British colonial militia cavalry
SBN36  British colonial militia cavalry command (trumpeter, officer)
SBN38  Maltese light infantry
ARN1   Line infantry in shako
ARN2   Line infantry command (officer, drummer, standard bearer)
ARN5   Grenadier
ARN6   Grenadier command (officer, drummer, standard bearer)
ARN9   Jager or Landwher firing 
ARC1   Cuirassier
ARC2   Cuirassier command (officer, trumpeter, standard bearer)
ARA1   Field gun and crew ($4.50)




Irregular Miniatures American Civil War

            All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00           
            Other prices as marked
AWS1   Infantry standing with rolled sleeves, kepi
AWS2   Infantry standing with rolled sleeves, slouch hat
AWS3   Infantry running in crouched position, kepi
AWS4   Infantry running in crouched position, slouch hat
AWS5   Infantry advancing with trailed gun, kepi
AWS6   Infantry advancing with trailed gun, slouch hat
AWS7   Infantry standing with musket, kepi
AWS8   Infantry standing with musket, slouch hat
AWS9   Infantry loading musket, hand in pouch, kepi
AWS10 Infantry loading musket, hand in pouch, slouch hat
AWS11 Infantry kneeling firing, kepi
AWS12 Infantry kneeling firing, slouch hat
AWS13 Infantry standing firing, kepi
AWS14 Infantry standing firing, slouch hat
AWS15 Infantry standing in greatcoat, kepi
AWS16 Infantry standing in greatcoat, slouch hat
AWS17 Infantry command in kepi
AWS18 Infantry command in slouch hat
AWS21 Dead body in assorted headgear
AWS22 Zouave charging
AWS23 Zouave marching
AWS24 Iron Brigade infantry
AWS25 Cavalryman on walking horse, kepi
AWS26 Cavalryman on walking horse, slouch hat
AWS27 Cavalryman on trotting horse, kepi
AWS28 Cavalryman on trotting horse, slouch hat
AWS29 Cavalry command in kepi (officer, standard bearer, general)
AWS30 Cavalry command in slouch hat (officer, standard bearer, general)
AWS34 Field guns with four crew ($4.50)
AWS35 Covered chuck wagon with mule team ($9.75)
AWS36 Snake fence (6 for $8.00)
AWS37 Stone based fence (4 for $8.00)
AWS38 Earthwork (4 for $8.00)




Irregular Miniatures Crimean War

                    All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00                               
                    Other prices as marked

RCW1   Infantry advancing in helmet

RCW2   Infantry advancing in cap

RCW3   Caucasian rifleman (in assorted positions)

RCW4   Infantry command (Standard Bearer, Officer)

RCW6   Dragoon cavalry

RCW7   Hussar cavalry

RCW8   Lancer cavalry

RCW9   Cossack cavalry

RCW10 Gun & 4 crew ($4.50)

            For Russian Greek volunteers, use our Balkan wars Montenegrins


BRCW1 Infantry standing at the ready

BRCW2 Infantry flank company standing at the ready

BRCW3 Infantry command (Drummer, Standard Bearer, Officer)

BRCW6 Guardsman standing at the ready

BRCW7 Guardsman flank company standing at the ready

BRCW8 Guards command (Drummer, Standard Bearer, Officer)

BRCW11 Rifleman standing or kneeling

BRCW12 Hussar cavalry

BRCW13 Light Dragoon cavalry

BRCW14 Lancer cavalry

BRCW15 Scots-Grey cavalry

BRCW16 Heavy Dragoon cavalry

BRCW17 Foot artillery field gun & 4 crew ($4.50)

BRCW18 Foot artillery 32lb siege gun & 4 crew ($7.50)

BRCW19 Horse artillery field gun & 4 crew ($4.50)




Irregular Miniatures Armies of the Caucasus (18th & 19thC)

            All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00           
            Other prices as marked

CAU1   Qajar cavalry with lance and bow

CAU2   Armenian horse archer

CAU3   Chechen cavalry with musket and sabre

CAU4   Caucasus cavalry with musket and sabre

CAU5   Georgian Aznauri cavalry with musket and sabre

CAU6   Khevsur armoured cavalry with musket and sabre

CAU7   Khevsur armoured infantry with musket

CAU8   Chechen infantry with musket

CAU9   Chechen infantry with spear and buckler

CAU10  Chechen infantry command (Standard Bearer, Officer)

CAU12  Caucasus infantry with musket

CAU13  Caucasus infantry with spear and buckler

CAU14  Caucasus infantry command (Standard Bearer, Officer)

CAU16  Caucasus gun & 4 crew ($4.50)

CAU17  Georgian Aznauari infantry with musket

CAU18  Georgian Aznauari infantry with spear and buckler

CAU19  Georgian Aznauari infantry command (Standard Bearer, Officer)

Also us FZ146, mountain gun and team.



Irregular Miniatures Pony Wars

            All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00           
            Other prices as marked
PI1       Indian chief with coup stick or carbine
PI3       Indian firing musket
PI4       Indian with bow
PI5       Indian with spear
PI6       Indian with spear and knife
PI7       Mounted Indian with carbine
PI8       Mounted Indian with bow
PI9       Mounted Indian with lance
PI10      Mounted Indian chief
PI11      Mounted Indian with tomahawk
PI12      Mounted Indian firing carbine
PI13      Mounted Indian with adorned lance
PI14      Indian villager
PI15      Dead Indian
PI16      Three Wigwams ($8.00)
PI17      Dismounted US trooper kneeling
PI18      Dismounted US trooper standing
PI19      Dismounted US command (trumpetor, guidon bearer, officer)
PI22      Mounted US trooper holding carbine
PI23      Mounted US trooper holding pistol
PI24      Mounted US command (trumpetor, guidon bearer, officer)
PI27      Mounted US Indian scout
PI28      Gatling gun and four crew ($4.50)
PI29      Horse holders and horses (4 holders, 8 horses)
PI31      Dead horse
PI32      Dead US trooper
PI33      Giant cactus (6 for $8.00)
PI34      Totem pole ($11.25)
PI35      Cowboy or settler on foot
PI36      Cowboy or settler mounted




Irregular Miniatures 19th Century Colonials

            All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00           
            Other prices as marked
Packs marked with or and officer/chief contain one such figure with the
remainder being the figure indicated.  This eliminates the need to
purchase a pack of 12 officers.
FZ1      Zulu warrior charging with chief
FZ2      Zulu firing rifle badly with chief
FZ4      Dead Zulu
FZ5      Three Zulu huts ($8.00)
FZ6      British infantry standing shooting
FZ7      British infantry kneeling shooting
FZ8      British infantry at the ready
FZ9      British infantry marching
FZ10     British infantry command
FZ13     British infantry dead or wounded
FZ14     British lancer
FZ15     British dragoon
FZ16     British mounted command
FZ18     British gun and 4 crew ($4.50)
FZ19     Bell tent ($4.50)
FZ20     45mm section of ammo boxes/mealie bags (3 for $6.75)
FZ21     Flag pole (2 for $3.00)
FZ22     Kneeling camel (3 for $6.75)
FZ23     Fuzzi-Wuzzi swordsman charging
FZ24     Dervish infantry with sword/spear
FZ25     Dervish infantry with musket
FZ26     General purpose Moslem camel rider (3 for $6.75)
FZ27     General purpose Moslem cavalry with sabre
FZ28     General purpose Moslem cavalry with musket
FZ29     Afghan/Pathan infantry charging with sword
FZ30     Afghan/Pathan infantry kneeling firing
FZ31     Afghan/Pathan infantry standing firing jezail
FZ32     Afghan/Pathan infantry advancing with musket
FZ33     General purpose dead Moslem
FZ34     General purpose Moslem infantry command
FZ36     General purpose Moslem cavalry command
FZ38     General purpose Moslem general
FZ39     General purpose Moslem gun and 4 crew ($4.50
FZ40     Boxer Infantry Standing with Sword
FZ41     Boxer infantry charging with assorted weapons
FZ42     Boxer infantry charging with pole weapon
FZ43     Chinese tigerman
FZ44     Chinese imperial spearman
FZ45     Chinese imperial bowman
FZ46     Chinese imperial musketeer at rest
FZ47     Chinese imperial musketeer at ready
FZ48     Chinese/Boxer command
FZ50     Chinese light cavalry bowman
FZ51     Chinese light cavalry lancer
FZ52     Chinese/Boxer general
FZ53     Chinese gun and 4 crew ($4.50)
FZ54     Japanese infantry attacking with officer
FZ56     Japanese cavalry charging with officer
FZ58     Japanese gun and 4 crew ($4.50)
FZ59     Austrian/French sailor with officer
FZ60     Russian sailor with officer
FZ62     Russian infantry advancing
FZ63     Russian cossack cavalry
FZ64     Russian dragoon cavalry with officer
FZ66     Russian artillery and 4 crew ($4.50)
FZ67     Italian Besaglieri infantry advancing with officer
FZ69     Askari/Sudanese infantry at the ready
FZ70     Abbysinian/Ethiopian infantry with spear/sword
FZ71     Abbysinian/Ethiopian infantry with rifle
FZ72     Abbysinian/Ethiopian cavalry
FZ73     Maori infantry charging with hand weapon and chief
FZ74     Maori infantry standing or kneeling with rifle and chief
FZ76     Boer infantry prone loading
FZ77     Boer infantry prone firing
FZ78     Boer infantry prone kneeling loading
FZ79     Boer infantry mounted
FZ80     Boer horse and horse holder
FZ81     Massai warrior advancing
FZ82     Ashanti warrior attacking
FZ83     Burmese regular infantry advancing
FZ84     Egyptian/Askari infantry kneeling with officer
FZ86     Egyptian cavalry lancer
FZ87     Egyptian cavalry dragoon
FZ88     Egyptian camel corps (3 for $6.75)
FZ89     Egyptian artillery and 4 crew ($4.50)
FZ90     Afghan regular infantry standing with officer
FZ92     Afghan regular cavalry
FZ93     Afghan regular artillery and 4 crew ($4.50)
FZ94     Two Jingal light guns and 2 crew each ($5.00)
FZ95     Sepoy infantry attacking
FZ96     Sepoy infantry marching
FZ97     Gurka infantry advancing
FZ98     Sowar cavalry
FZ99     Bengal lancer cavalry
FZ100   Indian mountain gun and 4 crew ($4.50)
FZ101   US/Imperial volunteer or similar infantry
FZ102   US/Imperial volunteer or similar cavalry
FZ103   British bluejacket infantry in straw hat
FZ104   British marine in cap
FZ105   Maxim gun and 4 crew ($4.50)
FZ106   British camel corps (3 for $6.75)
FZ107   Highlander infantry attacking
FZ108   Legionary charging with officer
FZ109   Legionary standing firing with officer
FZ110   Legionary kneeling firing with officer
FZ112   Arab camel rider with rifle (3 for $6.75)
FZ113   Arab cavalryman with rifle
FZ114   Arab cavalryman charging with rifle
FZ115   Arab infantry with sword
FZ116   Arab infantry firing rifle
FZ117   Western civilians
FZ119   Western hunting party
FZ121   Arab civilians
FZ122   Chinese civilians
FZ123   Later British infantry kneeling
FZ124   Later British infantry standing
FZ125   Later British and Highlander buglers
FZ127   Burmese cavalry on mule
FZ128   Natal native contingent infantry with spear
FZ129   Natal native contingent infantry with rifle
FZ130   Four horse limber with outriders ($7.50)
FZ131   Bornu African armoured horseman
FZ132   Bornu African light cavalry
FZ133   Bornu African musketman in long robe
FZ134   Bornu African bowman
FZ135   Bornu African spearman with large shield 




Irregular Miniatures Balkan Wars

These figures are also suitable for the many Russo Turkish wars!

All but the Turks can be used as WW1 types.

Also use FZ146 mountain gun and team.

            All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00           
            Other prices as marked

SBWT1 Turkish infantry advancing

SBWT2 Turkish infantry kneeling, at ready

SBWT3 Turkish infantry kneeling firing

SBWT4 Turkish MG & 2 crew (3 for $8.00)

SBWT5 Turkish infantry command (Standard Bearer, Officer)

SBWT7 Turkish cavalry with sabre & rifle

SBWT8 Turkish cavalry with lance & rifle

SBWT9 Turkish field gun & 4 crew ($6.00)

SBWT10 Turkish howitzer & 4 crew ($6.00)

SBWT11 Turkish senior officer on foot (4 for $3.00)

SBWT7 Turkish cavalry


SBWB1 Bulgarian infantry advancing

SBWB2 Bulgarian infantry kneeling firing

SBWB3 Bulgarian infantry advancing in fur hat

SBWB4 Bulgarian HMG & 2 crew (3 for $8.00)

SBWB5 Bulgarian command (Standard Bearer, Officer)

SBWB7 Bulgarian Cavalry

SBWB8 Bulgarian field gun & 4 crew ($6.00)

SBWB9 Bulgarian howitzer & 4 crew ($6.00)

For more Bulgarian types, use our Colonial & WW1 Russians


SBWG1 Infantry advancing

SBWG2 Infantry standing firing

SBWG3 Evzone infantry advancing

SBWG4 Infantry command (Officer, Standard Bearer)

SBWG6 HMG & 2 crew (3 for $8.00)

SBWG7 Cavalry with sword & carbine

SBWG8 Field gun & 4 crew ($6.00)

SBWG9 Howitzer & 4 crew ($6.00)

SBWG10 Senior officer, on foot (4 for $3.00)

For more Greek officers, use our colonial Japanese


SBWS1 Infantry advancing

SBWS2 Infantry kneeling firing

SBWS3 Infantry command (Officer, Standard Bearer)

SBWS5 HMG & 2 crew (3 for $8.00)

SBWS6 Cavalry

SBWS7 Field gun & 4 crew ($6.00)

SBWS8 Howitzer & 4 crew ($6.00)

SBWS9 Senior officer on foot (4 for $3.00)


These figures are suitable for any Balkan irregular type

SBWM1 Montenegrin infantry (in many assorted positions)

SBWM2 Montenegrin Machine gun & 2 crew (3 for $8.00)

SBWM3 Montenegrin officer (4 for $3.00)

SBWM4 Montenegrin gun & 4 crew ($6.00)


SBWR1 Infantry advancing

SBWR2 Rifleman advancing

SBWR3 HMG & 2 crew (3 for $8.00)

SBWR4 Infantry command (Standard Bearer, Officer)

SBWR6 Lancer and carbine cavalry

SBWR7 Sabre and carbine cavalry

SBWR8 Field gun & 4 crew ($6.00)

SBWR9 Howitzer & 4 crew ($6.00)




Irregular Miniatures Franco-Prussian War/World War One

            All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00           
            Other prices as marked
NC1      French infantry charging
NC2      French infantry marching
NC3      French infantry standing firing
NC4      French infantry kneeling firing
NC5      French infantry command (bugler, standard bearer, officer)
NC8      Prussian infantry advancing
NC9      Prussian infantry marching
NC10    Prussian infantry firing
NC11    Prussian infantry in greatcoat advancing
NC12    Prussian infantry command (bugler, standard bearer, officer)
NC15    Prussian Krupp gun and crew ($4.50)
NC16    Prussian heavy Krupp gun and crew ($4.50)
NC17    French 4/6lb gun and crew ($4.50)
NC18    French 8lb gun and crew ($4.50)
NC19    French Militraiseuse and crew ($4.50)
NC20    WWI German 77mm field gun and crew ($6.00)
NC21    WWI French 75mm field gun and crew ($6.00)
NC22    General purpose WWI lorry and driver ($9.75)
NC23    General purpose WWI staff car and driver ($9.75)
NC24    Prussian mounted general
NC25    Prussian Uhlan cavalry
NC26    Prussian Hussar cavalry
NC27    Prussian Dragoon cavalry
NC28    Prussian Cuirassier cavalry
NC29    Prussian cavalry command (officer, bugler)
NC31    French mounted general
NC32    French Lancer cavalry
NC33    French Chasseur/Hussar cavalry
NC34    French Dragoon cavalry
NC35    French Cuirassier cavalry
NC36    French Spahi cavalry
NC37    French cavalry command (officer, bugler)
NC39    French Chasseur infantry
NC40    French Zouave infantry
NC41    French Turco infantry
NC42    French marine
NC43    French guard infantry
NC44    Bavarian infantry
NC45    Wurtemberg infantry
NC46    Saxon infantry
NC47    Prussian Jaeger infantry
NC48    Bavarian Cuirassier cavalry
NC49    Bavarian gun and crew ($4.50)
NC50    Three 1915 German MGs and crew ($8.00)
NC51    Three 1915 Jaeger MGs and crew ($8.00)
NC52    Three 1915 French MGs and crew ($8.00)
NC53    Three 1916-18 German MGs and crew ($8.00)
NC54    Three 1916-18 French MGs and crew ($8.00)
NC55    1916-18 French infantry charging
NC56    1916-18 French infantry marching
NC57    1916-18 French infantry standing firing
NC58    1916-18 French infantry kneeling
NC59    1916-18 French infantry bomber
NC60    1916-18 French infantry command (bugler, officer)
NC62    1916-18 German infantry charging
NC63    1916-18 German infantry marching
NC64    1916-18 German infantry standing firing
NC65    1916-18 German infantry in great coat
NC66    1916-18 German infantry storm trooper
NC67    1916-18 German infantry command (bugler, officer)
NC69    1916-18 German infantry with light MGs
NC70    1916-18 French infantry with light MGs
NC71    1916-18 German cavalry
NC72    1916-18 French cavalry
NC73    Schneider tank ($15.00)
NC74    A7V Battletank ($18.75)
NC75    Mark IV tank ($20.50)
NC76    1914-15 British infantry advancing
NC77    1914-15 British infantry standing firing
NC78    1914-15 British infantry kneeling firing
NC79    1914-15 British infantry prone firing
NC80    1914-15 British infantry marching
NC81    1914-18 Britich infantry command (officer, bugler)
NC83    Three 1914-1915 British MGs and crew ($8.00)
NC84    1914-15 British cavalry with sabre
NC85    1914-15 British cavalry with lance
NC86    1914-15 British cavalry command (officer, bugler)
NC88    1916-18 British infantry advancing
NC89    1916-18 British infantry firing
NC90    1916-18 British infantry kneeling firing
NC91    1916-18 British infantry prone firing
NC92    1916-18 British infantry marching
NC93    1916-18 British infantry bugler
NC94    Three 1916-18 British infantry MGs and crew ($8.00)
NC95    1916-18 British Lewis gunner
NC96    Highlander in Glengarry
NC97    Highlander in steel helmet
NC98    Cavalry in steel helmet
NC99    Improvised A/C ($9.75)
NC100  British bomber (grenadier)
NC101  Russian infantry advancing
NC101a  Russian infantry advancing in revolutionary schlem
NC102  Russian infantry firing
NC102a  Russian infantry firing in revolutionary schlem
NC103  Russian infantry kneeling firing
NC103a  Russian infantry kneeling firing in revolutionary schlem
NC104  Russian infantry command
NC104a  Russian infantry command in revolutionary schlem
NC106  Three Russian HMG with crew ($8.00)
NC106a  Three Russian HMG with crew ($8.00) in revolutionary schlem
NC107  Russian regular cavalry
NC108  Russian Cossack cavalry
NC109  Russian cavalry with lance
NC110  Russian cavalry buglar
NC111  Siberian infantry advancing
NC112  Moraine monoplane ($15.00)
NC113  Taube monoplane ($20.50)
NC114  Austrian infantry advancing
NC115  Austrian infantry advancing at trail
NC116  Austrian infantry standing firing
NC117  Austrian infantry command
NC119  Three Austrian HMG and crew ($8.00)
NC120  Austrian lancer cavalry
NC121  Austrian dragoon cavalry
NC122  Austrian hussar cavalry
NC123  Italian Infantry advancing
NC124  Italian infantry standing firing
NC125  Italian infantry kneeling firing
NC126  Italian infantry officer
NC127  Italian Besaglieri infantry advancing
NC128  Italian Besaglieri infantry officer
NC129  Italian Alpini infantry advancing
NC130  Italian Alpini infantry officer
NC131  Italian Arditi assault infantry in armour
NC132  Italian HMG & 2 crew (3 for $8.00)
NC132  Colonial/WW1 Askari in shorts, standing with rifle




Irregular Miniatures Really Useful Guns

            All packs are 1 gun for $3.00
            Other prices as marked
A range of artillery pieces for the wargamer with a range of interest
from the norm to the unusual. The guns are designed in a slightly large
15mm scale to allow them to be used with 1:76 scale as well.

RUG 1A - British 15pdr Krupp M.00 as used in the Boer War. It was used
with and without shield.  See later for another version of this under
3b. Also represents the Danish M02, Swedish M02, Rumanian M03, Belgian
Krupp TR, Chinese Krupp 00, Boer Krupp 00. (Used against the British)
Japanese Krupp 00 (used against the Russians 1904-1905) also used by
various small Balkan countries in the first and second Balkan wars prior
to WW1. It also becomes the Turkish M03/10 field gun, the most common
gun used against the allies in the Middle East in WW1. The same gun was
sold to the Spanish army and was used by both sides in the Spanish civil
war. In most cases these guns soldiered on from the turn of the century
up until WW2. If used without shield it is very similar to the Egyptian
Krupp quickfirer some of which became Mahdist.
RUG 1B - Russian 76mm M02 and M02/30 field guns. Some were supplied to
the Spanish for use against the fascist forces during their civil war.
RUG 1B(a) - Russian 76mm M33 divisional gun. Used by Soviet army in
1930's and start of WW2.  Some supplied to communist Chinese prior to
WW2 and after.
RUG 1C - Use as Swiss 75/30, Dutch M03, Japanese 75mm Meiji 38 type
supplied to them by Krupp in Jan. 1905 for the last part of the
Russo/Japanese war but also used by them in WW1 against the Germans at
Tsingtao as well as against the Chinese in the 1930's. Italian Krupp
M06, M11 used extensively in WW1 as their main field guns but also part
of their colonial equipment.  In this appearance the gun was also used
by the Spanish during their civil war.
RUG 1D - Krupp 7.7cm FG96 the main field gun of the German army in WW1.
Also supplied to central powers allies. Used by Bulgaria and Turkey.
Also supplied to Fascist forces during the Spanish Civil War.
RUG 1E - German 7.7cm Pak16. Used as an anti-tank gun during WW1 from
1917 onward. Also provided to the special sturmtruppe units as support
and anti-tank gun. Some are supposed to have appeared in the Spanish
Civil War.
RUG 2A - This becomes the 7.7cm FK17 used by Germany in WW1 from 1917
onward. Also supplied to Turkey. Post war supplied to Finland. The post
WW1 development was the almost identical 7.5cm FK28 used by German
cavalry in WW2 on the eastern front and also by Finland. Extensively
used during the Spanish Civil War. The equipment of the Belgian army in
1940. Almost identical to the Japanese 7.5cm Meiji (improved). Used
extensively against China and standard WW2 equipment.  Almost identical
to the Bohler 8cm FG M18 used by Austro-Hungarian army in late WW1.
Equipment of Austrian and Hungarian armies up to WW2. Used by Yugoslav
army up to and during WW2.
RUG 2B - This becomes the Dutch 7.5cm (mod) used in Europe WW2.
Captured guns used by the Germans. Very similar to improved guns used by
the Chinese against the Japanese in the 1930's.  Various Balkan
RUG 2C - This is the same gun as TWO B but as modified for use in the
anti-tank role and for towing by truck. It is the main field gun of
Dutch forces in the Far East against the Japanese.  Captured guns used
by the Japanese. Also similar to gun supplied to China.
RUG 2D - 7.5cm Krupp with rubber tires. In this form it is similar to
the motorized version of gun type TWO A used during the Spanish civil
war and by various Balkan countries.
RUG 2E - Austrian WW1 8cm FG M5 State/Skoda. This is the main field gun
of the Austro-Hungarian army in WW1. It is almost identical to the Skoda
7.5cm FG M12 which was supplied to China but was also used by the
Austro-Hungarian army and later by Czechoslovakia up to WW2. Captured
guns used by Italy and Russia.
RUG 3A  - This is the 18pdr British WW1 main field gun but introduced
from 1904, or as the 13pdr British WW1 horse artillery gun. There is no
difference shown because there is almost no difference except caliber.
Issued to all empire forces as well. Some supplied to the Americans.
RUG 3B - This converts the 15pdr Krupp Boer war gun used by the British
to the WW1 version of it.  In this form the gun was issued to
territorial artillery, then used in the Middle East, also used by Indian
army. Gun shield slips on to the front of the barrel and sits between
the wheels. Gun shield slides over front of gun and fits between wheels.
RUG 3C - This is the 18pdr MK3 with extra elevation, supplied in large
numbers in the latter part of WW1 to British forces but continued in
service until WW1. Also supplied to China, Estonia, Latvia, Ireland, and
commonwealth countries. Was later replaced by the 25pdr.  Gun shield
fits over the gun and fits between the wheels.
RUG 3D  ($5.00) - 'Luftkannone' the German WW1 S.P. AA gun.
RUG 4A - Russian 122mm howitzer M10 Schneider. Also used by Finland.
One of the most important field howitzers on the eastern front WW1.
Still in use WW2.
RUG 4B - Russian 122mm M10 howitzer 7 M10/30. State/Schneider. Modified
version of the M10 used up to the of WW2.
RUG 4C - Schneider M11 & M07 12cm howitzer. Used by Bulgaria, Serbia,
Greece, Belgium WW1 and later.
RUG 4D - Schneider 120mm howitzer TR.1915. Used by French army WW1,
Spanish during civil war.
RUG 4E - Schneider 120mm howitzer M97. Serbia 1898.
RUG 4F - Schneider 150mm howitzer M1917. Used by French army. US army
RUG 5A - St. Chamond 12cm QF howitzer. Used by Belgian army WW1.
RUG 6A - Krupp 12cm L14 & M09 howitzer. Used by Dutch army WW1 to WW2.
RUG 6B - Krupp 12cm M09 howitzer. Used by Norway 1910 to WW2.
RUG 6C - Krupp M05 12cm howitzer. Used by Japanese as Meiji 38/12 cm
1905 onward.
RUG 6D - Krupp M92. 12cm howitzer. Used by Turkey and various Balkan
states 1895 onward.
RUG 6E - Krupp 15cm FH13 (short). Used by Germany throughout WW1.
Turkey and other central powers.
RUG 6F - Krupp 15cm FH13/17 long (long howitzer). Replacement for FH13.
Important field howitzer for last two years of WW1.
RUG 6F(1) - Krupp 15cm F11/13/17 long. Same as above but in second
line WW2 service.
RUG 6G - Meiji 36/15cm. Japanese 15cm heavy field gun used against
Tsingtao WW1, later against China. Second line service WW2.
RUG 6H - Austrian FH M14.16. 15cm howitzer. Standard heavy field
howitzer WW1. Captured guns used by Italy to the end of WW2 in original
and modified form.
RUG 7A - UK 26cwt Ml915. 6" howitzer. Heavy field howitzer introduced
during WW1. Used by British and Commonwealth forces. Still in use in
RUG 7A(1) - UK 26cwt 6" howitzer modified. Same as above except as
used in WW2. Standard heavy field howitzer in the North African campaign
RUG 7B - Pulitov/Obuchov M04. 12cm howitzer. Used by Russia 1904 to WW1
and later by USSR.
RUG 7C - Baquet. M90 shortgun (howitzer). Used by France and Belgium.
In service from 1892 to WW1.
RUG 7D - 15cm M99 howitzer. Used by France and Belgium. In service from
1892 to WW1.
RUG 8A - State 10cm field howitzer M99. Used by Austria-Hungary. Actual
caliber 104mm. Main equipment of field howitzer regiments from 1900.
Standard field howitzer well into WW1.  Also used by Balkan countries.
RUG 8B - 5" howitzer MK2 1895. FH127mm. Used by Great Britain and
Russia. Later given to Arab Sharifian army WW1. Also used by Indian
army. In service 1895 to WW1. Including Boer war.
RUG 8C - 6" howitzer 30cwt 1886. Used by Great Britain and
Commonwealth. Extensive service in colonial wars, Boer war and WW1.
RUG 8D - Krupp 1880 15cm howitzer. Used by Germany, Turkey, Balkan
RUG 9 - 37mm AA gun Soviet WW2 model.
RUG 10A - 76.2mm AA gun Soviet WW2 M1931. On two-wheel style trail.
RUG 10B - 76.2mm AA gun Soviet WW2 M1938. On four-wheel style trail.
RUG 11 - 85mm AA gun Soviet WW2 on wheeled trail.
RUG 12 - 37mm infantry gun M15K Russian WW1 and civil war Soviet WW2.
RUG 13 - 76.2mm L16 infantry gun M1943 Soviet WW2.
RUG 14 - 76.2mm infantry gun M10P Russian WW1 and revolution Soviet
RUG 15 - 76.3mm infantry gun M1925-1927 Soviet WW2 - made in large
RUG 16 - 37mm l45 Soviet M1930 - basically the same as the German Pak
RUG 16A - 45mm anti tank gun Soviet M1937.
RUG 17B - 45mm anti tank gun Soviet M1942.
RUG 18 - 45mm gun on Ml938 field carriage Soviet M1942 war emergency
anti tank gun.
RUG 19A - 57mm (long) anti tank gun on early trail Soviet M1941.
RUG 19B - 57mm (long) M1943 ZIS on later tubular trail - also used by
client states post WW2 era.
RUG 20 - 76.2mm anti tank gun Soviet M1942.
RUG 21 - 76.2mm anti tank gun Soviet M1942 ZIS.
RUG 22A - 85mm anti tank/field gun early type Soviet M1943.
RUG 22B - 85mm D44 anti tank/field gun Soviet M1944 (low long trail)
extensive use post war.
RUG 23 - 100mm anti tank/field gun Soviet M1944 BS-3, also extensively
used post war.
RUG 24 - 76.2mm L50 on FH M10/30 carriage Soviet WW2 M1933 divisional
field gun 7.
RUG 25 - 76.2mm ZIS M1936 field gun Soviet WW2.
RUG 26A - 76.2mm M1939/42 Soviet standard field gun.
RUG 26B - 76.2mm M1941 ZIS-3 Soviet standard field gun, similar to
above, different trail.
RUG 27 - 76.2mm field gun M1939, the most common Soviet field gun of
WW2 post war.
RUG 29B  ($6.00) - 152mm howitzer (modernized) M09/30 Soviet WW2.
RUG 30A  ($6.00) - 122mm gun M1931/37 Soviet WW2.
RUG 30B  ($6.00) - 152mm howitzer M1937 ML20 Soviet WW2.
RUG 30C  ($6.00) - 152mm howitzer M1943 M1937 ML20 Soviet WW2.
RUG 31A  ($6.00) - 122mm field howitzer M1938 Soviet WW2.
RUG 31B  ($6.00) - 152mm howitzer Soviet M1943.
RUG 32  ($12.00) - 203mm Tracked howitzer M1931 B4 Soviet WW2.
RUG 33 - German 15cm FH02
RUG 34 - German 15cm Schwerefeld-Haubitzer 1890-WWI
RUG 35 - Japanese Type 11 infantry gun 1922-1945
RUG 36 - Japanese Type 94 infantry/AT gun 1934-1945
RUG 37 - Japanese Type 92 battalion gun 1932-1945
RUG 38 - Japanese Krupp 7cm field gun, Russo-Japanese War, WWI, also
used by Turkish forces
RUG 39 - German FG96 original model 1896
RUG 40  ($1.50) Japanese Krupp 7.5cm mountain gun, Meiji 41, also used as
infantry gun after WWI
RUG 41 - Japanese Type 41 75mm regimental gun 1908-1945
RUG 42 - Japanese Type 90 Osaka/Schneider divisional field gun 1936-
RUG 43 - Japanese Type 94 75mm mountain and regimental gun 1934-1945,
also used by VC and North Vietnam during Vietnam War.
RUG 44 - Japanese 47mm AT gun M1, Type 01
RUG 45 - Japanese Type 91 Osaka/Schneider divisional field howitzer
105mm 1931-1945
RUG 46 - Japanese Type 92 105mm divisional field gun 1932-1945
RUG 47 - Japanese Type 4 150mm howitzer heavy divisonal
artillery piece 1919-1945, also used by PLA until well after WWII.
RUG 48  ($6.00) - Japanese Type 96 150mm howitzer heavy divisional
artillery piece, used on all fronts
RUG 49  ($6.00) - Japanese Type 89 150mm long range heavy artillery
1929-1945, used in the Philippines and Malaya then as coastal defence
RUG 50  ($1.50) Japanese Type 89 20mm AA machine cannon used by army (not
naval) 1938-1945
RUG 51A - French 75mm quick-fire gun with spoked wheels
RUG 51B - French 75mm quick firing gun, with rubber tyred wheels
Really Useful Gun Crews
15mm Artillery Crews
Sets of four for $2.25
Colonial British or similar
Colonial Egyptian/Turk
Colonial crew in turban
Late 19th/early 20th century Japanese
Late 19th/early 20th century Russian
WW1 early British
WW1 late British
WW1 early French
WW1 late French
WW1 early German
WW1 late German
WW1 Austrian
WW2 British
WW2 French
WW2 German
WW2 Russian
WW2 Italian
WW2 Japanese
20mm Artillery Crews
Sets of four for $4.50
WW1 early British
WW1 late British
WW1 early German
WW1 late German
WW1 early French
WW1 late French
WW1 Russian
Spanish Civil War in cap
Spanish Civil War in helmet
WW2 British
WW2 German
WW2 French
WW2 Italian
WW2 Japanese
WW2 Russian
WW2 Yugoslavians
WW2 Dutch/Rumanian
WW2 American
20th crew in turban
20th crew in fez




Irregular Miniatures Moderns

            All packs are 12 foot for $8.00
            Other prices as marked
U.S. Infantry of the 90's
With Kevlar helmets and M-16 Rifles
US1      Infantry command
US3      Rifleman, advancing, with backpack
US4      Rifleman, standing with backpack
US5      Rifleman, kneeling with backpack
US6      Rifleman, charging with backpack
US7      Rifleman, kneeling and firing with fanny pack
US8      Rifleman, standing and firing with fanny pack
US9      Rifleman, advancing with flak jacket
US10    Rifleman, standing and firing with flak jacket
US11    Rifleman, standing with backpack and flak jacket
With Kevlar helmets and special weapons
US12    Rifleman, standing with M-60 or M-249
US14    Rifleman, charging or kneeling with M-16/249 Grenade Launcher
US17    Rifleman, standing with M-16 and AT-4 or firing AT-4
With fatigue hat
US19    Officer, pointing with backpack and flak jacket
US20    Rifleman, charging with M-16 and fanny pack
US21    Rifleman, standing with M-16 and back pack
US22    Rifleman, charging, M-16/249 Grenade Launcher
US23    Rifleman, standing and firing with fanny pack
US24    Rifleman, kneeling and firing with fanny pack
US25    Rifleman, standing firing M-60
US26    Rifleman, standing with M-249 S.A.W and backpack
US27    Rifleman, advancing with M-16 and back pack (with Boonie hats)
US28    Rifleman, charging with M-16 and flak jacket
US29    Rifleman, standing and firing with M-16 and flak jacket
Soviet and Enemies Range
SU1      Soviet/Satellite Command
SU3      Soviet/Satellite in Helmet, AK47, advancing
SU4      Soviet/Satellite in Helmet, AK47, running
SU5      Soviet/Satellite in Helmet, AK47, kneeling
SU6      Soviet/Satellite in Helmet, AK47, firing
SU7      Soviet/Satellite in Helmet, with rocket, RPK75 or PKM LMG
SU10    As SU1 in flak jacket
SU12    As SU3 in flak jacket
SU13    As SU4 in flak jacket
SU14    As SU5 In flak jacket
SU15    As SU6 in flak jacket
SU16    As SU7 in flak jacket
SU19    Afghan Guerilla with AK47, advancing
SU20    Afghan Guerilla with AK47, firing
SU21    Afghan Guerilla with rifle, advancing
SU22    Afghan Guerilla with rifle, firing
SU23    Afghan Guerilla with rocket or LMG
SU25    Afghan Guerilla Leader
SU26    Soviet/Satellite HMG plus crew (3 for $8.00)
SU27    Soviet/Satellite mortar plus crew (3 for $8.00)
SU28    Afghan HMG plus crew (3 for $8.00)
SU29    Afghan mortar plus crew (3 for $8.00)
SU30    Soviet/Satellite firing anti-aircraft missile or with sniper rifle
EN1      Rifleman in beret standing and firing AK47
EN2      Rifleman in beret crouching and firing AK47
EN3      Rifleman in beret advancing and firing AK47




Irregular Miniatures Equipment et al.

            Prices as marked
15/1      Apex penthouse on rollers with ram ($7.50)
15/2      Two scaling ladders ($4.50)
15/3      Three ram's head battering rams ($2.00)
15/4      Six palisade sections ($8.00)
15/5      Six plashed wood edge sections ($8.00)
15/6      Three cheval de frise with supports ($6.75)
15/7      Six wheeled archer mantlets ($8.00)
15/8      Six sections of emplaced archer's stakes ($8.00)
15/9      Two-wheeled ox cart with driver ($6.75)
15/10    Four wheeled, two horse wagon with driver ($8.25)
15/11    12 baggage items ($2.00)
15/12    Two oxen ($2.00)
15/13    Hussite wagon ($6.75)
15/14    Hussite wagon with ultra-light gun ($8.25)
15/15    4 Hussite shooter/crew ($2.75)
15/16    Teams of 2 horses ($2.00)
15/17    Polish or Cossack protected wagon ($6.75)
15/18    Large 4-wheeled wagon with 2 oxen and driver ($9.75)
15/19    Two Renaissance cannon ($4.50)
15/20    Four Renaissance artillery crew ($2.75)
15/21    Bombard ($6.75)
15/22    Four European medieval crew ($2.75)
15/23    Four Eastern medieval crew ($2.75)
15/24    Two ballista bolt throwers ($3.00)
15/25    Onager stone thrower ($3.00)
15/26    Trebuchet stone thrower ($4.50)
15/27    Four 'Ancient' crew ($2.75)
15/28    Large Renaissance cannon (2 for $5.00)
15/29    2 Horse limber (2 for $5.50)
15/30    Apex tent ($4.50)
15/31    Asiatic conical tent ($3.00)
15/32    Cooking pot over fire and animal on spit ($4.50)
15/34    Corn stalk (12 for $8.00)
15/35    Five gabions ($4.50)
15/36    Haggis! (great for Scottish camps) (12 for $8.00)
15/37    Pontoon boat (55mm long) ($4.50)
15/38    pontoon bridge section (60mm long, 40mm wide)($6.75)
15/39    Pontoon flat-bed 2 horse-wagon, suitable for carrying pontoon boat ($7.50)
15/40    Work party and 2 boxes. 5 generic figures in shirt and trousers, using axes, spade, hammer and pick ($4.50)
15/41    Four generic seated figures, good for drivers or layabouts ($3.00)
            DEFENCES (40mm frontage)
All packs are $4.50 unless otherwise noted.
DEF1    Wooden Gateway (2 sections for $4.50)
DEF2    Earth bank with wood palisade
DEF3    Wood palisade (3 for $6.75)
DEF4    Earth bank with wood palisade corner
DEF5    Stone parapet with stone wall
DEF6    Stone wall (3 for $6.75)
DEF7    Earth ditch
DEF8    Earth ditch corner
DEF9    Medieval tent
TRE1    Small palm tree (80 mm tall) ($5.25)
TRE2    Medium palm tree (105mm tall) ($6.75)
TRE3    Large palm tree (140mm tall) ($7.50)
TRE4    Coniferous tree ($5.25)
TRE5    Scots Pine tree ($5.25)
TRE6    Deciduous tree ($5.25)
TRE7    Shattered tree ($4.50)
TRE8    Large Poplar (125mm tall) ($13.00)
TRE9    Medium Poplar (87mm tall) ($7.50)
TRE10  Multi-Part Deciduous (75mm tall) ($10.50)
TRE11  Extra Section for the above ($4.50)




Irregular Miniatures Animals

            Prices as marked
FAN1    3 Sheep ($1.50)
FAN2    2 Cows ($2.25)
FAN3    3 Pigs ($1.50)
FAN4    3 Goats ($1.50)
FAN5    2 Bison ($2.25)
FAN6    Pack camel ($2.25)
FAN7    Naked camel ($1.50)
FAN8    2 Long-horn cattle ($2.25)
FAN9    4 lambs ($1.50)
FAN10  Labrador and Alsatian dogs ($1.50)
FAN12  2 Pack mules ($2.25)
FAN13  2 Unladed pack mules ($1.50)
FAN14  2 Horses ($1.50)
FAN15  Lion ($1.50)
FAN16  Tiger ($1.50)
FAN17  Giraffe ($2.25)
FAN18  Rhinoceros ($2.25)
FAN19  Crocodile ($2.25)
FAN20  2 African cattle ($2.25)
FAN21  Hippo ($2.25)
FAN22  Ostrich ($1.50)
FAN23  Antelope ($1.50)
FAN24  Warthog ($1.50)
FAN25  2 Hyenas ($1.50)
FAN26  Large primate on tree ($1.50)
FAN27  2 Highland cattle ($2.25)
FAN28  2 Highland cattle calves ($1.50)
FAN29  Indian elephant ($7.50)
FAN30  African elephant ($7.50)
FAN31  Pair of unladen, harnessed pack mules (add your own load, or give them a rest) ($2.25)




Irregular Miniatures Camps and Villages

            All packs are $22.50 unless marked otherwise
CV1      European Village (medieval)
CV2      European Camp (ancient/medieval)
CV3      Mediterranean Camp (ancient)
CV4      Asiatic Camp (ancient)
CV5      Zulu Kraal (colonial)
CV6      British camp (colonial)




Irregular Miniatures Army Packs

            All packs $62.50 unless otherwise marked
            Each pack contains 100 pieces (cavalry count as 2)
            and are designed to provide a balanced force              
Egyptian, Lidian, Midianite
Midianite Arab, Early Achaemenid Persian, Later Achaemenid Persian,
Early Hoplite Greek, Later Hoplite Greek, Early Italian, Scythian,
Macedonian, Indian, Selucid, Bactrian, Pyrric, Ptolemaic, Republican
Roman, Early Spanish, Thracian, Gallic, Carthaginian, Numidian, Early
British, Macabean Jewish
Early Imperial Roman, Sarmatian, Dacian, German, Parthian, Blemeye
Palmyran, Middle Imperial Roman, Early Sassanid Persian, Later Sassanid
Vikings, Saxons, Byzantines (all dynasties), Khmer, Tibetan, Burmese,
Korean, Gothic/Lombard, Norman
Arab Conquest, Arab Empire, East Sudanese, West Sudanese, Abyssinian,
Berber, Andalusian, Granadine, Syrian, Early Ottoman Turks, Khazar,
Ghuzz, Pechneg, Ghaznavid, Fatmid Egyptian, Ayyubid Egyptian, Seljuk
Turks, Mamluk Egyptian, Cuman, Kwarizimian
Mongol, Sung Chinese, Samurai
Later Hungarian, Burgundian, 100 Years War English, 100 Years War
French, War of the Roses Yorkist, War of the Roses Lancastrian, Early
Crusader, Later Crusader, Swiss, Early Polish, Later Polish, Early
Russian, Prussian, Teutonic Order, Hussite, Pre Feudal Scots, Scots
Common, Catalan Company, Medieval Spanish, Medieval Irish
Polish, Swedish, Imperialist, Dutch, English Civil War Parliament,
English Civil War Royalist, Scots Covenant
Moghul Indian, Islamic Persian, British East India Company, French
Companie des Indies
Monmouth Rebellion, Williamite, Irish, Dutch, English, French, Jacobite
British, Dutch, French, Austrian, German
Russian, Swedish
F&I British, F&I French, AWI American, AWI British
Union, Confederate, Union Supply Column ($22.50), Confederate Supply
Column ($22.50), Union Artillery Battery ($22.50), Confederate Artillery
Battery ($22.50) 

British, European, Zulu, Mahdist, Afghan, Afghan Regular, Boxer,
Imperial Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Abyssinian, Maori, Boer, Masai,
Ashanti, Burmese, Egyptian Regular, Indian Regular, Arab, French Foreign




Irregular Miniatures Fantasy

            All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00           
            Other prices as marked
FDW1   Clubman
FDW2   Axeman
FDW3   Spearman
FDW4   Crossbowman
FDW5   Archer
FDW6   Berserker
FDW7   Mounted on pony
FDW8   Foot Command
FORC1 Swordsman
FORC2 Axeman
FORC3 Spear/Polearm-man
FORC4 Archer
FORC5 Crossbowman
FORC6 Wolfrider
FORC7 Chariot ($7.50)
FORC8 Foot Command
FEL1    Archer
FEL2    Spearman
FEL3    Swordsman
FEL4    Crossbowman
FEL5    Armoured Elf
FEL6    Cavalry
FEL7    Chariot ($7.50)
FEL8    Foot Command
FSK1    Swordsman
FSK2    Spearman
FSK3    Archer
FSK4    Crossbowman
FSK5    Armoured Skeleton
FSK6    Cavalry
FSK7    Chariot ($7.50)
FSK8    Foot Command
FWM1  Swordswoman
FWM2  Spearwoman
FWM3  Axewoman
FWM4  Firing Bow
FWM5  Armoured with Halberd
FWM6  Cavalry
FWM7  Chariot ($7.50)
FWM8  Foot Command
GOBO1 Goblin with hand weapons
GOBO2 Archer
GOBO3 Boar Rider
GOBO4 Foot Command
FEQ1    Dwarf ($5.00)
FEQ2    Orc ($5.00)
FEQ3    Elf ($5.00)
FEQ4    Skeleton ($5.00)
MCK1   Chaos knights with assorted weapons (4)
FDE1    Swordsman
FDE2    Spearman
FDE3    Hammerman
FDE4    Crossbowman
FDE5    Witch with Sword
FDE6    Lizard Rider (4)
FDE7    Lizard Chariot ($7.50)
FDE8    Foot Command
FDD1    Halberdier
FDD2    Crossbowman
FDD3    Pikeman
FDD4    Foot Command
FLM1   Swordsman
FLM2   Spearman
FLM3   Crossbowman
FLM4   Bowman
FLM5   Armoured with Halberd
FLM6   Cavalry (4)
FLM7   Chariot ($7.50)
FLM8   Foot Command
FRAT1  Swordsmen
FRAT2  Archer
FRAT3  Cavalry (4)
FRAT4  Foot Command
FHU1    Mounted Command
FHU2    Mounted Armoured Lancer
FHU3    Mounted Pistolier
FHU4    Light Cavalry
FHU6    Pikeman
FHU7    Handgunner
FHU8    Crossbowman
FHU9    Sword and Buckler
FHU10  Foot Command
FHAF1  Spearman
FHAF2  Bowman
FHAF3  Foot Command
CET1    Centaur with bow
CET2    Centaur with spear
GOAT1 Goatman warrior with assorted weapons
FCR1    Wizard/Sorcerer (12)
FCR2    Troll (3 for $7.50)
FCR3    Giant (3)
FCR4    Wolf (6)
FCR5    Woolly Mammoth with Orc Crew ($13.00)
FCR6    Dragon ($13.00)
FCR7    Flying Demon (3)
FCR8    Wraith & Lurkers (12)
FCR10  Ent ($6.00)
FCR12  Skeletal Beast with Howdah and Crew ($13.00)
FCR13  Lizard beast (6)
FCR14  Mounted magician and wizards (6)




Irregular Miniatures Science Fiction

            All packs are 10 for $7.00
            Other prices as marked
5SF1     Star marine command (2 each of 5 figures)
5SF2     Star marine kneeling firing
5SF3     Star marine standing firing
5SF4     Star marine advancing
5SF5     Star marine with heavy weapon
5SF6     Star marine with rocket launcher
5SF11   Alien reconnaissance mercenary
5SF12   Battle droid ($4.50)
5SF13   Armoured assault vehicle ($7.50)
5SF14   Armoured personel carrier ($10.00)
5SF15   Armoured scout vehicle ($3.75)
5SF16   Space pirates (2 each of 4 figures, 1 each of 2 figures)
5SF22   Space pirate jet boat ($3.75)
5SF23   Space alien
5SF24   Humanoid in space suit
5SF25   Humanoid militia with gatling style power gun
5SF26   Reptilian alien with personal energy weapon
5SF27   Tracked power cannon ($4.50)
5SF28   Reptilian alien with heavy blaster
5SF29   Reptilian alien with lance rifle
5SF30   Reptilian alien command
5SF32   Spaceship corridor wall (2.5 inches) (3 for $8.00)
5SF33   Spaceship corridor door (4 for $8.00)




Irregular Miniatures Rioters

            All packs are 12 foot or 6 mounted for $8.00
FIR1     Rioter in T-Shirt
FIR2     Rioter in leather jacket
FIR3     Rioter in parka
FIR4     Policeman in riot gear
FIR5     Mounted policeman
FIR6     Reporter and Cameraman



Tin Soldier Early Italian States

All packs are 8 foot, 4 mounted, 6 foot or 3 mounted command for $5.50
ITA1     Samnite infantry with small round shield, javelin
ITA2     Samnite infantry with oval shield, sword
ITA3     Samnite infantry with small round shield, spear
ITA4     Samnite armoured infantry with oval shield, spear
ITA5     Latin infantry with oval shield, spear
ITA6     Latin light infantry with round shield, javelin
ITA7     Latin command
ITA8     Latin cavalry
ITA9     Campanian hoplite in cloak with hoplon, spear
ITA10   Campanian hoplite in triple disc cuirass with hoplon, spear
ITA11   Campanian unarmoured cavalry
ITA12   Campanian armoured cavalry
ITA13   Command pack
ITA14   Apulian infantry with hoplon, javelins
ITA15   Apulian command
ITA16   Etruscan hoplite advancing
ITA17   Etruscan hoplite in reserve
ITA18   Etruscan cavalry
ITA19   Mounted hoplite



Tin Soldier Hellenistic Greeks

All packs are 8 foot, 4 mounted, 6 foot or 3 mounted command for $5.50
HB1      Early Hoplite

HB2      Later Hoplite

HB3      Greek foot command
HB3a     Mounted generals
HB4      Thracian/Thessalian light cavalry
HB5      Hellenistic heavy cavalry
HB6      Greek archer
HB7      Greek javelinman
HB8      Greek slinger
HB9      Thracian with long spear
HB10    Thracian with romphia
HB11    Later peltast
HB12    Lithobolos and crew ($7.00)

HB13    Thorakitai
HB14    Macedonian pike
HB14a   Seleucid/Bactrian pike
HB14b   Hypaspist
HB15    Companion cavalry
HB15a   Companion EHC/Agema
HB16    Prodromoi light cavalry
HB17    Macedonian cavalry command
HB17a   Macedonian foot command
HB18    Alexander and companions
HB19    Light cavalry
HB20    Indian elephant, driver and 2 archers ($8.25)
HB21    Indian elephant, driver and pikeman ($8.25)
HB22    Indian elephant, howdah with general ($10.25)
HB23    Indian elephant, howdah with archer and pikeman ($10.25)
HB24    Indian archer
HB25    Indian javelinman
HB26    Maiden guard
HB27    Indian cavalry
HB28    Indian four-horse chariot ($9.00)
HB29    Indian two-horse chariot ($7.00)
HB30    Indian foot command
HB31    Cataphract
HB32    Indian four-horse command chariot ($10.25)
HB33    Bactrian/Persian cavalry
HB34    Persian archer
HB35    Persian slinger
HB36    Galatian infantry
HB37    Scythian horse archer
HB38    Persian/Seleucid scythed chariot ($8.00)
HB39    Early catapult and 3 crew
HB40    Onager and 3 crew ($8.00)
HB41    Later ballista and 3 crew
HB42    Spartan or unarmored hoplite
HB43    Greek peltast
HB44    Thracian archer
HB45    Hellenistic shielded heavy cavalry
HB46    Gaetic horse archer
HB47    Tarantine light cavalry
HB48    Persian Cardaces infantry




Tin Soldier Celts 400-150 B.C. 

All packs are 8 foot, 4 mounted, 6 foot or 3 mounted command for $5.50
Other prices as marked
C1        Two-horse chariot ($8.25)
C2        Cavalry
C3        Noble/heavy infantry with sword
C4        Noble/heavy infantry with spear
C5        Infantry command
C6        Gaisatai fanatic infantry with sword
C7        Gaisatai fanatic infantry with spear
C8        Warband warrior with cloak and sword 
C9        Warband warrior with cloak and spear 
C10      Warband warrior in tunic with sword 
C11      Warband warrior in tunic with spear
C12      Skirmisher infantry with javalins
C13      Galatian four-horse scythed chariot ($8.00)



Tin Soldier Punic Wars Spanish 

All packs are 8 foot, 4 mounted, 6 foot or 3 mounted command for $5.50
SP1      Light cavalry

SP2      Iberian scutarius with sword

SP3      Iberian scutarius with javelin

SP4      Iberian caetratius with sword

SP5      Iberian caetratius with javelin
SP6      Celtiberian scutarius with spear
SP7      Celtiberian caetratius with javelins
SP8      Infantry command
SP9      Balearic slinger



Tin Soldier Carthaginians 

All packs are 8 foot, 4 mounted, 6 foot or 3 mounted command for $5.50
Other prices as marked
CA1      Citizen infantry in armour with hoplon
CA2      Citizen infantry in tunic with thureos
CA3      Lybian/Phoenician infantry
CA4      Numidian infantry with thureos

CA5      Numidian infantry with round shield
CA6      Infantry command
CA7      African infantry in Roman mail

CA8      African infantry in Greek equipment
CA9      Numidian light cavalry
CA10    Citizen cavalry
CA11    Four-horse chariot with three crew ($8.00)
CA12    African elephant with driver astride ($6.00)
CA13    African elephant with howdah ($7.00)
CA14    Indian elephant with howdah ($10.25)
CA15    Artillery bolt shooter with 3 crew
CA16    Ligurian warrior
CA17    Casualty pack



Tin Soldier Republican Roman 

All packs are 8 foot, 4 mounted, 6 foot or 3 mounted command for $5.50
RR1      Principes/Hastati advancing
RR2      Principes/Hastati throwing pilum
RR3      Principes/Hastati with sword
RR4      Triarii advancing
RR5      Triarii throwing spear
RR6      Triarii with sword
RR7      Infantry command
RR8      Velite
RR9      Penal legion infantry
RR10    Ascencus light infantry
RR11    Roman cavalry
RR12    Numidian light cavalry
RR13    Bolt shooter with 3 crew
RR14    Casualty pack 



Tin Soldier Sub-Roman British 

All packs are 8 foot, 4 mounted, 6 foot or 3 mounted command for $5.50
SR1      Cavalry command
SR2      Heavy cavalry
SR3      Light cavalry
SR4      Heavy infantry
SR5      Light infantry running 
SR6      Light infantry standing
SR7      Foot command 
SR8      Fighting monks
SR9      Archer



Tin Soldier Arab/Eastern Nations

All packs are 8 foot, 4 mounted, 6 foot or 3 mounted command for $5.50
DAA1   Sassanid Clibanarius
DAA2   Arab infantry with spear

DAA3   Arab infantry command
DAA5   Arab infantry archer
DAA6   Arab medium cavalry
DAA7   Arab heavy cavalry

DAA9   Arab heavy cavalry command
DAA10  Sudanese ghulam 
DAA11  Daylami light infantry 
DAA12  Khorosanian horse archer
DAA13  Ghaznavid heavy infantry
DAA15  Camel archer
DAA16  Ghazi



Tin Soldier Rus

All packs are 8 foot, 4 mounted, 6 foot or 3 mounted command for $5.50
RS1      Rus/Slavic heavy cavalry

RS2      Asiatic heavy cavalry
RS3      Horse archer

RS4      Rus heavy infantry with axe
RS5      Rus heavy infantry with spear 
RS6      Slavic/Eastern archer 
RS7      Slavic warrior with javelin
RS8      Slavic axeman



Tin Soldier Vikings

All packs are 8 foot, 4 mounted, 6 foot or 3 mounted command for $5.50
DVA1   Archer
DVA2   Viking command
DVA3   Berserk
DVA4   Spearman
DVA5   Huscarl
DVA6   Bondi
DVA7   Peasant
DVA8   Mounted huscarl
DVA9   Slinger



Tin Soldier Saxons

All packs are 8 foot, 4 mounted, 6 foot or 3 mounted command for $5.50
DSA1    Saxon command
DSA2    Fyrd
DSA3    Fyrd archer
DSA4    Select fyrd
DSA5    Huscarl
DSA6    Harold
DSA9    Mounted thane
DSA10  Slinger



Tin Soldier Normans 

All packs are 8 foot, 4 mounted, 6 foot or 3 mounted command for $5.50
DNA1   Norman heavy cavalry
DNA2   Norman extra heavy cavalry
DNA3   Crossbowmen
DNA4   Unarmoured infantry
DNA5   Light archer
DNA6   Heavy archer
DNA7   Heavy spearman
DNA8   Norman command



Tin Soldier Carolignians

All packs are 8 foot, 4 mounted, 6 foot or 3 mounted command for $5.50
DCA1   Medium spearmen
DCA2   Armored spearmen
DCA3   Cavalry command
DCA4   Infantry command
DCA5   Spearmen
DCA6   Light cavalry
DCA7   Medium cavalry
DCA10  Armored cavalry



Tin Soldier Byzantines

All packs are 8 foot, 4 mounted, 6 foot or 3 mounted command for $5.50
DBA1    Cataphract on barded horse (10th C.)
DBA2    Cataphract on unbarded horse (10th C.)
DBA3    Cataphract horse archer (10th C.)
DBA4    Cibinarius (10th C.)
DBA5    Trapezitos cavalry

DBA6    Cataphract on barded horse (11th C.)
DBA7    Cataphract on unbarded horse (11th C.)
DBA8    Patzinal Horse Archer
DBA9    Emperor and staff (10th C.)
DBA10  Scutatoi infantry (10th C.)
DBA11  Infantry command (10th C.)
DBA12  Scutatoi infantry (11th C.)

DBA13  Infantry command (11th C.)
DBA14  Peltatos light infantry
DBA15  Light archer
DBA16  Staff slinger
DBA17  Varangian guard
DBA18  Heavy archer
DBA19  Mounted command (10th C.)
DBA20  Mounted command (11th C.) 
DBA21  Slinger 



Tin Soldier Samurai

All packs are 8 foot, 4 mounted, 6 foot or 3 mounted command for $5.50
RA1      Foot Command
RA2      Mounted Command
RA3      Sashimono Back Banners
RA4      Samurai with naginata
RA5      Mounted Samurai archer
RA6      Samurai archer
RA7      Mounted Samurai
RA8      Samurai with sword
RA9      Ashigaru throwing naginata
RA10    Ashigaru with naginata
RA11    Ashigaru archer
RA12    Mounted Monk
RA13    Warrior Monk
RA14    Samurai with naginata
RA15    Female Samurai
RA16    16th Century musketeer
RA17    Peasants
RA19    16th Century Samurai
RA20    16th Century mounted Samurai with sashimono
RA21    Early mounted Samurai with sashimono
RA22    Ashigaru, cooking pot/bareheaded, with naginata
RA23    Samurai thrusting overhead with naginata



Tin Soldier Medievals

All packs are 8 foot, 4 mounted, 6 foot or 3 mounted command for $5.50
Other prices as marked
MA1     Peasants with pitchforks and scythes
MA2     Peasants with polearms
MA3     Men at arms with polearms
MA4     Men at arms with war hammers
MA5     Longbowmen
MA6     Armoured longbowmen
MA9     Crossbowmen
MA10   Crossbowmen with pavaise
MA11   Genoese crossbowmen
MA12   Genoese crossbowmen with pavaise
MA13   15th century crossbowmen
MA14   15th century mounted crossbowmen
MA15   Handgunner
MA16   14th century men at arms
MA17   Two handed swordsman
MA20   15th century men at arms
MA23   Mounted custrel
MA24   15th century mounted custrel
MA25   14th century mounted knights
MA26   14th century dismounted knights
MA36   15th century mounted knights
MA37   15th century dismounted knights
MA45   Swiss pikeman
MA46   Swiss halberdier
MA47   Swiss armoured pikeman in beret
MA48   Swiss armoured halberdier in beret

MA49   Swiss armoured pikeman in helmet
MA50   Swiss armoured halberdier in helmet

MA51   Trebuchet and 3 crew ($10.50)
MA52   Organ gun and 3 crew ($6.00)
MA53   Bombard and 5 crew ($9.50)
MA54   Sappers
MA58   Swiss command
MA59   14th century command
MA60   15th century command
MA61   Welsh spearmen
MA62   Mounted archer
MA63   Mounted sergeant
MA64   Siege pavises



Tin Soldier Aztecs

All packs are 8 foot, 4 mounted, 6 foot or 3 mounted command for $5.50
AZA1    Army command pack
AZA3    Priest
AZA4    Eagle Knight
AZA5    Eagle Knight Captain
AZA6    Jaguar Knight
AZA7    Jaguar Knight Captain
AZA8    Arrow Knight
AZA9    Arrow Knight Captain
AZA10  Quachic Veteran
AZA11  Quachic Veteran Captain
AZA12  Apprentice Warrior
AZA13  Otomi
AZA14  Peasant with maquahuital
AZA15  Peasant with lance
AZA16  Peasant archer
AZA17  Peasant slinger



Tin Soldier Conquistadores

All packs are 8 foot, 4 mounted, 6 foot or 3 mounted command for $5.50
CON1   Spanish heavy cavalry
CON2   Jinette light cavalry
CON3   Spanish swordsman
CON4   Pikeman, pike over shoulder
CON5   Crossbowman, crossbow over shoulder
CON6   Arquebusier advancing
CON7   Pikeman advancing
CON8   Crossbowman advancing
CON9   Arquebusier firing
CON10  Crossbowman firing
CON11  Pikeman, quilted armour, advancing
CON12  Spanish command
CON13  Light gun with 2 crew
CON14  Tlaxcalan ally infantry with maquahuital
CON15  Tlaxcalan ally infantry with javelin
CON16  Tlaxcalan captains
CON17  Spanish round shields ($4.00)
CON18  Adarga shields ($4.00)
CON19  Crossbows ($4.00)
CON20  Lances ($4.00)
CON21  Arquebus and rest ($4.00)



Tin Soldier Boers

All packs are 8 foot, 4 mounted, 6 foot or 3 mounted command for $5.50
B1        Mounted command
B2        Foot command
B3        Casualties
B4        Mounted Boer firing forward
B5        Mounted Boer firing forward in slouch hats
B6        Mounted Boer firing to the side
B7        Mounted Boer firing to the side in slouch hats
B8        Mounted Boer with slung rifle
B9        Mounted Boer with slung rifle in slouch hats
B10       Kneeling horse holders
B11       Kneeling horse holders in slouch hats
B12       Kneeling Boer firing
B13       Kneeling Boer firing in slouch hats
B14       Boer running/advancing
B15       Boer running/advancing in slouch hats
B16       Boer lying prone firing
B17       Boer lying prone firing in slouch hats



Tin Soldier Warriors of Abyssinia

All packs are 8 foot, 4 mounted, 6 foot or 3 mounted command for $5.50
A1        Mounted command
A2        Foot command
A3        Army command
A4        Galla horsemen with rifles
A5        Galla horsemen with javelins

A6        Amhara horsemen with spears

A7        Amhara horsemen with short javelins
A8        Bodyguard/retainer infantry
A9        Masai warriors
A10      Galla warriors
A11      Somali/Danakil tribesmen
A12      Bana tribesmen
A13      Artillery crew
A14      Mountain gun



Tin Soldier Italian Colonials

All packs are 8 foot, 4 mounted, 6 foot or 3 mounted command for $5.50
IC1       Mounted officers
IC2       Italian infantry officers
IC3       Italian infantry advancing
IC4       Italian infantry standing firing
IC5       Italian infantry loading/at the ready
IC6       Besaglieri advancing
IC7       Besaglieri standing firing
IC8       Besaglieri loading/at the ready

IC9       Italian infantry, covered helmet, advancing
IC10     Italian infantry, covered helmet, standing firing
IC11     Italian infantry, covered helmet loading/at the ready
IC12     Askari command
IC13     Askari, fez, advancing
IC14     Askari, fez, standing firing

IC15     Askari, fez, loading
IC16     Askari, turbanned fez, advancing
IC17     Askari, turbanned fez, standing firing

IC18     Askari, turbanned fez, loading
IC19     Askari artillery crew
IC20     Casualty pack



Tin Soldier Accessories

All packs are priced as marked
AC4      Greek Columns ($3.00)
AC5      Ruined Greek Temple ($4.50)
AC6      Pack Camels (3) With Loads ($4.00)
AC7      Pack Horses (4) With Loads ($3.00)
AC8      Pack Mules (4) With Loads ($3.00)
AC9      Oxen (4) ($3.00)
AC10    Unladen Horses and Mules (6)($3.50)
AC11    Large 4 Wheel Wagon with Load. 4 Horses ($6.00)
AC12    Large 4 Wheel Wagon with Load. 4 Oxen ($6.00)
AC13    2 Wheel Wagon with Barrels. 1 Horse ($5.00)
AC14    2 Wheel Wagon with Barrels. 1 Oxen ($5.00)
AC15    2 Wheel Open Wagon with Load. 1 Horse ($5.00)
AC16    2 Wheel Open Wagon with Load. 1 Oxen ($5.00)
AC17    Dark Age/Medieval Wagon Leaders/Horse Holders ($4.00)

Camp1  Pallisade and ditch ($8.00)
Camp2  Dressed stone wall with gate ($7.50)
Camp3  Rough stone wall with gate ($7.50)



Tin Soldier Tin Soldier Army Packs

All packs $93.50
RMA1   Norse-Irish
RMA2   Anglo-Danish
RMA3   Norman
RMA4   Carolingian
RMA5   Viking
RMA6   Saxon
RMA7   Frankish
RMA8   Breton
RMA9   Ancient Siege Pack
RMA10 Thematic Byzantine
RMA11 Nikephorian Byzantine
RMA12 Aztec

RMA13 Arab Conquest
RMA14 Arab Empire
RMA15 Early Hoplite Greek
RMA16 Later Hoplite Greek
RMA17 Thracian
RMA19 Alexandrian Imperial
RMA20 Indian
RMA21 Indian Supplement Pack
RMA22 Hellenistic Greek
RMA23 Later Macedonian
RMA24 Bactrian Greek
RMA25 Selucid
RMA26 Selucid Supplement Pack
RMA27 Asiatic Early Successor
RMA28 Macedonian Early Successor
RMA29 Lysimachid
RMA30 Ptolemaic
RMA31 Pyrrhic
RMA32 War of the Roses Yorkist
RMA33 War of the Roses Lancastrian
RMA34 Low Countries
RMA35 100 Years War English
RMA36 100 Years War French
RMA37 Early Swiss
RMA38 Medieval Siege Pack
RMA39 Samurai 14th-15th Century
RMA40 Late Samurai
RMA41 Asiatic Successor Supplement
RMA42 Campanian
RMA43 Etruscan
RMA44 Samnite
RMA45 Latin State
RMA46 Sub-Roman British
RMA47 Celtic/Gallic
RMA48 Syracusian
RMA49 Galatian
RMA50 Spanish
RMA51 Numidian
RMA52 Pontic
RMA53 Marian Roman
RMA54 Early Carthaginian
RMA55 Later Carthaginian
RMA56 Camillan Roman



Tin Soldier Fantasy

All packs are $5.50 unless otherwise marked
DFA1    Elven heroes
DFA2    Dwarven heroes ($4.50)
DFA3    Halflings ($4.00)
DFA4    Anti-heroes
DFA5    Elf warriors
DFA6    Giant ($4.50)
DFA7    Ogre ($4.50)
DFA8    Giant ($5.00)
DFA9    Dragon ($7.50)
DFA10  Balrog ($6.50)
DFA11  Giant wolves
DFA12  Giant goblin command
DFA13  Giant goblin spearmen
DFA14  Giant goblin halberdier guard
DFA15  Giant goblin guard on armoured T-Rex
DFA16  Giant goblin standard on armoured T-Rex
DFA17  Giant goblin guard on T-Rex
DFA18  Orc command pack
DFA19  Armoured orcs with spear, bow and shield
DFA20  Orc archers
DFA21  Orc swordsmen
DFA22  Orc spearmen
DFA23  Onager human slayer with orc crew ($6.00)
DFA24  Ballista humanscourge and orc crew
DFA25  Goblin king on tricerotops
DFA26  Ballista humanscourge on triceratops ($7.25)
DFA27  T-Rex charging ($5.00)
DFA28  Tricerotops charging ($5.00)

DFA29  The Company ($6.00)
DFA30  The Chaotic Company ($6.00)
DFA31  Clerics and followers ($6.00)
DFA32  Goblin cavalry ($6.00)
DFA33  Ten Samurai ($7.00)
DFA34  Goblin chariot drawn by wolves ($7.00)
DFA35  The Evil Ones ($6.00)
DFA36  Warrior warband ($7.00)
DFA37  Baggage train ($7.00)
DFA38  Goblin guard reserve ($7.00)
DFA39  Orc warband ($7.00)
DFA40  Warriors of the Sun God ($7.00)
DFA41  Female centaur ($4.50)
DFA42  Orc cavalry on wolves
DFA43  Orc two wolf chariot ($6.00)
DFA44  Armoured tricerotops with general in tower ($7.00)
DFA45  Tricerotpos with orc spearmen in tower ($7.00)
DFA46  Tricerotpos with orc archers in tower ($7.00)
DFA47  Large bombard with orc crew ($7.00)
DFA48  Giant reptile with goblin command in tower ($7.00)
DFA49  Giant reptile with goblin spearmen in tower ($7.00)
DFA50  Giant bolt thrower and orc crew ($7.50)
DFA51  Giant spider ($5.00)
DFA52  Giant crocodile ($5.00)
DFA53  Dwarven shooters
DFA54  Elven warriors with swords
DFA55  Elven warriors with spears
DFA56  Armoured Elven warriors with swords
DFA57  Armoured Elven warriors with spears
DFA58  Elven warriors with helmet and sword
DFA59  Elven maiden warriors
DFA60  Elven command
DFA61  Elven cavalry lancers
DFA62  Elven light bolt thrower and crew
DFA63  Fighting monks ($6.25)

CAV1   Cavern Entrance ($7.50)
CAS2    Castle or Tower Gateway ($7.50)